Shift Change

A Drabble

May 31, 2011

For Dayna, because she's been waiting forever for something from me here. And for chool, who begged so nicely.

Jon saw the serious looks on Bear and Sindy's faces. Something was up. He quickly grabbed Ponch's arm and prevented his partner from putting his foot in his mouth. The partners gave Bear and Sindy sympathetic looks instead, and awaited their turn for the news.

Bear and Sindy looked at each other for support, knowing that their lives were going to change, and headed to Sgt. Gatraer's office.

"Sarge?" Bear began, hesitantly.

Gatraer looked up, expectantly.

"We need to change shifts, Sarge," Sindy said, just getting it out.

"Why?" Gatraer asked, bewildered.

"Can't work together if we're married," Bear explained.