This is my first 11/River Song story. I would love to hear what you think.

She was insufferable. She had no right to play with my heart. I offered her the world. I offered her the universe! The whole of time and space was placed inside the palm of her hand, and she chose to spend the rest of her life with him. She had made her decision, and now, I had made mine.

I don't know if things came to pass as they had in her little blue book. She didn't care to tell me. "Spoilers." She would tease.

I don't know how to delegate titles to our experiences. Our first kiss? That would mean that we both experienced it at the same time; however, my first kiss with River was not River's first kiss with me. In fact, she would tell you it was her last. I've often wondered if our whole relationship was built on a paradox, a paradox she created.

Time can be rewritten.

I started writing this a year ago. I was looking through my fanfiction, and I decided to somehow finish this. Hopefully…it's good? I might choose to write some more on it. Have questions? Ask me.