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Quistis felt her breath catch in her throat as she heard Squall's quiet voice fill the air. She couldn't even look up to meet his gaze; she didn't have to. She could feel the anger for the ex-knight burning in his gaze. She knew that Seifer could feel it to. She felt her head begin to pound softly as she felt the tension continue to grow stronger between the two rivals. Then she felt one side fade, her gaze moving quickly to Seifer. Sure enough, a teasing smile rested upon his lips and he leaned back casually in his seat, as if it were back to the old days. She gathered up her wits and moved her gaze up to Squall, his fists were held tightly at his sides, one hand held dangerously close to Lionheart. He didn't look to her though; he was too busy staring down Seifer.

"What is he doing here?" He asked without even bothering to look at Quistis. She moved her gaze back over to Seifer, his gaze meeting hers with a questioning look resting in the green pools. Quistis stood carefully from her seat before moving her gaze back to Squall who finally looked back to her.

"Seifer is back at Garden because Cid welcomed him here. Persuaded by Edea, Cid agreed that Seifer should be given another chance to correct himself and possibly become a SeeD," Quistis began. The look in Squall's eyes was almost something to laugh at. Pure shock and dread rested in the icy blue eyes of the commander. She sat down into her seat once more, leaning back almost as casually as Seifer had, "Now, if you don't mind commander, I'm here to instruct Seifer, also on order by Cid."

"Nice choice in outfit, Instructor," Squall said almost mockingly before turning away from the two and making his way out the door.

Quistis stared after him in quiet shock. It was not like Squall to comment on such a thing, let alone with such a tone. She almost had to wonder for a moment or so if she had finally struck a bit of jealousy in the heart of the commander. Did she hold such a chance? Impossibleā€¦ Squall was simply pissed at the fact that Seifer was back and there was nothing that he could do about it. She dismissed the thoughts once she heard the soft laugh float through the air. Seifer's laugh, of course. She moved her gaze back to him and his laughter softened, "What do you find so humorous?"

"Please stop with the words, instructor. This is me you're talking to, you don't have to show off the fact that you're a dictionary," He said with a few more laughs before allowing his head to tilt a little to the side. Quistis let a soft huff of annoyance pass her lips, waiting for an answer. Seifer's smile remained teasing, "For once I have the upper hand over the so called, "commander." He's going to hate having me here and best of all, he knows that there's nothing he can do about it."

"I'm sure he'll be watching you for the slightest slip, though," She said, voicing Seifer's inner thoughts. His smile didn't falter, though, so if he was thinking that, he didn't show it. Quistis shook her head slowly, picking up one of the instructor manuals before looking back to him, "Why must you tease him so?"

At that, Seifer's smile fell. His gaze moved down to the book for a moment. How many times had he learned this stuff, he couldn't begin to count. He knew those books better than any instructor, possibly even more than Cid himself. Possibly more than Squall and yet Squall had everything. He had one of the highest positions, the most honors, the world's hero, Rinoa's heart andā€¦ Quistis' heart. One thing Seifer refused to let bother him, as much as it did. He allowed his smile to return to his lips, "Why must you love him so, instructor?"

Quistis hands paused in searching for the page of the book, her gaze moved back to his eyes, a slight confusion resting in them before she allowed the book to fall shut, setting her hands upon it. She tilted her head a little to the side, placing a fake smile upon her lips, "What do you mean, Seifer?"

"What do I mean, Instructor? As if it isn't completely obvious. As if it hasn't been completely obvious since you first met the boy. You're in love with him, clearly," Seifer said, allowing his voice to hold a mocking tone. He stood up from his seat, deciding not to bother with the books for tonight, his appetite lost, "Too bad he's engaged, hmm? Well, good night to you, instructor, I won't bother with something I've read too many times already."

He watched as Quistis' gaze lowered down to the book on the table, her eyes slipping deep into thought as he made his way toward the door. He didn't bother to look back to catch her gaze. He didn't notice the book falling to the floor as Quistis stood, her gaze moving to him. He didn't notice her gaze fall to the ground, her lips parted in the beginning of a sentence. He didn't notice as the crystal like tears made their way out of her eyes, sliding along her velvet skin. He closed the cafeteria doors behind him and made his way to the training center.


Quistis knelt down to pick up the fallen book, standing up to set it upon the table once more. She was more confused than anything at what had just happened. Was Seifer jealous, or just having the enjoyment of annoying her once again? She picked up the book from the table, simply not having the energy to go over such thoughts in the middle of a cafeteria. She would just have to go to the place she always went to when it came to her thoughts. The one place she could actually feel calm and let her mind think. That place was the secret area in the training center.

She carefully tucked the book under her arm and made her way past the cafeteria doors. She decided to take the long way, passing by the dormitories so that she could drop off her books before moving into the training center. It wouldn't work out well if she had books when a monster decided to appear. Once she had entered her room, she dropped her books onto her bed. She grabbed a belt that best matched her black dress, pulling it on and sliding the metal through the hole to hold it in place, slipping her whip onto the side of the belt.

Feeling more comfortable with the presence of the weapon, she walked out the door to her room and made her way past the other dormitories. It was a nice walk to the training center. The halls were mostly cleared out, so she didn't have to worry about the many runners of the school bumping into her. When she reached the long hall to the training center, she felt her stomach grow tight. She knew she should have eaten something before running off to this place, but she wasn't thinking about that then. When she finally got to the training center, she felt her mind ease as her instincts seemed to take over as they always had in this area.

The warm mist fell softly upon her skin, wetting it in a soft cool at first before the warmth of the area finally eased into her. Thanking the shortness of the sleeves on her dress, she walked through the green area, making her way towards the secret area. Not many things seemed to be awake enough to bother her now. Not many people came to fight at this time of night, so by now the monsters took this time to get ready for the next day. She finally came to the doors of the secret area, already looking out at the view. It was beautiful to see everything so lit up, so calming. An area of the light she usually saw was blocked though.

She quietly pushed the doors open, stepping inside before closing it carefully behind her. She heard a soft flapping in the air and she moved closer to the darker area, finding that a grey trench coat waved gently in the breeze. She blinked a few times, tilting her head a little more to the side. Not just a trench coat, but a person wearing a trench coat. Not just a person, but it was Seifer wearing the trench coat, standing on top of the ledge to the balcony. She felt her breath catch in her throat for a moment before she allowed it to return to normal. He turned around carefully, doing his best not to fall. His gaze moved down to her and he jumped onto the steady ground of the balcony, stepping close to her.

"Isn't it a little late to be following me around, instructor? I already told you I didn't feel like learning something I already know," He began, his gaze moving over her in search for where she had her books with her. To his surprise, she had no books in sight. He turned his gaze to the view in front of the balcony, his hands coming to rest upon the ledge he had stood on moments before, "What are you doing here?"

"I always come here when I need to think or just relax," She said softly, walking over to the ledge of the balcony beside him, leaning against it gently as she rested her hands upon it as well. She knew he was watching her, but she kept her gaze out on the view, on the beautiful lights. She even felt the warmth as he stepped closer to her before moving his gaze back out to the view.

"That sounds too much like me, instructor," He said. She could both hear and feel the teasing smile that came to rest on his lips, a soft smile tracing her own. She turned her gaze to him to find that he was already staring at her again, "So, you didn't come here with books? Are you going to lecture me instead?"

Quistis felt her smile grow as she shook her head slowly. She felt oddly at ease standing next to her old student, more so than she had ever felt when she tried talking to Squall. She allowed a soft laugh to pass her lips. One of the first genuine laughs she had in a long time. Her gaze moved back to him, her smile softening, "No, Seifer. I won't lecture you."