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It was a beautiful day and she couldn't imagine being anywhere but here with two of the people she loved most. Sierra looked beautiful as she stood in front of the mirror in her white dress, perfect.

"You are perfect Sierra Grace." Bella moved so she was standing beside her. Sierra had grown into a beautiful woman, she was taller than Rachel had been but she was just as beautiful, if possible, more beautiful than her mother. Yes, she was perfect. Sierra fidgeted with the delicate bracelet that hung from her wrist, it belonged to her mom.

"You look just like her and I'm sure if she could tell you herself just how proud of you she is, how beautiful and how amazing you are, she would." Sierra waved her hands in front of her face as if that could stop the tears she felt from sliding down her face, when she managed breathe through it, she turned to face Bella.

"I know. I'm glad that you're here though. I know things haven't always been smooth and I might have caused you and dad some problems but I do love you my Bella…you're my mom too." Bella swore she wouldn't cry but it was really hard not to. The little girl she had loved from the moment she first saw her was all grown up, that little girl was a woman and now she was getting married.

"Oh god. Your dad's going to love this, he warned me to wear the water proof mascara and of course I didn't listen." Sierra laughed as she pulled Bella into a hug. This was her family and maybe she hadn't given birth to her but she was there for her the way her own mother couldn't be. What she could remember of her mom, she loved. Bella never stopped reminding her that her mother loved her, but Bella was her mom too.

There was a knock on the door and Paul poked his head in the room. Sierra could tell he'd been misty eyed but didn't mention it. After all the years he'd played dress up and tea party with her, after all the bedtime stories and the many school projects he helped her build…he earned his moment too.

"You almost ready puppy?" Sierra grinned and nodded her head. Puppy was her name that only her daddy could call her and even if she was too old to be considered his pup, she wouldn't dare take that away from him.

"Ready as I'll ever be." Taking a deep breath, Sierra put her arm through his while she her other hand gripped Bella's. The two people who had sacrificed so much for her, stood on either side of her as she stepped out of her dressing room.

Paul walked his one and only daughter down the isle and lifted her veil, her eyes were shining and he could see every wonderful bit of her mother there. How many years later and it still stung but he breathed through it, Rachel would have been proud of their daughter. He kissed Sierra on the cheek before walking her the last few steps toward the groom, toward her future.

Sitting back down beside Bella, she gripped his hand tightly and he could feel her trembling, she had been there for Sierra, for him over the years and some of those years were harder than others. Some of those years were painful for both of them but she was still at his side and he squeezed her hand gently, he loved her.

The ceremony was so quick he could hardly focus, he caught Sam watching him after everyone had cleared the little church. They were officially in-laws and he shook his head laughing as his old alpha approached him.

"Two down and two to go huh Sam?" He forced out a laugh. Sam smiled at him sadly. Both of his boys were married now and he and Emily still had two teenagers to deal with, Paul might have been sympathetic to them but like many other fuck ups in his life, he couldn't understand. His only daughter, his only child was married now, all grown up and Sam was lucky he still had kids at home, even if he complained about it sometimes.

"It'll give you time to live a little bit Paul, maybe you and Bella can travel…she always talks about visiting the other side of the world…maybe now would be a good time to do that." Paul shrugged. He wanted to do that for Bella, after all she had given up but he was still afraid to leave his daughter and if he was worried Bella was probably even worse. They both knew that Sierra would be taken care of, hell she already was taking care of herself anyway and now she had Mason.

"Yea maybe. I just wish I could have given her the other things she wanted." Like kids of their own. Bella deserved to have someone love her, someone normal and yet she chose him. After years of trying, Bella came to accept that she couldn't get pregnant. How ironic that she had offered up her body for Leah's child and she was the one who needed the offer, although no one offered and she wouldn't have accepted anyway. Bella smiled at her (step)sister across from her at the reception, she was surrounded by her children, two of them were adopted and two were her own, all of them were growing so quickly now.

Everyone else had families of their own too and she wondered why things weren't more simple. Some things came easy but this one thing became the most complicated piece in her already tangled life.

Jake and Amanda were there with their kids, hell everyone had children and even Quil had a few, he and Lisa didn't work out but their short lived relationship gave Jared the push he obviously needed to go after the woman he was still clearly in love with. Kim had already given him the okay and even if it hurt her, she knew she was better off without him, he was better off without her and they still had a son to raise so they had to put some things, most things actually, behind them and they did just that.

She stared around the hall at all the children, she didn't like to feel sorry for herself but sometimes it was hard not to.

Sierra's best friend and maid of honor, Carrie stood up to make a toast. Then Chad, Mason's twin brother and best man stood to say his piece next. What they hadn't expected was Sierra to stand and she met Bella's eyes as she started to speak.

"First of all I'd like to thank you all for coming out to share this special day with us." She smiled at her husband before turning back to the table in front of hers where Bella was sitting beside Paul.

