Hello, everybody. It's finally time for the less-impressive sequel to Operation: GALACSIA. Starting with the prologue. Well…here we go.

30 Years Before Return! The World of Malladus!

There is a story that many of us may know when the evil adult, known as Grandfather, enslaved the world's children and established his rule on the world, until he was beaten by the legendary hero, Numbuh Zero. But before the time of Grandfather's rule, the world was ruled by another adult, a man so evil, that even the gods feared him. This is the story of when that man last ruled. That man known today as: The Demon King.

Smoke clouds covered the sky as young children slaved away in tapioca factories, their faces full of misery. They pushed tremendous turntables, and used every ounce of strength to lift sacks of powder, and all the demons did was whip them mercilessly. Many of the kids wore raggedy, torn clothes, and bloody scratch marks were created from the demons' whips. Glass shards and broken wood covered the floors, and their bare feet were filled with glass and splinters, struggling to keep their ground.

Throughout the factory-covered land were thousands of demonic soldiers, carrying torches, swords, spears, and various other weapons, chanting, "Malladus! Malladus! Hail to the king! Malladus Uno's the king!", as they marched along.

In the very center of it all was a blue-skinned, horned demon, about as tall as a skyscraper. He also wore a green skull emblem on his forehead. The demon sat in his massive throne, holding his head up with his arm as his elbow rested on the armrest, looking up at the darkened sky. The demon inhaled some air through his nostrils and exhaled, not air, but fire.

"Ah…I love the smell of misery in morning." he said to himself, his voice dark and echoing. "Or, wait, is it nighttime? I can never really tell with all these smoke clouds in the way. Though, since I'm wide awake, it should be midday or something." The demon sighed. "I…need a watch. Too bad that store doesn't sell demon-sized watches. Man, I'm thirsty."

Just then, a short squid-headed man with a staff and a red robe approached him with a bowl of water.

"Ah, speak of the devil!" the demon said. "Or should I say SPEAK OF ME! AH HA HA HA HA!"

"Oo-ah-oo!" the squid man began. "Here's Octoroo! With a drink of Sanzu for Malladus Uno!"

"Can it with the rhymes, old geezer, and give me a drink!" Malladus shouted as he took the bowl of water from Octoroo and held it over his mouth as it spilled down. He then proceeded to drop the tiny bowl (to him) down his throat and swallow it whole. "Ah, the sweet taste of tears! Now, where is that son of mine?"

"DADDY!" Just then, Grandfather came flying up, the shadowed demon looking more excited than ever. "Where is my tapioca? I haven't gotten it, yet!"

"That's strange… CHANCELLOR COLE!"

At his call, a short man, in a green shirt, red pants, two horns; a big one and a short one, walked up casually, a calm, polite aura about him. He also appeared as tall as a leprechaun. "You rang, Your Majesty?" he spoke in a high Irish accent.

"Where is our tapioca?" Malladus demanded.

"I sent the Roberts children to get some some time ago. I say, they should've been back by now! Just where are they?"

"OVER HERE!" The demons looked over to see a black-haired boy and a girl, with dark red hair, running up to them with a bowl of tapioca. "We brought it!" the boy panted.

"Only one? I'm quite certain I demanded more than that!" Cole yelled.

"Well, we're sorry. It was on short notice!" the girl replied.

"Oo-ah-oo! Keep your excuses, you two!" Octoroo said.

"I say, why can't you two be more like my son, Jeffery?" Cole questioned.

"FATHER!" They looked over to see a chubby boy in a blue suit running over, pulling a cart with several tapioca bowls. "I knew these kids would mess up, so I brought you the tapioca!"

"Ah, yes! Very good, Jeffery! The Fulbright blood runs strong within you!" Cole grinned proudly as he and the demons took the tapioca bowls and proceeded to guzzle it all down. "Now, run along and make more bowls!"

"YES, SIR!" he saluted and ran off.

"Ahhh. That boy will make an excellent businessman someday. I only pray he doesn't have a daughter. 'Course, if he did, she'd need a silly name."

"And as for you two," Malladus spoke to the children spitefully, "I should punish you for being late, but since you brought one bowl, I'll be merciful. Ben: have an extra bowl." With that, Grandfather took the bowl excitedly and proceeded to drink it. He stopped shortly after and spit it out.

"This tapioca is cold!" the old man yelled.

"You children dare bring the son of Malladus and my brother-in-law a bowl of cold tapioca?" Cole asked, becoming angered.

"Oo-ah-oo! Punish those two!" Octoroo demanded.

