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Ariel sighed happily in Jim's arms and snuggled up against the young Hawkins. Jim slightly opened his left eye and smiled at his wife as he drifted off to sleep. In the morning, Jim woke up and carefully moved his wife's arm so he could get out of bed. Jim saw his aunt, Giselle playing with Melody with a smile. Giselle saw Jim and said as she showed her baby girl to Jim, "Look, Melody, your big cousin, Jim is here."

Jim smiled as he took Melody out of Giselle's arms and asked, "Hey, little cuz, are you being a good girl for your mom?" Melody giggled and cooed as she tried to grab Jim's bangs. Dimitri walked through the door with four bags of groceries and said with a smile, "I'm home. How are my two best girls?"

Giselle smiled and walked over to her husband and said as she kissed Dimitri's cheek, "I'll take those bags off of you, love." Giselle took the bags and sorted out the groceries as Dimitri sat down across from his nephew. Dimitri smiled at his daughter and asked as Melody grabbed his finger, "How's Ariel?" Jim looked worried and said concerned, "I don't know. She's been throwing up lately and I think she should see a doctor."

Dimitri smiled and said as he picked up the phone, "Not to worry, I'll get Dr. Sweet to come over." Jim smiled as he played with Melody, "Thanks, I appreciate it."

Dr. Sweet said as he checked Audrey's huge belly and looked at the screen, "Okay, Audrey, your baby is doing just fine." Audrey smiled and looked at Zak who had a smile on his face. Booster asked, "So, no more working hours?" Sweet said with a smile, "Yep, no more working on machines until she pops out her baby." Aurora heard the phone ringing and picked it up.

Aurora asked with a smile as she wrote down what to get for Mr. Whitmore, "Sweet Hospital, there is no sweeter than Dr. Sweet, how can I help you?" Dimitri said with a smile, "Aurora, how are you?" Aurora said with a smile, "Dimitri, it's good to hear from you. How's Giselle and Melody?" Dimitri said as he saw Jim giving Melody to Giselle, "They're fine. It's Ariel that has Jim worried."

Aurora asked with concern, "Is she alright?" Dimitri said concerned, "Well, Jim said she's been throwing up lately." Aurora said as she finished the list for Mr. Whitmore, "Alright, I'll go talk to Sweet." Dimitri said with a smile before he hanged up the phone, "Thanks, Aurora I owe you one." Aurora heard Dimitri hanged up the phone and so did Aurora.

Aurora knocked on the door and Dr. Sweet said as he help Audrey off the table, "Come in." Aurora said seriously, "Sweet, you got a call from Dimitri." Sweet chuckled and said with a smile as he handed Audrey over to Zak, "His wife giving him trouble?" Aurora said with concern, "It's Ariel, Dimitri said that she's been throwing up lately." Sweet grumbled and said as he grabbed his equipment, "Jim, had better not feed her any funny foods." Audrey said with a smile as she walked with her husband and her best employee, "Tell Jim and Ariel, I said hi."

Dimitri hanged up and said with a smile, "Jim, Sweet is coming over." Jim said as he walked towards where his wife was sleeping, "Thanks and also thanks for the tickets." Dimitri smiled and took Melody out of Giselle's arms and said, "Hey, welcome to Agrabah."

Jim chuckled and saw his wife waking up. Ariel smiled and lazily opened her eyes as she saw her husband. Ariel said with a sleepy smile, "Morning." Jim smiled and said as he went back in bed with his wife, "Morning, Mrs. Hawkins." Ariel snuggled up with her husband and said with smile, "I love what we did at the oasis."

Jim smirked and asked, "Before or after?" Ariel smiled as she wrapped her arms around her husband's neck and said, "I love you." Jim smiled kissed his wife with love and care as the redhead returned his fervor. Dimitri yelled across the hall, "Jim, Sweet is here." Jim groaned and Ariel giggled. Ariel said as she got out of her husband's arms, "Come on, your uncle is calling you."

Jim said as he and his wife got out of bed, "Actually, he's calling us both." Ariel was confused and asked, "Why?" Jim said with guilt, "I told my uncle you were throwing up." Ariel giggled and asked as she wrapped her arms around Jim's neck, "You thought I would get mad if you told him?" Jim said with concern, "Yeah, because I wanted this to be our romantic honeymoon and I didn't want to ruin it."

Ariel smiled and said as she placed her hands on his cheeks, "Love, its okay. This doesn't ruin the honeymoon." Ariel looked on his left eye to see the scar Eris had given to her husband. Jim asked with a smirk, "You're looking at my scar, again?" Ariel blushed and smiled at her husband as she said, "I think it makes you look sexy."

Jim chuckled and as he was about to kiss his wife, Dr. Sweet asked as he opened the door seeing Jim about to kiss his redhead, "Am I interrupting something?" Jim said with a groan, "No, I'll be out of your way." Ariel said as Jim left the room, "I'll be out soon."

One hour later…

Dr. Sweet came out of the room and had a smile on his face. Jim asked concerned, "How is she, Dr. Sweet?" Sweet asked with the smile on his face as he packed his equipment, "Why don't you go ask her?" Sweet left the room and Jim asked, "How much?" Sweet said before he shut the door behind him, "This one is on the house."

Jim went into the room to see his wife with a smile on her face. Jim asked confused, "Ariel, what did Dr. Sweet say?" Ariel asked with a smile, "Jim, remember what we did at the oasis?" Jim smiled and said as he rested his forehead on his wife's, "Yes." Ariel said with a wide smile, "I'm gonna have a baby." Jim was stunned at what his wife had said and asked surprised, "Ariel, are you saying you're pregnant?"

Ariel nodded her head while biting her lower lip with a smile. Jim laughed with joy and picked up his wife bridal style and kissed his wife. Ariel broke the kiss and asked, "Should we tell your uncle and aunt?" Jim had an idea and said as he sat down with his wife in his arms, "How about when we go back to Montressor, throw a party, and tell everyone the news." Ariel smiled and said, "I love the idea but it'll be hard to keep it a secret once I get the big belly."

Jim chuckled and said with a smirk, "Don't worry we'll tell both of your fathers."

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