"I would also like to take a minute to thank my parents. As you all know my mother died when I was four. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her, I would have loved for her to be here with us today but things happen in life sometimes…things we cant change." She wiped at her eyes and took a breath.

"My dad has given up so much for me and although he could have given up when he lost her, he didn't." Sierra met his eyes and Paul willed the lump in his throat to go down. "I'm so glad he didn't give up because I don't know what I'd be without him." She was sniffling now as she continued, the room was quiet, even the kids were strangely quiet.

"I also have my Bella to thank for that…she's…" Sierra waved her hand in the air to gesture to the woman in front of her. "she's my mom too. When I needed to be comforted she was there. When I woke up from nightmares she was there to sing me back to sleep…even if she was always off-key." Bella smiled as she wiped at her face, her hand was trembling in Paul's.

"She played dolls with me, took care of me when I was sick, taught me to bake and how to take care of myself, she helped me through my first heart break, braided my hair and she loved me with all she had. I'm lucky you know…to have had two wonderful mothers."

The room was quiet still, the occasional sniffle could be heard. Sierra stood up and walked around to Bella's trembling form. It hurt her that the woman who loved her so completely without doubt or question had suffered so much, she hugged her.

"I love you both and I'm so glad dad has you." Bella was weeping in her arms and so were many others. Sierra didn't care that her perfect make up was ruined or that her dress was wrinkled and that her day had just become a little more emotional. It was the three of them in that moment, as it had been for just over eighteen years, she wouldn't have to worry about either of them as she turned back to the comforting arms of her husband, they had each other.

The phone rang, Bella rolled over to pick it up without seeing the call display. Paul was still asleep, she looked at the clock it was still early.

"Hello?" The cheerful voice on the other end answered it was Sierra.

"Morning mom, I just wanted to let you and dad know…" She paused. "Can you wake him up and put me on speaker?" Bella nudged Paul before sitting up.

"Wake up Sierra's on the phone." She nudged him again and he grumbled but sat up anyway.

"Are you both awake now?" Sierra sounded nervous and Bella's instinct was to protect as it always was with Sierra.

"Yea your dad just needs a minute, everything okay sweetie?" Sierra giggled at Bella's tone, she knew she was probably worried and all the anxiety over telling her parents was making her feel nauseous, she needed to hurry this along.

"Okay well I hope you can hear me daddy because I don't want you getting mad at not being the first to know. You're going to be grandparents!" Paul sat up staring down at the phone, the shock was a little bit much for him. His baby was having a baby. Bella clutched at her heart before swallowing the lump in her throat.

"Oh my god Sierra. I'm so happy for you. Your dad's in a bit of shock but we are so happy for you." Sierra laughed into the phone. "We're going to call Sam and Emily now. Love you both and we'll be over for lunch." Bella hung up and waited for Paul to say something, anything.

"Honey…" She waited. Paul turned to her, he had the hugest grin on his face before he pulled her in for a hug. "You okay?" She asked smiling at him.

"Yea, just. Wow. Cant believe she's having a baby. I'm going to be a grandpa…" Bella's smile got wider and she kissed him. "And you're going to be a grandma…" Her eyes lit up in a way he'd been waiting to see again. After three miscarriages that light seemed to dim, although she never allowed Sierra to see how much she was hurting, she was too protective of her that way, he knew she hurt over those losses because he did too. They got through it but now there was something to look forward to…

Paul paced the waiting room nervously, his daughter was giving birth in the same hospital she'd lost her mother and baby brother, the same place he had to bring Bella those three times, it was hard for him to be there but he wasn't going to miss out on seeing his first grandson.

Bella was the only one, other than Mason, allowed in the room with Sierra, she demanded that her mother be brought in and Bella calmly followed the nurse back into the delivery suite. Emily sat watching both Paul and Sam pacing nervously, she knew that they were worried and that her husband loved Sierra as if she were his own daughter, she was now. Even the two men couldn't compete with a mama bear. Rachel would look out for her daughter and so would Bella, it was a comforting thought that Emily decided to keep to herself.

The room was filled with an energy that Bella felt all the way to her bones. Sierra held her hand as she pushed and Bella coached her through each contraction while she helped Mason deal with his nerves. Fifty four minutes after she started pushing Sierra delivered a healthy baby, he weighed eight pounds and four ounces. He was beautiful and Bella managed to keep it together even as Sierra cried.

Mason cut the cord and the nurse wrapped up the tiny baby before handing him to his mother. The nurse looked between the proud new parents and the woman with them. She had known Isabella Swan since she moved to Forks a few years ago, small town and their gossip, plus her daughter had her for a teacher last year. It was though the grapevine that she heard Bella was not able to have children of her own. It didn't seem to stop her from living life and loving with all she had.