"NO!" exclaimed the boy. "Leave Agatha out of this! It was my fault!"

"Eric…" Agatha tried to stop him.

"Aw, how sweet that young Eric Roberts cares so much for his sister! Very well… GRIM!" Malladus boomed.

At this, a spiraling green portal opened, and none other than the Grim Reaper stepped out, bowing to his ruler. "You called?"

"Send Eric Roberts to… the other side."

Agatha gasped. "NO! Not the Underworld!"

"Sorry, mon. What de king says goes." With that, the Grim Reaper shot a magical blast from his scythe past Eric, opening another portal which sucked the child straight in.

"ERIC!" Agatha screamed, running to her brother, but the portal vanished.

"Oo-ah-oo! Mess up again and the same will happen to you!" Octoroo said.

"Now… let's leave this mortal girl to cry." Malladus said, and with that, the demons walked off, Malladus's giant footsteps quaking the ground as Agatha was left to cry. Grim, however, stayed behind and approached the upset child.

"Hey, kid, don't cry." Agatha looked up at Grim's smiling, assuring look. "Listen, I'll tell you a secret." Grim whispered. "I didn't really send him to the Underworld. I sent him to the other side of the country. He's safe somewhere in California!"

Agatha smiled in extreme gratitude, and hugged the bone man. "Thank you, Mr. Reaper!"

Grim chuckled. "Sure, don't mention it! Now, run along and…get back to work before they notice you gone." She nodded and happily ran off.

"Well, aren't you sweet?"

Grim jumped at the sound of the voice and looked over to see a red and white demon with blue lips and bug eyes, holding a red guitar. "Oh, Dayu! Uhhh, how long have you been there?" he asked nervously.

"Oh, long enough. Careful, bony. If Malladus catches you being friendly to these mortals, don't think you won't come out singed. But don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

"Oh… that's good."

"But may I ask why do you have such a soft spot for these children?"

"…Oh, I don't know. I had this dream recently, and I…I feel the strange need to help and protect them. Yet, at the same time, I despise them with a passion." He sighed. "I just don't know, Dayu."

"Well, no use worrying about it now. But for now, let's go get a drink of Sanzu water. Big bull guy ain't the only one who likes that stuff." With that, Dayu walked away, and Grim followed.

Another factory

Meanwhile, in another factory, young Benedict Uno was gasping for air after the major workload he was forced to do. Beside him was an African-American boy reading some type of book. The boy seemed to be a few inches taller than Ben. "Harvey, how much longer are you going to stare at that spell book?" Ben whined.

"Only until I find something in here that could grant me the power of voodoo! Then I, Harvey Facilier, will have all the magic needed to stand up against those demons!"

"But Harvey, mortals can't use the magic of demons just like that!"

"We'll see about that! By mah grandparents' graves, I have to try!"

Ben groaned miserably. "Just because your grandparents were this genie and magical sea witch…"

Spirit World, atop Spear Pillar

Meanwhile, in a realm far above the Earth, the gods were gathered around a round, reflective table, viewing the visions of Malladus terrorizing the young mortal children. "This time, Malladus has gone too far." A goddess bird, with crescent moon wings—Cresselia—said.

"So, what is our plan of action?" a blue, whale-like god—Kyogre—asked. "We cannot just sit here and watch all this happen. I will not bring my daughter into a world ruled by him."

"Kyogre, the moment you have that daughter, you're gonna lose her to the hands of Davy Jones!" replied a red, dinosaur-like god with a lava stomach—Groudon.

"I'm more worried about losing her to the likes of you, Groudon!" Kyogre shot back.

"Is that some sort of challenge?"

"That depends. You think you have the magma?"

"I say I do! Let's go, fish boy! One on one!" As the two gods were about to brawl, they were held back when a green snake-like god—Rayquaza—blew a large gust of wind, which separated them.

"That's enough, you two! I don't want to have to break you up again!"

"You sort of just did, Rayquaza." Groudon replied.

"Enough, you two." The moon goddess demanded. "Our target is Malladus, not each other."

"Can I say something, Cresselia?" asked a silver god with a snowflake backside—Polaris.

"Yes, Polaris?"

"If anyone's to blame, it's Solaris! He's the one that taught Malladus firebending in the first place!"

"Don't try pinning this on me, dear brother!" shot back a silver god with a phoenix backside—Solaris. "How was I supposed to know he would turn evil like this? I can't see the future! Not like Dialga over there!"

"Ah, there's a suggestion!" replied a pink god with a pearl body. "Why doesn't Dialga use his powers to go back in time and stop Malladus from ever existing?"

