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After I got my little angel clean, dried and diapered, I conjured up a pink onesie to put her in. It was too hot for anything heavy, so I hoped that she would be comfortable in that.

When she was dressed I realized that she must be hungry. Who knew how long she had been out there, but this was where I was out of my league. I didn't want to give her something that she wasn't supposed to have yet. I picked up my little Poppet and carried her upstairs.

I followed Gran's thoughts to the library where she was lost in one of Eric's books. I smiled as I spoke up before I entered the room so that I wouldn't completely startle her. "Gran?"

"Yeah Sweetie?"

"Um, I found something on the beach and I was wandering if you could give me a hand with it."

I stood in the doorway as I watched her stand and turn towards me. "What could you possibly have found that…" She stopped short when she saw what I had in my arms. "Oh my goodness."


"Sookie, what, how, when?"

"I found her when I was walking on the beach. The poor thing was just abandoned. I couldn't just leave her there."

Gran stepped closer and gently stroked the baby's head. "She's beautiful Darlin', but where did you get the outfit and the diaper?"

"I conjured them. I can feel that she's hungry, but I don't know what to conjure for her. Should I go for some kind of formula or some jarred food or can I just give her some regular milk?"

Well, let's find out." I watched her reach up and tickle the baby's chin. She opened her mouth and Gran ran her finger over the baby's gums. "She's not breaking any teeth yet, but I think she's close. There's some applesauce in the pantry. You can start her with that and I'll steam up some fresh veggies for her that I can puree in the blender. Fresh is so much better than jarred baby food."

"Do you want some applesauce baby girl?" She smiled up at me and clapped her little hands together. She was just the sweetest thing I'd ever seen in my life.

I carried her into the kitchen, conjured her a little bouncy seat, got her settled in it and went in search of applesauce. I was quick to get the applesauce and was back to her in seconds. Even being away from her for that long tugged at something inside of me that I couldn't explain.

She was bouncing happily and trying to put her toes in her mouth. I had never seen anything so adorable in my life. I conjured up a little baby bowl and spoon and she was quick to abandon her feet for the applesauce.

She was devouring the applesauce like she hadn't eaten in days and that thought brought a pain to my heart. Who in their right mind would leave this sweet angel alone on the beach? For some reason I didn't think that that was what had happened. I got a feeling deep down in my gut that something had forced this sweet angel's mother to leave this baby for her own good.

Resolve filled me with that thought. No matter what it took I was going to find out what happened to this little doll's family and make sure that she was well taken care of.