Chapter one: Long journeys and misplaced thoughts.

The car at this stage had already been set into motion for a calculation which added to six solid full hours, driving on the road for this long must have started to physically harm the drivers healthy limbs.

Inside this slim silver sports car posed a man which had been sat in the same position since he had first taken a seat in this exact car. The man was best described as.. tall length, smoky voice, spoke quite like the gentleman. If any presence was to look straight through this man's eyes a green emerald shine would backfire straight back into their eyes giving off one of the most fascinating sights ever seen in mankind. His face differed from every other feature, he shown pale colours with little blemishes of pink embedded to his cheeks. One matter that was becoming a problem was the facial hair. From driving such a long distance hoping to find safety along the way he had began to forget about taking a few steps back which was learning on taking care of his image. The facial hair around his lips had grew from such a smooth looking stubble to a gorillas tough and hairy fur. The transformation had crept up faster than it seemed which was starting to look slightly worrying for him.

Next to this man sat a slim toned women. This women shown every figure of beauty created along histories times. Her glossy chocolate brown hair which fell just over her bust line really showed off her natural beauty, It matched with her chestnut sparkling eyes. The woman wore only natural looking make-up, I think it was in her nature, this always gave out the flawless look to her inner beauty. The woman's name was also as beautiful as she looked.

"Nikita.. Is everything alright? you seem to look lost in your thoughts" That same man that spoke her name was the only person in the world that Nikita wanted to spend the rest of her life with. A while ago both individuals were pulled back to keep their feelings hidden whilst being trapped inside the same company which was to bring the world both pain and terror that would cause more than just destruction in life.

"Your always checking up on me Michael.. I love you for that! sometimes its good to cleanse the mind though". Nikita spoke the words with total joy to the first man that she had ever loved in life. Nikita knew that Michael was always going to be checking up on her, making sure that Nikita is keeping well in life and staying healthy, she had to thank him for that.

"Cleansing the mind?.. you should try to put the past behind you, I know that it's hard dear but we have each other now.. isn't that the whole point of this road trip, running away together and to take small steps into building our relationship to many different levels? 'Michael gave out a sigh' Nikita.. If it makes you feel comfortable then I respect your actions to keep cleansing your mind, I would never want to take memories away from you which you have collected throughout your life".

"Thanks babe! you sure know how to keep me smiling.. I only have to hear your voice to lighten myself up. Nikita's words with Michael were softer than ever before. Nikita realized just how much she loves Michael and wasn't going to change that feeling no matter the cause, Michael and herself were always going to be together as one.

Michael taken one look to the side of him were Nikita was sat down and smiled sweetly. Nikita sat in the chair feeling Michael's eyes capturing her own. Nikita then gave Michael the look of innocence whilst watching his hand carefully on the car wheel. Michael mouthed a whisper straight in the direction of Nikita's eyes to see clearly 'we will get through this beautiful' he then turned back to the cars front window concentrating on the road ahead, towards the destination he followed.

Nikita's cheeks started to burn up from side to side giving off tiny little blemishes of pink. She knew that she had a true gentleman in her grip to share moments of love and actually realistic memories.

Nikita started to think back to the time were she had first ever met Michael in her life. She then admitted to herself that if she had never been in such a state six years ago then she would never have came across Michael's face. I guess that was the only good redeeming moment Nikita could thank Percy for. Nikita taken another look at Michael and smiled sweetly.

His presence was taking over her mind, she was again lost in thought of the memories that herself and Michael have shared throughout the years, when Nikita had first met Michael it wasn't much of a pretty sight, more along the lines of the stubborn brat who always wanted her own way and gave up everything just to challenge this man to her advantage. The one memory Nikita clung too gradually was when she had first ever laid eyes on Michael inside Division, then she also thought back to a time were she didn't get on too well with Michael. 'Nikita had now closed her eyes, her mind slowly drifted still being able to hear the sound of the cars wheels spinning.'

Flashback held in Divisions open corridor six years ago

"Jessie could you pass over the deodorant? Sweating like a pig isn't hygienic in a place like this"

"After you have finished the training with the second in command who has just returned you will be sweating worse than just any sweaty pig alive"

"That's funny.. I thought it was the nerd who would be training us? Who is this second in command? another traitor?". Nikita was starting to confuse Jessie with the lack of interest she shown towards Division and the amount of questions that she asked just one single recruit.

"You don't keep up do you Nik! The second in command.. He goes by the name of Michael... he's one of Percy's adopted pets! Apparently he ordered leave for the past few months, and made his return to Division today.. he's got good moves and brilliant gestures!"Jessie was the only recruit to keep up with Divisions every move, maybe just one day Nikita would become smart enough to do the same.

"Urgh.. What have I told you about calling me Nik.. or Nika, Nikki, N.. My name is Nikita! seriously get it right!" Nikita spat her words out with so much anger which had built up inside of her, and was soon to release that anger just as soon as Jessie spoke the words 'Nik' one more time instead of calling Nikita by her original name.

"With that attitude I think you will be needing a zip across your mouth before any training possible for yourself" A voice started to echo from the distance of the corridor, the voice ringed through the walls bouncing off with deep tones, it was in most definite a man's voice.

Nikita turned around to see a tall shadow which was moving in closer towards her reach. The tall man stood their with eyes of steel glaring straight at Nikita. "Let me guess your the new guard who's going to tell me that I shouldn't be playing in the corridors?" Nikita's sarcasm gave off a higher feeling of taunting then she had expected.

"Young lady... I think you will find that I am far from a guard, I'm second from the highest in this organization.. so I would keep your mouth closed and your lips sealed. Now tell me your name?" The man spat out the words, he kept a tight hold with Nikita's eyes showing her that he was serious about everything that had just been said in her direction beyond the corridor.

"Don't you remember, you told me to keep my mouth shut!" Nikita gave the man a glare, clenching her fists whilst just watching his intimidating face smirk even in the slightest way.

"You want to play that game? fine we could do that.. would you like me to call you 'girl' or no wait 'princess of Division' which seems more suitable to you?" The man started to grind his teeth, he didn't appreciate the way that this young adult was speaking to him.

"I prefer Nikita actually... you worthless piece of trash, don't you have something better to do than playing these games with recruits?" Nikita turned straight to the steel wall of the corridor and plunged her fist straight into it, leaving just a tiny little dint scarred straight into the wall. Nikita's knuckles turned from a pinky flesh colour to a steaming blood red which burst straight into a bruised injury.

The man halted for a second as he watched her crouching over in the corner with tears pouring repeatedly down her cheek from both of her eyes. He moved slightly towards Nikita opening out his hand to take hers in his reach. Nikita startled and taken a step back closer against the wall, the man spoke the words softly "Nikita.. words like those don't hurt me even a little.. so give up your little act and let me take a look at your injury, you silly girl.. I'm Michael, thought it was about time to introduce myself, picking a fight with someone with greater strength and at very high command isn't a smart move".