After sending Mason to fetch her dad and his parents Sierra turned to Bella, her son still in her arms. She looked down at the little baby in her arms, her son, she couldn't believe he was her son and that he was there. Bella was beaming down at the two of them and Sierra couldn't seem to stop crying, she was never more happy in her life and the woman who stepped into hers and her fathers lives and loved her like she was her own, was there to share it with her, her mom.

"Would you like to hold him Nana-Bella?" She smiled and nodded her head, she had become so quiet. Looking down at her son she cooed. "This is your nana Bella, she already loves you so very much." With that she passed her son over to Bella.

It was a moment she had shared with Leah once more when she had given birth to her second son. After that it was Lisa and Jared and their second child together, Bella was there to welcome her friends newest addition, even they had a happy ending and she tried not to be spiteful because they had both been through so much and they did deserve to be happy, it was hard though. This was different, this tiny baby was a part of her family and she loved every bit of him before she had even met him, she could see it in his dark eyes he was a part of her the same way Sierra was.

Mason stepped out with a huge smile on his face, both mother and son were okay. Their son was named William Tristan Uley. William after Billy, he would have been proud to know he had a great grandson. Tristan was Paul's middle name. Sierra had chosen the two most important men in her life. Sure her uncles were there for her but her Papa Billy and dad were the toughest guys she knew and it made perfect sense to her to name her son after them. Mason was just happy to be having a son, it didn't matter to him what she named him, although he knew it was important to her and he would support her decision no matter what.

Paul walked in to the room and hugged his daughter first, he was just glad she was okay, that his grandson was okay. Bella was sitting down in a chair beside the bed holding the tiny bundle. He used to torture himself with thoughts of her holding their baby but it never happened and he couldn't fix it but he knew she was happy in that moment with their grandson and the shit they went through years ago didn't matter, it was a part of who they were but it didn't matter right then, they were fighters and that was another battle they walked out from stronger than they started.

They left the little family and went back home to their own home. It was quiet and although Bella was happy with Paul she couldn't help feeling alone sometimes, maybe not alone just…it wasn't the same without Sierra around and that was ridiculous because she had moved out when she was eighteen and that was almost seven years ago but it still felt empty.

She did still have a classroom full of kids from September until June and then she had little ones who just loved to be around her for whatever reason, she honestly couldn't be miserable when she was the favourite aunt or teacher, it certainly wasn't that bad. And she had Paul.

"Are you happy Paul?" He looked at his wife and smiled.

"Yes." It was that simple for him. He wouldn't change anything. "I couldn't be more happy." Would he be happy with more children? He didn't know but it was what it was right now and he was happy with his wife, their daughter and now her family. Their nieces and nephews, his brothers and their families. Yes he was happy. Bella leaned into him.

"Me too." She said it so quietly he wasn't sure if she even said it.

"You sure?" He asked, she playfully hit his chest and looked up at him, she did look happy. Bella nodded her head, she really was happy. Paul and Sierra were her family and now that family had been extended and of course she was happy. It killed her that she couldn't have children of her own, she couldn't give Sierra a sibling to grow up with but then again she had Carrie-lynn and Kai and Mason and Chad, then all the other children that came along, maybe she didn't need a sibling.

The losses, those three lives, as new and young as they were, the unfairness of it all made her depressed and then angry with everyone, especially herself. She wondered why she couldn't just be normal, why she was never normal. Was it because she had made such insane choices in her past? It hurt her so much that she wasn't able to do this one thing for Paul. Eventually she stopped being angry and accepted that she just wasn't meant to have children and she even tried to leave him, she wanted him to have what he deserved and she honestly didn't believe it was her, she couldn't understand how he thought she was worth all the pain and suffering they were going through.

When he didn't let her leave and promised to hunt her down if she tried, she stayed because she knew she wasn't capable of leaving, she couldn't if she tried, where she belonged was with Paul and Sierra and it would be more painful to leave than it would be to stay.

Bella wrapped her arms around her husband a little tighter. They had a wedding anniversary coming up. Yes, this was where she belonged and no matter how rough things got she was exactly where she was supposed to be. Paul made her happy and after fifteen years of marriage and nearly twenty years together she could not imagine her life without him, without their family. He toughened her up and she could not have made it through everything with anyone else and she knew this.

"I love you." She tiptoed to give him a kiss on the chin the way she knew he liked. Paul smiled and picked her up. She loved that he was still strong enough for the both of them and that he could still make her blush with simple words or a simple action. He could still melt through everything with a touch or kiss. Bella wrapped her legs around him and he pulled his head back to look at her.

"I love you too kitten." She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder, still wrapped around him, he carried her to the couch and sat down. They were sitting quietly, his hands stroking her back and her face buried between his neck and shoulder. He was her anchor and she was his…everything. The day was an emotional one and she was exhausted and she fell asleep in Paul's arms in their quiet home, she could hear his heart beat and thought maybe it wasn't so quiet after all, she could feel him breathing and knew that she wasn't so alone either, yes this was where she was meant to be.

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