Carter hung up her home phone and walked to the side of the bed. "I'll just leave you two alone." Tawni said as Carter put the house phone down on the bedside table.

"Tawni do like catfish?" The PPP agent asked before Tawni could exit the room.

The blonde turned back around. "Um, Sure." she said having never tried it. She had tried other, more rare kinds of fish and liked them, so she would most likely enjoy whatever Carter was talking about.

Carter nodded her head at the actress then turned her attention back to Sonny. Sonny watched with admiring eyes as Carter put the first aid kit on the edge of the bed, and opened the plastic box. "This might sting a little." The rancher informed the comedic actress as she ripped open a small alcohol pad wipe. Sonny braced herself while she watched Carter unfold the wipe. Then with all the care in the world, Carter softly ran the wipe over Sonny's fresh wound. The black haired beauty hissed once she felt the burning sensation of the pad swiping over her snake bitten skin. "Its okay. Its almost over." Carter said once she was done cleaning the area.

Sonny still felt the burning, that was until Carter began to apply some sort of antibiotic ointment. She carefully dabbed the ointment on the actress's skin. Once that was done she gently slid her hand under Sonny's knee and lifted it so she could start wrapping her up. "Where did you learn all this?" Sonny questioned as she laid there and watched Carter tend to her as if she were a trained paramedic.

"I told you I grew up in Louisiana." Carter said as she continued to wrap the wound. "There were a lot of snakes down by the lake." She said telling Sonny the half truth. Her medical ability was decent, but it was perfected when she went into training for the PPP. "Their you go. All bandaged." Carter said resting her hands on her hips, eyeing her handy work.

Sonny smiled. "Thank you."

"No problem." Carter replied taking her eyes off of Sonny's leg and resting them on the actress's eyes. It was silent for a moment, each girl thinking back to what could've happened at the river bank if it weren't for that fish. "You should keep it elevated." Carter said leaning over Sonny, grabbing a pillow. She carefully placed it under Sonny's hurt leg. "There.. Um if you need anything just holler, I'll hear you.. And, if you want to watch tv the remote is in the drawer."

"Where are you going?" Sonny blurted out.

The PPP agent smiled, and bent down to kiss Sonny on the forehead. "To make dinner." She stated as she pulled away from the actress. Sonny blushed and nodded, and Carter tipped her hat and left the room.

Sonny tilted her head back into Carter's pillows. She loved being in Carter's bed. It was so soft and comfortable. So comfortable that the days events had finally caught up to her and her eyelids fluttered closed as she drifted into slumber.

Carter totted happily downstairs. She couldn't remember the last time she actually cooked dinner. She entered her kitchen and proceeded to skin the catfish her and Sonny caught not too long ago. "So.." A certain blonde spoke dragging out the word. "Oh my gosh, ew! What are you doing to that fish?" Tawni said disgusted as she watched Carter gut the catfish. Tawni did not like blood.

The brunette glanced over to the actress. "Preparing it." Then went back to what she was doing.

"Oh.." Tawni said. But, she came down here for a reason. So she was quick to cut the small talk and get to the point. "When are you gonna kiss Sonny?" She asked bluntly.

Taken off guard, Carter stopped what she was doing and looked over at the blonde. "Excuse me?"

Tawni sighed. "She told me you guys almost kissed, and honestly the way it happened is so Sonny. She doesn't have the best timing." Carter nodded slowly, not really wanting to have this conversation. So, she went back to her task of preparing the fish. "I keep trying to talk some sense into her, but she just wont listen."

This had Carter confused. "What do you mean?" she asked curiously.

"Even a deaf person could see that you two like each other." Tawni stated, then scrunched her eyebrows together. "Wait. I meant a blind person."

Carter didn't reply cause the conversation had her feeling a little awkward. She felt her PPP cell phone vibrate against her ankle, and excused herself from the kitchen. She walked out the front door being sure to close it behind her, she reached down into her boot and pulled out her phone. "Agent Mason." Carter answered without looking at the caller ID first.

"Agent Mason?" Alex's voice emitted through the speaker. "Oh, ok. I get it." the wizard cleared her throat. "Agent Mason this is Nightwing reporting that Operation California is complete. Over."

