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The Promised Land

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Aerith x Sephiroth

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Chapter 13: Premonitions

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~

"I want you to scream, damn it!"

Sephiroth heard himself when he shouted these words out loud. Everything was wrapped in a dark red smoke. But the face that was looking at him was full of fear... he would have recognized it even if he were blind.

His hands grabbed hers, dragged them over her head and pushed hard. Bones shattered and her painful cry sounded like a praise in his ears.

No ... NO! This could not be. She was his angel, his light. How could he do this to her?

"My beloved ..." Aerith's breathing was shallow, marked by barely tolerable pain.
She could not stand it much longer, but he wanted to take as much from her as he could before she died.
"Sephiroth ..."

"Yes ... Sephiroth ... your dark angel ... woman, if you are the light, then I am ... "

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~

Again the picture changed, but Aerith's expression remained the same. Sheer desperation saturating her pleading eyes.

"I ... I'm afraid ... "

"This is quite normal. You have to calm down a bit now." He tried to soothe her, as he tenderly stroked her cheek. The red mist was gone, but the color appeared now in a different place, and his throat felt constricted.
His beloved angel was obviously pregnant. It was only in the early stages, but the swell of her stomach left no doubt about this fact. Just as the blood that stained her dress. "My mother will be with you in moments."

"The child ... I cannot feel it." Panic suddenly rose up inside of her.
"Usually, I can feel the emotions of the baby, but ..."
Her breathing quickened pace and her heart pounded heavily in her breast.

"Aerith, calm down! Please, don't worry."

"But ..." She cried suddenly in a bitter rage, "You are to blame! Because of you I have to suffer now. The child could die, just because..."

The image swam before his eyes and her voice trailed off.

Why? What had he done wrong?

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~

Aerith looked exhausted, emaciated, and completely vulnerable.
Had he done all this?

"Aerith, this cannot continue like that," he heard himself say, while his sweetheart lay on the couch, her belly already extremely swollen, filled with the promise of new life. And yet, it was a horrible promise for her.

"But what shall we do?" she asked faintly.

"Your father can provide options..."

"No," she interrupted him and put his hand on her belly. "I do not want that."

"Aerith ..." He sighed softly, and went on his knees before her. Unable to speak, he kissed her cheek. It tasted a bit salty. Tears?

"It grew from our love. I will not deny your love."

Sephiroth said nothing, he just could not reply. Should he support her intention although it could kill her?

"I want this child - at any cost."

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~

When he blinked briefly, the colors swam before his eyes. A dull gray almost took his view. Shadows moved frantically around a bed. Aerith was lying in it, desperately screaming for the pain to finally end.

With each rapid beat of his heart, the only visible color throbbed on the blankets. So much blood ...
The pounding in his veins and his breath was like a raging storm in his head. However, he could hear voices from far away ...

"Dad, what are you doing?"

"My love, we don't want to run risks, so we make ourselves ready to deliver the child in other ways."

These people wanted to...cut Aerith open?

"Do not worry, we know what we must do. First, we numb certain parts of your body and then we remove the child. It will be quick and you will feel nothing of all this."

"I don't want to. What if you hurt the baby? I want to give birth to it naturally. Please, I ..." But then her voice trailed off at the next cry.

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~

A brief flash of light blinded him for a moment, then he watched how a woman came out of the bedroom wiping the blood off her hands.

Again this red ..
Why? Why did his whole life had to be soaked in this color?

"Mother, how is she? How's the baby?" He was still hoping ...

"My boy ..."
She had to say no more, because he could see it in her face.

"No ..."

She went on to embrace him, but he just shook his head and ran past her straight to the bedroom door.

"No, NO!"

"Sephiroth, don't!" The woman grabbed his arm, but he tore himself from her with little effort.

"Aerith!" Sephiroth stormed into the bedroom and froze when he saw his distraught wife curled up on the bloody sheets.

His mother came up behind him and put her hand on his shoulder.
"We could do nothing. The child ..."

