Dear Diary,

Haley Albrecht has been restored to her body. A Kyubey was able to get a hold of her Soul Gem, which had been under the jurisdiction of one of my comrades, fellow Puella Magi Anne Muscari. But this is fine. It is even expected. It is Kyubey's job to make sure we do as we are supposed to, and that can hardly be done when one is trapped in their own Soul Gem.

We explained the situation to her. She was upset, naturally – it is difficult to be separated from your family, particularly when they believe you are dead. But this is for the best. There is a good chance she may be hurt badly, so it is better if she has no bonds to tie her back. Because of this, she can move freely and live as necessary to be able to handle any witches she encounters.

So you see, stealing her Soul Gem was simply the best option.

She is still wary of us for obvious reasons. We have offered to let her join us; she isn't especially powerful in her own right, and can get overemotional in a fight. Anne and I are levelheaded enough to prevent anything too horrible from getting at her. But in the end, it will be up to her. We did what we could to help her, and whether or not we continue to help depends on if she asks for it.

And if not…

Well. She will be a rival for Grief Seeds.