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If you're concerned with their ages, Mindy is in highschool and Dave is in college. Otherwise, enjoy the smut.

A month ago, Casimir Lizewski had called into a radio station and won a trip to a Punta Cana resort for a family of four. Not having a family of four of his own, he invited his friend Marcus and his adopted daughter Mindy to accompany him.

A day ago, the four woke up at dawn to fly to the Dominican Republic for a weekend in paradise. They arrived at the resort exhausted and eagerly fell into their beds. The next morning, they awoke refreshed and eager to go out and experience all they could.

Marcus was itching to get his fingers on a jet ski, while Caz had always wanted to try parasailing. Dave and Mindy were both more interested in being under the water than above it, and planned to spend the morning snorkeling. After their expansive breakfast at the buffet, they split up, agreeing to meet up again at two for lunch.

The beach was absolutely beautiful, with the sun sparkling off of both the waves and the sand, so the Dave and Mindy ended up walking along it for awhile, just taking in the scenery.

They weren't the only ones enjoying the scenery however. Dave noticed an unsettling number of boys watching Mindy walk by. He himself could admit, if asked, that she filled out her swim suit far better than she would have when they had met, but still, was it that hard for them to keep theirs eyes and tongues inside their damn heads?

Mindy didn't mind the guys drooling over her. She was used to it at school when she was just wearing jeans and a sweater, it was to be expected when she was parading around in a two piece. She just ignored it, provided they didn't make a pass at her. She was spoken for after all, even if he didn't know it yet.

What she did have a problem with where the girls checking out Dave. They were far more subtle about it, peeking over books or sunglasses, but Mindy's eyes were keen and she wasn't fooled. Dave no longer looked the dork she knew him to be, and she was sure that half of these girls would walk away if they let him start talking about comics, but that didn't help with the other half who wouldn't mind or would put up with it long enough to go for a ride on the fine stallion that was David Lizewski.

When they finally got around to renting their snorkeling gear, they were given a quick lesson in a small pool, and a last second warning that people have been spotting a Tiger shark in the snorkeling area.

Mindy's reaction was a wide eyed, "Really?"

"Yes. You'll need to keep your eyes out for it."

"That is so awesome!"

Dave, while not scared off by the news, wasn't nearly as enthusiastic about it.

The snorkeling area turned out be a buoyed off section of reef about the size of a football field. The buoys meant that they should be free from worrying about boats, and the shark sighting seemed to have scarred off all but the most adventurous of vacationers, so the rather large area was practically vacant.

Their work as costumed heroes had given them great endurance, as well as powerful legs, and combined with the fins they were able to spend far more time under the water than they'd ever expected.

They could reach the bottom in only a few seconds, and needed half the time to reach the surface for another breath, and they abused this as only they could. They spent only seconds on the surface at a time, preferring instead to glide effortlessly among the fish, and exploring the occasional sunken jet ski or boat.

At one point, Dave lost track of Mindy, but only for a moment. She'd chased a sea turtle up the side of one of the reef, and floated a few dozen feet above him. Looking up at her, the sun piecing the water from behind her, turning her hair into a golden halo, he couldn't deny that she was going to make some man very, very lucky.

When they finally emerged from the water to meet up with their parents for lunch, Dave said, "Ya know, I was hopping we wouldn't run into that shark, but after seeing how easily we could move around down there, I'm kind of sad we didn't. I would have liked to see you fight a shark."

Mindy gave a half offended, half amused gasp, "How about I fight YOU, Ass," and punched him in the shoulder.

Lunch went quickly, though it lasted over an hour. They all talked excitedly about what they'd done and what they wanted to do, "I have to get back in the water," Mindy said.

"Yeah," Dave added, "We only saw about half the reef."

"Well, don't spend all day down there. There's plenty to see here," Marcus said.

"In fact, I think I'm going to go check out the hiking trails after this. There are supposed to be some really amazing waterfalls."

When they did go back to reef, they noticed that the crowd had thinned considerably. There were some clouds on the horizon, but that couldn't be it. They had to be dozens of miles off and the wind wasn't even blowing in their direction.

Maybe half an hour later they realized how wrong they were.

They'd noticed the water was getting rougher, though it hadn't been much more than a not so gentle tug and pull. Nothing they were concerned about. But when the surfaced for air, the sky was dark and they could feel a spattering of rain already. By the time they reached land, the waves had become rough and the rain was coming down in sheets.

The beach shelters where just thatched roofs over beach chars and didn't provide much shelter by themselves. The rows of them were so close together though that they were practically one shelter, and towards the center they discovered the rain couldn't reach them too easily.

It rain was warm, and under the shelters they were getting only a light spray from the rain, so it wasn't unpleasant. Outside, however, the rain was torrential, and even though the rain was warm the wind was starting to get chill.

"Well, we just came out of the ocean, so I guess we couldn't actually get wetter if we made a run for it."

Mindy smirked at him, "What? You have a problem being stuck with me?"

Dave laughed, "Of course not. I just don't know how long we'd have to stay here if we wait it out, and inside we can get dry and warm up."

Mindy, however, in her devious little mind, had other ideas, "Well, I've got a way for us to keep warm." she said and, grinning, threw her arms around his neck and pulled herself against him. "How's this?"

She could already feel warmer just from the excitement of holding him against her, and, if she wasn't mistaken, she could already feel his own body temperature start to rise.

"Mindy, stop playing around."

