Wally, Artemis, Supey, and Megan were standing around in the kitchen chatting and snacking when they heard it.


Now, hearing footsteps in the mountain wasn't that odd, someone was always wandering around. But it was the fact that the person creating those footsteps was running at like, top speed that surprised the teen.

Everyone in the group stopped what they were doing and turned toward the door, waiting.

A second later, none other than Robin, Boy Wonder, came rocketing into the room. He didn't have his belt, gloves, shoes, or cape on. His face was flushed, a look of raw panic etched onto his features. The youngest teen slid around the little island in the mild of the room—almost crashing into Artemis—and launched himself into Wally's arms. The poor boy was shaking.

Which, to be honest, could only mean a few things.

world was about to end.

2. Rob just had a horrible nightmare and couldn't find anyone after he awoke, causing him to panic.

3. Batman. 'Nuff said.

The red haired speedster gripped robin's shoulders reassuringly.

"Robin! Rob, buddy, what's wrong?" his clear green eyes stared searchingly at his best friend's masked face.

Said boy stared shakily up at his friend, shivers racing down his spine.

"He knows. Bru-Batman knows." The boy managed to croak out.

Everyone in the room paled.

"Please don't tell me—he knows—no way—so careful—I mean—we-we w-we—I-I—no, god, please, nononononono!" Wally burst out, his face the picture of horror.

Around them, their friends were exchanging looks. They knew EXACTLY what the boys were talking about.

Robin and Wally were dating and the Big Bat just found out.

They had been dating only a few weeks, and by now, everyone knew. The soft smiles, the lingering touches, the whispered jokes-actually, that wasn't that much different to how they were before. Only now, they held hands and made out in weird places.

"How does he know?" Arty asked, all seriousness. Someone had to right? Plus, with Rob and Kid Mouth dating, that meant a number of things for Artemis that made her life SO much easier. For one, the little bird kept Wally in line, kept him out of her hair, and Robin tolerated absolutely NO flirting. She seriously owed the kid for finally opening up to Kid Idiot. And right now, he need her help—all of their help—so she was all ears.

"Ah!" the smallest teen shoved a shaking hand into his pocket (did his costume always have pockets? Everyone wondered silently) and produced a deep read cell phone. In a brief moment of calm, Robin brushed his long fingers over the touch screen, waking the small device. He typed in a few commands, than handed it to his boyfriend with a gulp. Wally scanned the screen a few times. Megan, Superboy, and Artemis drew closer, waiting. The red head chuckled nervously for a moment, his voice two octaves higher than normal.

"This doesn't mean….He could just have a mission for us I mean." Both boys were shaking violently at this point, clutching painfully at each other.

Megan gently pried the phone from Wally's grasp and read the message aloud.


I will be at the mountain in 10 minutes to discuss some pressing matters suddenly brought to my attention. Make sure Wallace is with you.


She paused.

"Well that doesn't sound TOO bad…" the green skinned teen began uncertainly. Supey shook his head.

"That is Bat speak for 'Robin, I just found out you were keeping a secret from me and I'm pissed. Bring Wally because you're both in trouble. See you soon.'" The clone said with a frown, using Wally's favorite term for Batman's coded messages. "And unless Robin has another secret that involves Wally," Superboy paused here to check with the raven haired teen, who shook his head, then continued "He's talking about you two being gay with each other." He finished bluntly.

"He's right," Robin said hoarsely. His face was pale, his expression pained as he turned to his lover. "Wally…if we don't make it out of this…I need to say—"

Wally cut his off with some more nervous laughter. "Rob, bro, you make it sound like we are dying!" He glanced around at the group, only to be met with looks that confirmed Robin's fear:

Batman, the Dark Knight, protector of Gothem, number 1 on the Time's list of Men to Fear, was going to kill them.

Wally let his head fall until his forehead was resting on his boyfriend's. He took a shaky breath.



Aqualad's voice made everyone jump. The two lovers clutched at each other tighter. Artemis put a gentle hand on each of their shoulders in sympathy.

The Atlantian teen jogged into the room. He brushed off the sight of the two boys clinging to each other, he could listen to that story later.

"Batman is here to see you, Robin. You too, Wally."

When no one moved, Aqualad sighed and closed the distance between the two boys and himself. Being considerably stronger than both boys combined, he had no trouble ripping them apart and dragging Robin after him. The white haired teen knew Wally would follow. And he did.

What he didn't expect was for Artemis, Megan, and Superboy to tag along also.

"no-" Robin struggled, twisting and turning in the older boy's grasp. Panic was clear across his features. He kicked wildly, his breaths coming out as gasps. Aqualad only let go when they were at the entrance of the main room, in clear sight of the Dark Knight.

"Come on guys, Batman requested only Robin-" the Atlantian was cut off by a strangled shriek. Everyone turned toward the source of the alarming noise.

It was Robin. His face, if at all possible, had gone six shades paler. The boy looked as if he was about to pass out.

Batman took a step forward, closer to the group of teens crowding the doorway, his eyes narrowed.

Robin took a step backward.


The black haired teen pivoted on his tights clad heel and took off running down the hallway in which they came. He stumbled a few times.

It took everyone a few minutes to realize what had happened.

"ROB!" Wally cried suddenly, chasing after his boyfriend at normal speeds.

Batman, appearing out of a shadow next to the team, sighed.

"He's always been a runner. Maybe Wallace is the right boy for him. He can keep up, were as I can't." And then the Big Bat walked away with a swish of his black cape.


Robin ran with everything he had. He was NOT going to let Bruce tear apart his happiness just because HE thought it was wrong. Tears welled in his hidden eyes. No! He wasn't going to let this happen!

A single tear slid past his mask and rolled down his pale cheek.

…Then he slammed into a red headed blur.

The two lovers fell to the floor, legs and arms tangled. They laughed heartily, both remembering their first kiss, and how close this situation was to it. They pressed their foreheads together as their laughter died off.

"Why did you run?" Wally asked softly. "We can handle anything Big Daddy Bats throws at us. He can't keep us apart, no matter what. I promise." He brushed away his bird's tears with gentle freckled fingers.

"I panicked." Robin whispered softly fisting his hands in the older teen's crisp white shirt. He shuffled closer to his boyfriend, mewing happily when the other boy wrapped his arms around him in response. The raven haired boy nuzzled happily against his boyfriend. Wally chuckled, brushing stray strands of jet black hair away from his bird's forehead, where he placed a gentle kiss.


Bruce watched silently from the shadows a few feet away. Close enough to hear the two boys' whispered conversation, close enough to feel the raw emotion rippling off them.

Bruce was in no way a homophobe, or out to ruin the boys' relationship, he was simply worried about how fast they might be going because it had never even ACCURED to him to give Dick the sex talk, and now here his son was, cuddling up with an OLDER boy. That worried him too. Sure Wallace acted Dick's age, but he wasn't, and neither had control over their hormones yet and gahhh! Bruce was going to worry himself to death if he kept this up. He slid off, making sure he wasn't seen. As he stepped out of the Zedda(?) Beam transporter and into the Bat Cave a few minutes later, he thought of the main reason he wanted to talk to the boys.

Bruce was hurt.

Why wouldn't Dick tell him?

Bruce sighed and slid the cowl off. That was a conversation he would have with Dick later, when his son got home.


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