Cammie 11

Personally, I use to live for the beach in the summer. One of the best places to relax, and at the same time no one could actually get you into trouble because there are about as many witnesses as there would be in the city. Unless of course, you're in the middle of a large forest with no back up, since ironically, my phone died once I got a little less than a mile in through the greenery. I guess you could say the giant stick that I was holding could be used a spear, but what is a spear to a gun.
What a wonderful situation to be in, and I'm pretty sure all my friends would be disgraced on how I got here. To tell you the truth, I am too.
"P-Put the stick down!" The spindly looking guy shouted towards me. He pointed the barrel of the gun towards my head, then to the ground, then back at my head. It was shaking to the point that I knew he never used it before. the distance between me and the end of the barrel was well, about two feet away? Yes, that sounds about right.
What concerned me about this encounter is that there was an edging feeling. He had to be hired to someone, it's not everyday that you see someone this rough in the middle of the forest. With a gun for that matter. I guess this would be the third time that I am in encountered with having a gun pointed at me. Either way, He didn't seem like someone who anyone would WANT to was dressed in overly baggy cloths, a little ruffled around the edges, his shoes were scuffed, and his eyes bloodshot.
It didn't seem like Catherine's way, and from all the files we went through, it didn't seem like Jeb's part either. Hiring this man doesn't seem like either type.
I leaned down, keeping my open hand up, dropping the stick. He nodded, "G-Go-GOOD!" He spitted. Sweat seemed to bead down his sickly skin. "N-now get on th-the ground!" When I didn't get to the ground he directed the gun towards a tree and shot at it. A large chunk of the tree exploded leading to it crashing onto another tree, leaning on it for support. "I SAID GET DOWN!"
"What's with everyone and the guns?" I mumbled getting down. "I'm getting kind of tired of it." I just had to say it out loud. But, then again, I guess my life isn't exactly the most normal to say the least, but right now, all I really want is to get to Zach. He said he would be here, he said…I narrowed my eyes trying to remember something, anything that could have been a trick.
I always knew I was going in blind. But this was a whole new level of blind. Then I reflected what he actually had to say. "Who's them?" He said nothing and went behind me.
So there I was, a gun at my head and a guy who seemed to had a really, really bad day. Then again, I was having an incredibly bad day also. "I'm so done with this." I grunted as I felt the gun pushed against the back of my head. Might as well see where this is going.
"N-Now Get up!" He demanded, and I felt his clammy hands on my wrists. He shoved me, surprisingly stronger than he looked, "They want to see you."
I grunted as he used one hand to tie rope around my wrists. When he finished i rolled my eyes. "Careful, you might want to actually tie it, maybe you can do it by setting the gun down." I commented.
"...Hm..." He was actually debating this? There was a few more seconds until the pressure of the gun was lifted, "Maybe that would be smarter." Okay I guess he was.
"You might wanna look down." I said looking behind me, he looked up dumbly but then realized what my comment was as I hit him in the groin area. He doubled over in pain and I got myself out of those ropes.
"Now, who's them?" I peered down on him. Silence. "Well?" He kept silence. I kicked him over. He was laughing silently.
"You think you're so smart. But time's a wasting. Your precious Zack doesn't have much time. And neither do you. " He grinned. "Tick..tock..." My eyes widened. Zack? What abou- beep beep beep. I stared down at him. A red dot appeared, muffled by his cloths.
His bloodshot eyes stared up at me as I backed up. "Boom!" He said with a cackle.
That's when I ran.

Hello! I hope everyone is having a good year so far. On another note, I really have no idea where I was going with this story ^^;. It's because of that, that as you can see the updates are...well... just not there. Sorry about that!

Either way, I would like to thank those who enjoy this story and read it to this point.

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