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Chapter 1

Jack opened his bleary eyes with a groan, yawning as he glanced over at the clock on the wall above his favorite toolbox. He'd stayed up lte working on an invention of his and had fallen asleep in the cot he kept in his lab for whenever he was too tired to head upstairs to his much softer bed in his masterbedroom.

"5:04 AM..."

He groaned again, covering his fce with a pillow. Darn it, he'd woken up early again! He hated it when that happened...Jack was by no means a morning person. He liked to wake up around 8 or 9. But FIVE? He sighed and sat up, he'd never be able to go back to sleep now anyway..."Might as well get something to eat..."

He snapped his fingers as he stood. A Jackbot flew over to him, "Good morning, Master. Did you sleep well?"

"Morning JB13. I slept fine...Go upstairs and make me some breakfast. I want bacon and eggs, a hot cup of coffee, and a bannana pudding."

"Yes Master. Would you like some cereal to go with it?" It asked.

Jack scratched the back of his head, "That sounds good," he said after a moment.

"Which one?"

"Surprise me."

The Jackbot bowed and immediatly flew off to do his masters bidding. The goth yawn again and cracked his back, putting on his black bathrobe and tying the sash. He slipped on his favorite pair of fuzzy slippers. Also black, of course. He headed upstairs and was immediatly struck by a thick, rotten scent he pinched his nose in disgust "Ugh...! Smells like the septic tank is backed up...I'll get a plumber-bot on it after I get the paper"

Admittedly, he had no clue how someone GOT the morning paper all the way to his mansion in the middle of nowhere, but every morning there it was just inside the gate next to his mailbox.

Whoever the paper-boy was, he deserved a medal.

He scurried down the hall and out the front door, inhaling the fresh air and sighing with relief, "Ahh...that's much better..."

He let the strong gusts wind that was blowing cool him off from the heat of his lab for a moment before he made his way down the walkway to the front gate, humming to himself. The morning newpaper lay rolled up and tied off with a rubber band. He leaned down to pick it up, "I wonder if Dad's stock went up again..." he questioned aloud as his whiter than white hand wrapped around the newpaper.


Jack, who was use to random explosions after nearly 4 years of hanging around with monks and other various villains, froze. His genious brain quickly ran through several scenarios. He hadn't left any machines on, the only active bot was JB13 and he'd just run a maintance scan on him last night. There were no signs of the monks or anyone else, so an invasion was out of the question... Still, that explosion, even at this distance from the house, was obviously enormous.

"Please don't be my lab, please dont be my lab, please don't be my lab..." He recited like a mantra as he slowly turned to asses the damage.

He screamed.

His entire mansion was up in flames! Well...what was left of it... Most of it already destroyed from the explosion.

"MY HOUSE!" Jack screamed in horror. With no Jackbots at his disposal, since they were all inside for upgrades and repairs and had likely exploded, he was left with only his helipack and his Wu seeking watch, which he'd put on the moment he'd woken, out of habit, and had worn to sleep respectivly. He looked around in a panic, looking for anything he could use to put out the fire. Nothing! And it wasn't like he could call the fire department all the way out here in the middle of the mountains, it'd be too late by the time they got here!

He could only watch in horror as everything he owned, cherished, and created burned to the ground in a swirl of flames so intense if he got any closer, the light alone would surely burn his sensitive albinistic skin. To say nothing of his eyes, which were even more vulnerable, though thankfully shielded by his goggles, which he wore at all times, awake or asleep.

"My house..." Jack said, his eyes wide with horror and shock as he sank to his knees.

All he had left were the clothes on his back, which consisted of a pair of red and black striped boxers, his bathrobe, a pair of slippers, his watch, and his helipack.

He'd lost everything, and the sun wasn't even up yet.

What a great way to start the day...

'Oh well...it could be worse...' his mind reasoned.

Jack groaned, pulling at his hair "How could this situation possibly get any-"

A crackle of lightning was the only warning Jack had before it begun to pour, soaking him in seconds. His mouth pulled down into a frown as he looked up at the sky with annoyance.

" Rain? That is SOOO steriotypical...Whatever, I'm gonna see where I can crash for a while..." He hit the button on his watch, which also happened to be a communicator. He hit Vlad's number first. It rang nearly ten time before it picked up.


"Hey, Vlad, my house kinda spontaneouslty combusted, can I crash with you?"

"It is 12 o' clock midnight here, I am the sleeping! Call somone else!" the Russian yelled before hanging up.

Jack winced, "Note to self, do NOT wake Vlad up in the middle of the night..." he said as he pressed the next number, Tubbimura. This time it only rang twice.


"Hey, Tubbi, this is Jack, would it be okay if I stayed with you for a while, my house kinda burned down I kinda need a place to live until I can do something about it..."

"Normaly, I would say yes, but...I have company at the moment..."

"Nnn...Tubbi baby, come back to bed..." came a breathy female voice in the background. Jack raised an eyebrow "Who's that?"

"My company" Tubbimura said with a mischevious chuckle.

Despite himself Jack cracked a grin, crossng his arms "You sly dog...I'll call someone else then, I have lots of numbers."

"Good luck with the house thing."

"Thanks," Jack said as he ended the call, scanning the remaining numbers on the list with his eyes. "Okay, this isn't a problem. At least ONE of these people HAVE to let me stay with 'em right?"


Jack was dumbfounded, huddled under the shelter of the tree in his front yard. NO ONE had agreed or volunteered to let Jack stay with them.

Pandabubba had laughed and hung up. Le Mime had shook his head NO. Cyclops didn't even HAVE a home. Katnappe...he wasn't even ABOUT to ask her... Hannibal Bean lived in a nest, so there was no point in contacting him. And his parents were on a cruise while their house in Hong Kong was being remodled.

As much as he hated the thought of it, he dialed the monks. He tapped his foot impatiently as it rang several times

"Hello, Xiaolin Temple, this is Dojo, you're on speaker, who may I say is calling?"

"Jack Spicer, Evil boy genious! I um...I have a favor to ask."

"Jack Spicer? What do YOU want?" Came Raimundo's voice.

"Yeah, what are you up to, you no good varmit?" Clay added. Jack swallowed his pride, sneezing as a shiver of cold went up his backside "I was wondering if I could stay with you guys for a while? My house-"

"YOU? stay with US?" the voice of Kimiko over the line, a sneer in her voice, "No way!"

"B-But my house burned own and-" Jack started, only to be cut off.

"We wil not be fooled Jack Spicer! This is one of your tricks in order to steal the Shen Gong Wu! You cannot pull the sheep over our faces!"

"That's 'pull the wool over your eyes' " Jack corrected.

"That too! Goodbye Jack Spicer!"


Jack stared as a faint beeping sounded, signaling the end of the call

Not even those goody two-shoes monks would take him in?


Granted, it was a valid reason, but the fact that even OMI would turn him down kinda stung. That little cheeseball was ALWAYS quick to try to take him in and bring him over to the side of good.

'Guess I pulled that little trick one too many times...' he mused. Thunder cracked overhead as the downpour continued and increased in ferosity. He shivered as the rain soaked him. Where was he going to go NOW?

'Well...there is always...' his mind trailed off

But he REALLY didn't wanna go there, especially after that pudding cup incident a few weeks back, but what other option did he have?

None, that's what.

Jack sighed, activating his helipack and taking off, the rain pelting him like rocks as he fought to keep a strait path in the buffetting winds.

End of Chapter 1

this one's kinda short, Next chapter will be longer, I promise!