i must be crazy. i just can't stop myself from publishing another story. this idea just came into my head and it won't leave. this is a totally different sookie and bill, but more than likely the same old viking, not quite sure yet. let me know what you think.

disclaimer: i own nothing, i just like to test drive these characteres

It was a typical Saturday night at Merlotte's. I, Sookie Stackhouse, resident telepath was running around, fetching pitchers of beer, burgers and trying to keep the thoughts of others out of my mind. I was having trouble keeping my shields up tonight. I don't know why, but it seemed like everybody in the bar had turned into a loud broadcaster tonight.

Luckily the dinner rush seemed to go by fairly quickly and when it started to slow down a bit I was finally able to catch my breath and lock my shields into place. I had stopped at the bar for a Coke before I was needed again when I saw a stranger walk into the bar. I looked him over and I could see that he had a glow to his pale skin and I could tell right away that he was a vampire, Merlotte's first.

Sam Merlotte, my boss and owner of the bar was standing next to me watching the stranger even closer than I was. I went to say something to Sam about the vampire, when he brushed his hand against my arm and I got a clear line to his thoughts for once. What is this fanger doing in here? Why couldn't he stay up in Shreveport at Fangtasia where the vampire sheriff can deal with him. He's probably going to scare all my customers away. I pulled away quickly before I heard something that I didn't want to hear.

I wanted to ask Sam what exactly a vampire sheriff was and what Fangtasia was, but he walked away before I could. The Vampire was in my section so I knew that I would have to wait on him. I pulled on my big girl panties and walked over to his table.

The closer I got to his table I was overwhelmed with this feeling of unease deep inside of me. I had never felt anything like this before, but I knew that it wasn't good at all.

I stepped up to his table and put on my Crazy Sookie fake smile. "Hey there, welcome to Merlotte's. What can I get for you this evening?"

"Do you have any of that synthetic bottled blood?"

"We did, but they expired. We are suppose to be getting more in on the next delivery."

"I'll have a glass of red wine then."

"Coming right up." I quickly went back over to the bar and that uneasy feeling dissipated the more distance there was between me and the vampire, but it didn't completely go away. Was it this specific vampire that was making me feel like this or was it vampires in general that gave me this uneasy feeling? I'd never met another vampire before, so I had no way of knowing.

I was behind the bar pouring his glass of wine when I decided to try to listen in on his thoughts. I usually didn't listen in like that with strangers, but with this bad feeling I was getting from him curiosity was getting the better of me.

I let my shields down and focused on only him, but I was met with nothing were his thoughts should have been. It was like a void there instead of any thoughts. It was very quiet and soothing. If it wasn't for that feeling I would want to get lost in that feeling, but it got worse the longer I was connected to his void, so I quickly threw up my shields as tight as I could.

I quickly brought him his wine, then went about checking the few other tables I had that were occupied. I couldn't stop myself from keeping an eye on the vampire. I couldn't shake this bad feeling inside and it didn't even really bother me when the Rattrays sat down with the vampire. I knew that the Rattray's were trouble, but I had a feeling this vampire was trouble too. Let them have each other for all I cared.

I kept my shields up as tight as possible. If he wanted to hang around with those white trash hicks I wasn't in the mood to stop him.

I went through the rest of my night like normal. I forgot about the vampire pushing away my bad feeling and I didn't even notice when he left or if he left with the Rattrays, but I was glad that he was gone. The uneasy feeling was completely gone and I could relax.

I finished up my nightly closing routine, then I grabbed my purse out of Sam's desk and made my way out the back employee door. I was making sure that the door had closed behind me when I heard yelling off in the distance. I crouched down near the dumpster and peered around to see what was happening.

I saw the vampire from earlier and he was beating and screaming at the Rattrays. Now you can call me a bad Christian, but there was no way that I was getting anywhere near that, but I couldn't pull myself away from seeing what was going to happen. I stayed quiet and still and just listened. "You stupid humans! You were suppose to be thinking about what you were planning to do to me. All you had to think about was your intentions to drain me and she would have come running to safe me! You two have totally fucked up my plans!"

Oh my God! He had come here to get me! I took a couple of deep to calm my racing heart and to not attract attention to myself. I should have run away with the little bit of information I'd already discovered, but I wanted to know more and I had a feeling that this vampire wasn't through running his mouth off. "I can't believe how utterly fucked this assignment already is. How hard is going to be to get one little telepathic bitch down to the queen in New Orleans? Why did it have to be me? I was perfectly happy down in New Orleans. I should just abduct her from her house. Living next door wouldn't make that too difficult. I can't deal with this now, I need to find a meal after I deal with the two of you." He leaned down and caught the eye of both the Rattrays. "You both will remember nothing of what happened tonight. You were both involved in a bar fight and you will go home and sleep it off. You don't know anyone named Bill Compton, you didn't meet a vampire tonight and you will have no interest in vampires ever again. Now go." The Rats took off to their car while the vampire I now knew as Bill Compton ran off at vampire speed.

I dropped my shields to make sure that it was all clear. There were no minds or voids around, so I made a mad dash to my car. I quickly got in and locked the doors behind me. I knew that a locked door probably wouldn't keep a vampire out, but it made me feel better.

I sat there taking a few deep breaths to calm myself down. I couldn't believe all that I had learned tonight. I'd seen my first vampire that I wasn't entirely impressed with, I learned the vamps in this area had a sheriff and in New Orleans there was a vampire queen who wanted me abducted. I knew it was because of my telepathy, but how did she find out about it? I most certainly did not want to go there and I definitely didn't want to go there against my will.

Will my mind racing I made my way home thinking about my new neighbor that wanted to abduct me. It didn't take long for me to get to my house. I pulled around to the back and parked the car as close to the porch as I possibly could. I made sure I had my house key in my hand ready to go into the lock. I wish that I had a weapon of some kind, but I would just have to pray that Bill was nearby.

I jumped out of my car and ran as fast as I could to the back porch. I unlocked the door with shaking hands and I went inside, slamming and locking the door behind me. I leaned against it for a moment letting the safe feeling of being home wash over me.

I kicked off my shoes, grabbed a can of Coke and a banana and went to my room. I sat down on my bed and quickly ate my snack, then changed into my nightshirt. I slid into my bed and started thinking over my predicament. I was in a heap of danger and I knew that this was not something that I could deal with on my own. There was also no one here in Bon Temps that could help me either.

I thought back to the thoughts I'd gotten from Sam earlier about the vampire sheriff and a place called Fangtasia. I didn't know if the rules were different for vampires, but maybe he would be able to help me somehow or at least give me some direction to where I could find help.

I went back out into the kitchen and grabbed the phone book. I went back into my room and curled back up in bed. I looked up Fangtasia's address and wrote it down. I knew about where it was in Shreveport and shouldn't have too much trouble finding it. I may have trouble once I got there, but I just knew that I had to go there. I needed help and I hoped that this sheriff was the one who could offer me some.