To the casual observer, he sounded stern, but she could tell he was nervous. She'd been trying for awhile now to get him realize she was interested in being "more than friends" but he seemed either blind to her advances or was intentionally ignoring them because of the age gap.

But now, she had his full attention, and she wasn't going to let him get away.

"I'm not playing," she said, and pressed herself closer to him, her breasts pressed almost flat between them.


"It's okay to like it Dave. I want you to," she almost whispered, pressing as much of her against him as she could.

"But you'r-"

"Shh," she said, pressing a finger against his lips. "I've wanted you for a long time Dave, and our ages don't mean anything to me. I know you don't see me as an adult, but I'm more mature than you give me credit for."

She could feel him start to harden against her, and the sensation made her sigh in satisfaction and she pressed her lips against his chest as she spoke, "That's right Dave, you can do it. Think of me as someone you can fuck," she drew the last word out in a sigh of pleasure as his now rock hard cock pressed against her stomach.

She looked up at him, a dreamy smile on her face, "That's what I've been waiting for" and with her arms around his neck again she pulled herself up onto her toes and kissed him.

It took him a moment, but he returned the kiss, tentatively at first, but soon he was kissing her with the urgency of a man lost in the desert finding a fountain.

The difference in their height made a certain amount of movement and friction inevitable. Dave's cock pressed against her stomach, rubbing against her as she rocked up and down on her toes trying to maintain the kiss.

She released her arms from around his neck and slid them down his arms and sides until they were at his waist. She started toying with the band of his swim trunks, teasing herself as much as him.

She'd wanted this for so long. All the dreams, all the fantasies, all the jealousy was about pay off and the excitement was almost more than she could bare.

She lifted up and kissed him again before dropping down and yanking his shorts down passed his waist and over his hard on. She gripped his ass as his bare cock pressed against her skin for the first time, "Mmm...bigger than I was expecting"

Truthfully, she'd kept her expectations low do avoid even the slightest bit of disappointment ruining this moment, but even if she hadn't, she'd have been very happy with her new toy.

As she wrapped her fingers around him and began to slowly stroke him, Dave's head leaned back and he groaned before leaning forward and tilting her head up and initiating a kiss of his own. His hands held her face briefly before running down her sides and grabbing at her ass, lifting her up a little and causing her to gasp and smile, "That's it."

He released her and slid his hands up across her hips and stomach and up to her breasts which he cupped and squeezed gently but firmly. His touch almost made her knees give out on her.

He pulled her top up, exposing her nipples to his touch and she had to redouble her efforts to remain standing.

He leaned in for another kiss but she turned her head to the side sand kissed his neck, again and again. He followed her lead and the pleasure running through her nerves almost made her forget what her hands were supposed to be doing.

She gripped him tighter and pulled on his cock, "So where you going to do something with this or what?" she taunted.

He dropped one hand down to her thigh and lifted her up, supporting her with the hand under her leg and another behind her head, and stepped over to the beach chair and half dropped her onto it, coming down with her. She ran her fingers through his hair and he hooked her leg up and around his back. "Yes," she grinned, and pulled them closer together.

She wrapped his hair around her fingers as he tugged at the bottom half of her suit. Her chest heaved with anticipation and she began to wish that she'd gone with a string bikini he could have just tugged at and it would have come off.

Finally pulling them off one leg and leaving them dangling from the other he thrust forward and managed to penetrate her on the first attempt.

Her back arched and she cried out, "Finally!" She wrapped her other leg around him and pulled him down so their foreheads where touching, "You have no idea how long I've wanted this, " she whispered. She kissed him roughly and then growled, "Now fuck me, asshole."

"Be careful what you ask for," he said before pulling back thrusting so hard the chair slid through the sand.
"Oh fuck!" she cried.

He continued to pound into her, but less violently, merely shoving her backwards in the chair.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" she cried with each thrust. Tears formed in her eyes as the built up emotional desire finally burst forth as the physical desire was satisfied at last.

"oh god I'm not gonna last long in you."

Mindy smiled, taking it as a compliment, that it was her that was driving him to the edge so quickly, that if it had been anyone else he could have held back, "Don't you dare pull out." she hissed in his ear, "I want all of you."

"Oh shit." he gasped out, as if her order only made things worse for him.

But he wasn't the only one rushing towards the brink. All of this, the suddenness, the savagery, the long, long wait, was all pushing her to her climax as fast as he was reaching his, "Oh fuck me you fucking fucker," she cried.

"oh, shit, shit." he hissed as his thrusting became erratic.

Her eyes opened wide as warmth flooded through her, and suddenly everything just became exponentially better, "Oh. My. GOD! She cried as her body suddenly spammed, "Ooohoohooho shiiiiiiiiiiiit. She cried, clenching her muscles, trying to get control of something far more powerful than she expected before finally going limp.

Her eyes closed and all she could feel was tingling from every nerve in her body, her chest heaving as she gasped for breath. She wasn't the only one though.

A drop landed on her lips and she weakly opened her eyes to see Dave in a similar state, his head dangling over hers, dripping with sweat, supporting himself on his knees and forearms.

She started to move, and sparks shot through them both; he was still inside her.

He rolled to the side, "oh shit." he said as his withdrawal sent further sparks through him and he lay beside her.

She wrapped herself around him as the rain continued to pour down all around them. She spoke softly, not trying to whisper but not being able to speak any louder, "You're mine now, you know. No one else."

He exhaled in what was probably supposed to be a laugh before weakly saying, "You'll get no complaints from me."