Sephiroth certainly heard her words, but couldn't understand them. His eyes strayed to the right to a brown-haired woman who tearfully wrapped something bloody in a cloth.
"No!" he cried and had to turn away his head. Tears burned in his eyes.

"Sephiroth ..." Aerith was sobbing quietly. "I'm so sorry ..."

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~

The little grave was unadorned. A homemade wooden cross and a pair of white flowers which Aerith had planted marked the spot where his child was buried.

"My baby ..." the swordsman whispered quietly.
"Through your passing you gave your mother and me so much grief, you know?

... Especially your mother, she cannot live without you."
Sephiroth put his hand into the wet earth and made a fist, as he shook all over.

"What shall we do?" he asked quietly and let the earth trickle out of his hand.
"Your mother blames herself. But that's not true, right?"
A tear dripped onto one of the flowers that adorned the grave.
"Your dear mother. She is so pure, so innocent. She does not deserve this. Maybe it's just me. Perhaps it is a punishment for all the evil deeds that I have done in my life. Yes, I'm probably only here in the Promised Land to suffer the greatest anguish right after I was allowed a moment of sheer bliss...only to have it snatched away later, it's my fault ... I'm the reason why my family has to suffer so much. It was my sin - for which I must atone now. "
Tears ran down his cheeks.
"But why should my family suffer with me?" He knew deep within himself that he deserved such cruel torment, he would have agreed to it, but...
"Aerith, my innocent angel...you certainly don't deserve it."

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~

Sephiroth pressed his lips together and put his hands on her shoulders.
"We'll try again when you're ready. If you still want it." He added with a broken voice.

"Yes, of course." She hugged him and clung to his strong body.

But again Sephiroth finished the intimacy quickly.
"Aerith, you know that I do not insist on a child. It ..." The fighter looked away, not daring to gaze into her eyes. "I'm sorry that my desire brings you so much pain. Every pregnancy is a major risk to your health, and ... your life. So I do not want you to consider conceiving to be your duty."

"Sephiroth." she breathed softly and put her finger on his lips to silence him. "I want this child with all my heart."

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~

The next picture had become all too familiar.
Aeriths position on the bed, her bulging abdomen ... They had apparently really tried again and succeeded. But ...

"Sephiroth, I cannot. Please, promise me...excise the child, when I ..."

"No, darling, I will not slash open your belly. You can do this. Don't give up!" He gazed for a moment at the blood on his hands. It was so much... too much...

"But I cannot give birth to the baby. Please put it to an end. I know you're skilled enough to open my belly with Masamune and take the child out without harming it."
There were tears in her eyes as she began to accept her fate.
"Maybe I'll survive it and even ..." her voice trailed off as the next contraction came.

"No, Aerith ..." Sephiroth grabbed her hand and gave her the support she needed while he pondered a solution. Then suddenly his panicked expression became compassionate. He relaxed his brow and bowed his head, so that the hair fell over his eyes.
"There is maybe another possibility," he said then completely toneless.

"What possibility?" Aerith wanted to know, but inside she had already given up.

Sephiroth raised his head and looked at her directly.

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~

Sephiroth tied off the umbilical cord and cut it, but even after the elimination of maternal oxygen, the baby seemed to still not be persuaded to finally begin to breathe.
Panic crept over him. Perhaps the child was still too small, underdeveloped. Not yet ready for the world. He stared at the motionless body.

"Why does it not cry?" Aerith asked in a hoarse voice and tried to rise, but she lacked the strength. "Sephiroth?" she pleaded desperately.

He tried to make the child breathe by all means, but his efforts were unsuccessful. The skin already began to turn bluish.
From the corner of his eye he had to watch how Aerith suffered from the difficult birth. The sheet was completely soaked in blood.

Would he now lose both? A look at her expressionless eyes showed him the bitter truth.
"Aerith! AERITH! No, please stay with me! Aerith!"

