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The sequel is up! Check it out –the title is Renegade. Tell me if it's any good, haha!

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The rest of this chapter is basically the teaser again. Which is a little different from the actual prologue of the story, but meh.


It was a cold night, for September. The forest was quiet, most animals asleep, though the occasional hoot of an owl echoed in the darkness. A fox padded through the trees, following the trail of rabbit. The scent disappeared in a clearing. Suddenly, a loud crack filled the air and the fox jumped back, terrified. Two figures appeared in the clearing, bathed in moonlight. One of the waved something around and a small fire started on the ground. The other began walking around, muttering, and behind a small clump of bushes, the fox felt its fur stand on the end, its skin tingle. It backed away, whimpered, ran off.

In the clearing, the two figures huddled on the ground by the fire, the stars winking down on them as they sank into restless sleep.