Fay: I wrote a fanfic. =w= This is dedicated to Tsuki ya hoshi. She requested a lemon, and got one.

Jess: I be the editor ;D

Fay: And now, we present...The Fuzzy Lemon.

Jess: Fluffly Lemon? :D

Fay: No. Fuzzy.

Jess: ...Foamy?

Fay: ...No. Moldy. -.-

Jess: O_o

Axel reached out and grabbed Roxas' hand. Roxas looked up with timid eyes. His face flushed bright pink. Axel led Roxas over to the bed. He had been waiting for this. He and Roxas were going to lose their virginity to each other. Axel was finally getting to show his "burning" passion for Roxas. He sat Roxas on the bed and placed his hand on his lovers shoulder, pushing him down slowly. He began to plant soft kisses down the timid ones neck. Sliding his hands under Roxas' shirt, he removed it began slowly kissing down to Roxas' pants, which he unbuttoned. Roxas moaned. He breathed heavier and felt as if he couldn't move. Axel then undressed himself. Afterwards he threw the covers off the bed; they were getting in the way. And then...

"Oh fuck!" He exclaimed. "Damn it Demyx! He left his fucking lemon in my bed! He and Zexion will pay!"

…And that is the story of the fuzzy (MOLDY) lemon.

Fay: ehehe...heh...

Jess: ...

Fay: Why were Zexi and Demyx in the bed eating lemons?

Jess: they wanted to be 'punny'? :D

Fay: ...We shall never know...


(yes...I meant 'teh')