Very slowly, so that one hardly saw, she turned her head toward him and looked at the motionless bundle in his arms. Then she took a deep breath, the last breath that she would ever draw. Then she closed her eyes.

Oh, please not ... Aerith ...

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~

"No!" Sephiroth called out desperately as he sat up.

"Sephiroth? What ...? What's wrong? "Asked a voice beside him.

Only then he realized that he and his beloved one were on a blanket in the fields.
It all had been just a dream ...
The images and memories were lost to him as he sat in shock.

"I ... I think I had a nightmare. "

Her naive, innocent eyes could not calm his rapid heartbeat.
Her delicate fingers brushed carefully over his bare torso, though did not alter the panic that came over him now.
What he was it that he had dreamt of? It must have been terrible. A strange burning stabbed him in the chest. There was no physical pain, but emotional ... A feeling, as he had never felt even then in the laboratory under Hojo's so-called supervision...

Now suddenly there was this restlessness in him. It was an anxiety to which he had no justification. It was an intense fear the fed the darkness deep inside of him.

Aerith looked directly at him, but his eyes seemed to stare through hers, as if he wasn't really seeing her.
Why did his pupils suddenly have a strange shape? This hasn't happened before, right?

Sephiroth tried to concentrate on quiet breathing. Aeriths feminine scent just became stronger through that. A red mist seemed to descend on the world.
Suddenly, the cold fury in his veins became a burning anger which erupted unexpectedly in ardor of passion.
Why did he feel it all at once ...? Having experienced such a dream, he should actually ...

When his eyes finally focused on hers, a smile spread from his face that she did not recognize. It was cold, hungry, without a trace of joy.
"On your knees, my little angel." He ordered, and just shoved down his pants before he positioned himself behind her petite figure. He would fuck her like an animal now. It was her duty to embrace him with her velvet sheath and subdue the beast inside of him.
It seemed so right ... Yes, just as it had to be ...

"Sephiroth, what are you doing ... I thought you had a nightmare ... Don't you want to talk about it?" Of course she could not conceal her desire for her lover, but the whole situation was suddenly so absurd, no ... rather unreal. Something was wrong.

And Aerith knew she had to be careful if she wanted to have her questions answered.

In an instant he had already sunk in her entrance.
And of course ... Her body reacted the way the Dark Angel trained it to ...

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~

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Oh, you will. Believe me ^^

Later when they are send back to Gaia, Seph waits outside while Aerith is saying "Hi" to all of Avalanche, a very strange moment, because she is also carrying her youngest child, a daughter with... black hair ^^

So no one thinks about Seph being the one who fathered the newborn.

Aerith has a hard time to explain that this child really was born from her body and not an orphan she had found.

And then... The first born son and Seph are coming into the room. The toddler like a carbon copy of the father ^^ Oh... How I melt during a scene like that ^^ It's so awesome XD

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Aerith and Seph are a little bit out of character, but they develop during their time being together ^^ So that's normal and exactly what I want.

My Seph is just like in Crisis Core. I think THAT Sephiroth would have never harmed an innocent or a woman/child, acting maybe a little bit cold but still gentle. So... Vincent-like ^^


Brilliant as always!

Again if I quoted every single part I liked, I'd just end up reposting your entire chapter XD

This was beautiful, breathtakingly so. It gives a slight impression that Sephiroth is slightly tormented over what he'd once been and is completely perplexed at the man he'd become.

This was kinda cool, that he was actually a little annoyed that he was always horny XD
Excited to read the final draft of your next chapter


Thanks ^^

Yeah, my Sephiroth is (at the moment) a sane person. He knows what he has done.

And he will regret even more after the next chapter.

This is Sephy's first love. He wants to cherish her. And his 'flesh' is able to do that as well as his tongue (talking) and body (acting, helping her,...) XD

You were my beta reader ^^ I didn't change much anymore, just some things. Thanks for your work ^^

And I hope we can start the VincexLucrexHojo story soon ^^

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