"If I recall, Solaris has timebending powers HIMSELF!" Polaris accused.

"STILL! !" Solaris shot back.

"Time isn't something to be tinkered with, Palkia." Replied Dialga, a blue god with a diamond body. "Removing someone from the past could drastically alter the future. Especially if it's removing a god. Even if it is Malladus."

"Why can't we just do what we did the other hundreds of times: plant a bunch of Sacred Trees throughout the world and use them to lock Malladus in the center of the Earth?" Groudon asked.

"Because the trees can only be planted by the hopes of children." Kyogre replied. "And as far as the demons are concerned, these children are hopeless… for now. However, with our power, we can imprison Malladus in the center on our own. But it will only last a short time."

"Have we any other options?" Cresselia asked.

"Let me see…" Dialga said, closing his eyes. His eyes brimmed with blue, the visions of Numbuh Zero blowing up factories and building enormous treehouses with hundreds of other kids. "AH-HA! I see it clearly, now!"

"So, what do we do?" Palkia asked.

"We go along with the plan and trap Malladus within the Earth's center. Afterwards, his son, Ben, will take his place on the thrown, but will later be overthrown by his son, Monty, who will bring hope and peace back to the world. He and the other children will go around, planting more seeds for sacred trees, and those trees will keep Malladus imprisoned!"

"Sounds like a plan!" Groudon exclaimed. "Then let's go!"

Planet Earth

Back on Earth, Malladus sat on his large throne, with Grandfather and Cole floating by him. "Isn't it marvelous, Daddy?" Grandfather asked, eyes full of beauty.

"Indeed it is, Ben! And best of all, there's no Kids Next Door to ruin it!"

"Don't speak so soon, Malladus."

"Huh?" Malladus looked up at the heavens, as light poked through a hole in the smoke clouds, and the gods came down. "NO! Not you again!"

"We're here to stop this, Malladus!" Dialga exclaimed.

"Think you can stop MEE? ? We'll see!" With that, Malladus took a deep breath and shot a ray of heat vision from his eyes at Dialga, but the god protected with a barrier.

"ROAR OF TIME!" the Time God shouted as he emitted a deafening roar and launched an energy beam at Malladus, but the Demon King quickly jumped out of the way.

Grim and many other demons watched as this all went on. "QUICK! Back to the Underworld!" Grim shouted as they all ran off, vanishing through small gaps in the Earth.

"Oo-ah-oh! Time to go!" Octoroo exclaimed as he warped as well.

Solaris and Polaris flew and grabbed Malladus by the arms while Rayquaza prepared to fire a Hyper Beam. Malladus quickly shook away and threw them up at the Sky God.

"Foolish spirits can't defeat me!" Malladus exclaimed.

"Your cockiness will be your downfall." Kyogre said as he brought along a massive wave of water and washed it at Malladus. At the same time, Groudon fired a wave of lava, and the lava and water mixed and formed a large stone, trapping Malladus.

"This doesn't look so good." Grandfather said worriedly as he and Cole watched from a safe distance.

"Now's the time to end this!" Dialga said. "REGIGIGAS!"

At his command, a robotic god with green, red, and grey lights rose from the ground. "Regigigas." He said in a robotic tone as he stomped the ground, making the Earth where Malladus stood trapped begin to sink.

"Your time is through, Malladus." Cresselia stated.

Malladus struggled to break away. "Maybe this time, but I still have THIS to share!" With that, the demon released an energy ball from the emblem on his head and up to the sky, just in time for the Earth to close on him.

"Well, what now?" Palkia asked.

"Now, we return to the Spirit World." Dialga decided. "Time will take care of the rest." With that, they took to the sky.

As the young boy, called Harvey Facilier, studied his spell book, the energy ball, which Malladus fired, fell from the sky and landed on him. At that instant, he was surrounded by visions of voodoo dolls and tiki spirits, chanting, "ARE YA READY?", over and over. Soon, they were all gone and Harvey looked to see Benedict.

"Harvey! Are you okay?" Ben asked.

"Yeah…I'm alright."

"How do you feel?"

"I feel…" he stared at his hands in wonder. A strange feeling overcame him, one he's never felt before. "…really good!"

Well, there's the prologue. Next time, the actual story. Dayu and Octoroo come from Power Rangers Samurai, Malladus and Cole come from Zelda: Spirit Tracks, along with most of the demons. The gods are each from the Pokémon series, except for Solaris, who comes from Sonic Nextgen, as well as Polaris, who I just made up. Well, see you later, I guess.