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1 Max

We were flying over New York looking for a hotel when we saw them. The girls with the plaid skirts and the wool sweater.

"What's down there?" Nudge asked. "Who's down there I mean, there are a lot of people down there but the ones with the skirts, there so cute, I wonder where they got them-" Iggy put his hand over her mouth. Motor mouth Nudge.

"Thanks Ig." I said, still looking down at them. Something seemed off about them. I don't know if it was the black van that they where pilling out of or the girly plaid skirts, but something made me want to see what's was going on.

"I'll be right back guys." I said, the girls where splitting everywhere. Doing what? I don't know.

"Maxie going to be a hero again?" Fang said, I shot him a look. "No, just going to take a look at something." I dived down before Fang could make any other comments.

When I got down, I hid my wings behind my wind breaker then set off towards the girls. Around the corner of a pharmacy I heard a voice.

"But Bex it's too dangerous!" It was a girl's voice. It was a whisper almost.

"Come on! Who would find out? No one would find out!" Sad a British voice probable the girl named Bex.


I wondered what they were talking about, boys. Probable. I walked around the corner and tried to make it like I was a part of the 'crowed'. I glanced at them, the first girl had light brown hair; I couldn't tell what color her eyes were because she had her back to me. The other was a dark brown hair, with caramel eyes. She was grinning and shaking the other girl by the shoulders.

"Come on Cammie! Take a chance! You love him." Her British accent getting lighter. The girl that was named Cammie looked around.

"If we get in trouble it's your fault." She muttered. I looked at their reflection on the glass of a stores window.

"Let's get moving, we have to do the Co. Ops. Assignment." She said almost a whisper; she looked around, spotted me. She met my eyes in the glass. She looked curious as I was.

"Come on." Bex took a hold of Cammie's arm. I walked a little ways then stopped and looked in the glass again. Cammie was still looking at me.

"I'll be right there." She didn't take her eyes off me. Bex shrugged.

"Suit yourself." She walked off. Cammie walked toward me. I turned around looking at her eyes, that where bluish-grey in the over cast.

"What do you want?" She asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked folding my arms.

"You where standing here, when we were talking." I tapped my foot.


"You heard my conversation."

"So?" I repeated. She gritted her teeth and shook her head.

"Stubborn." She muttered. I smiled.

"Yes, yes I am." Then silence, an award one but peaceful.

"Can you just tell me what you want?" She said finally.

"MAX!" Angel disturber our 'conversation' and came around the corner. Her blond hair flipping every which way from the wind.

"What is it Angel?" I asked. She smiled at Cammie.

"We need to go." She said looking back at me, and then added low, "Gazzy and Iggy blew up a wall to…I don't know where." I sighed.

"I'm going to kill them." I glanced at Cammie; her eyes were staring at Angel.

"Let's go Angel." I said trying to maintain my anger from them. Angel smiled her blue eyes happy.

"OK!" She skipped back around the corner.

I turned to Cammie "I have to go." She looked at me.

"Okay….." She seemed like she was thinking of something. 'Awe great. Angel got her mind mixed up.' I said slapping my forehead. Then I turned around and walked around the corner, going to kill Iggy and Gazzy.