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The Promised Land

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Aerith x Sephiroth

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And of course, Aerith will grow too. She cannot stay that innocent flowergirl forever, she'll become a mature woman.

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Prolog: Awakening

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Aerith did not know how long she had been in the lifestream. Time played no role in this dimension. It was a continuous motion. It was a quiet and ethereal minuscule projector like a sea of waves. It was completely detached from everything, but something that embodied the spiritual power of the planet.

But suddenly everything changed.

She could feel the lifestream leaving her and releasing her soul into a new body. It was as if her prayers were answered by many echoing spirits around her. She would be born again and free herself from the soothing, muted light in the body of the life stream. The only thing you noticed in this place of protection.

But before the realization that she had left the other world could embrace her, she felt the rays of the sun hit her face.

Gradually, she was overwhelmed by the long-forgotten sensations. It took some time before she could feel everything. Eventually she could feel the soft musky soil moisture under her body, the smell of flowers and the murmur of the wind. Such things occupied her mind at first.
However everything finally became clear and as she attempted to open her eyes, the intense brightness of the sun blinded her.

A slight smile crept upon Aerith's lips as she breathed in deeply for the first time to capture the scent of flowers that was around her. Her body completely relaxed and a feeling of happiness dazed her. It felt good. It felt like a place you could call home.

As soon as she was able to, Aerith sat up to see that she was in a bed of wild flowers, each of such beauty as she had never seen before. Eager to discover more, she got up unaware of her bodily imprint in the unnaturally soft blades of the grass.

What a wonderful place this was! So peaceful. She was close to the birds as she could hear their songs and she guessed that somewhere in the ancient oak trees there had to be a nest, which betrayed its hiding place with its owner's song.

With little shaky legs, she explored the area and found that it was in a wide valley that was surrounded on two sides by mountains whose peaks were even covered with snow. Not far from her she could make out the presence of a small farm, or at least what was left of it. Hoping to meet other people and question them concerning this strange place, she walked towards it.

She followed the course of the path in the natural lines along its boarders through the fields barely touched by human hands. The path eventually split at one point. One part lead to the forest, which-despite all the fairy tales she had heard, didn't scare her at all. The dark fir trees simply did not represent anything sinister.

Anyway Aerith took the left path which brought her to a ramshackle house that had peeling white paint and was missing some tiles on the roof. But it appeared even more inviting with this flaws.

Aerith walked up the steps of the porch and knocked on the door, but as soon as her fist made contact with the worn out wood, the door opened on its own with a deafening creak.
Feeling a little unsure, she peered inside and asked if anyone was home. When that went unanswered, she ventured further inside and surprisingly found herself in the midst of lovely furnished and cleaned rooms contrasting the outward display of the house.

However Aerith could not help but smile. Was this perhaps an abandoned house that she could have all to herself? She continued to explore until she ventured into the kitchen where she noticed a note on the table, next to which there was cake, bread, cheese and all kinds of spreads.

Curious she took the paper in her hand and read in surprise:

'This farm has well served me long enough. It is time that it makes someone else happy. If you search you'll find everything you need.

It is a gift, so you can settle up well. Use it wisely. '