Nightwing? Carter thought to herself. Where does Alex come up with this crap? She decided it be best if she ignored Alex's playful comment. "Thanks for the help Russo."

"Hey, you're supposed to say over, and for this phone call, its Nightwing"

Carter sighed and face palmed. "Over." she replied, giving into Alex's little game.

In the background Carter could faintly hear Rosie ask Alex who she was talking to. "Oh, just Carter." Then more mumbling. "The wife wants to talk to you." Alex stated using her new nickname for the queen even though they hadn't gotten married yet.

"Alright. Put her on." The PPP agent said. She might as well talk to Rosie about what happened earlier.


Once Carter had cooked everything. The catfish, red potatoes, green beans, and biscuits. She called Taylor to let her know, then headed up stairs to tell her guests. Tawni first. Carter knocked on the bedroom door Tawni was residing in. "Tawni, dinner's ready!"

"Ok. I'll be down in a sec." She shouted through the door.

Next was Sonny. Carter sauntered down the hall to her double door bedroom. She opened the door to find a peacefully sleeping Sonny on her bed, all wrapped up in her comforter. The rancher smiled at the sight before quietly walking over to the sleeping beauty. "Sonny." Carter said lightly while placing a hand on her shoulder. The actress didn't nudge. So, Carter shook her gently to try to wake her. "Sonny." This time she spoke a little louder. "Come on sunshine, dinner's ready."

The young actress's eyes fluttered open. A smile gracing her features because Carter was the first thing she saw when she woke up. "Hey." she said tiredly as she stretched her arms.

"Hey, how you feeling?" The PPP agent questioned.

Sonny glanced at Carter's hand, it was still rested on her shoulder. "Good." she said her smile growing bigger. "How about you?"

Carter replied with a smile of her own gracing her lips. "I'm good." She said, taking her hand off of Sonny's shoulder. "But, dinner's getting cold."

"Oh." the young actress said. She had totally forgotten about dinner.

She removed the thick blanket from her body, and went to stand up, but hissed when she felt a sharp pain surge through her leg. "Here let me help you." Carter stated before taking one of Sonny's arms and draping it over her shoulder.

With Carter's help Sonny was able to walk, but she still felt a stinging pain in her leg with every step. She internally battled with a question she wanted to ask the rancher. After the slowly taken seventh step she sighed, giving up, and decided it be easier to just deal with the rejection if Carter refused her request. She stopped walking and that immediately caught Carter's attention. "Carry me?" Sonny asked with her big sparkling brown eyes. Those eyes Carter found nearly impossible to say no to. Even though Carter was worn out, she agreed to carry the comedic actress. With one motion Carter had swooped Sonny up and into her arms, carrying her bridal style out of the room, down the stairs, and into the dining room where the food was already set.

Carefully Carter pulled out a chair with her foot while she held Sonny in her arms. She then gently set her down on to the wooden chair. This whole charade did not go unnoticed by Tawni, or Taylor. They had both watched it happen, both having a different take on it. Tawni was feeling hope that they were getting somewhere, while Taylor felt jealousy pang through her.

Dinner was over shortly. Not much conversation took place, just the occasional praising of Carter's cooking. They may have been in the north, but with Taylor and Carter being the ones cooking they sure ate like they were in the south.

After dinner Carter walked Taylor to the door just to be polite. Taylor fought back the urge to say something about the way her crush, and the stranded girl acted towards one another. "It was nice having you over Tay." Carter said while hugging her neighbor.

The girl from Tennessee hugged Carter back, just enjoying it for now. "Thank you for dinner Carter." She said as they both pulled away from the hug.

"Don't thank me. You cook for me all the time." Carter replied. Taylor gave her one last small smile before she left Carter Mason's home. The blonde fighting to compose herself on her walk home. Quietly telling herself that Sonny would be on her way out of town soon, and everything will go back to normal in a couple of days.

The PPP agent had returned to the dining room to help Sonny return to the bedroom. She once again carried her, and gently placed her back on the soft plush bed. "Carter?" Sonny called her name as she watched Carter remove her boots from her feet. Her hat was taken off long before dinner. Carter turned her attention to the girl laying in her bed. "Stay with me?" She asked quietly. The question took Carter off guard, and that was when Sonny began to panic. "Cause I don't want to put you out or anything, I mean this is your room and I don't want to hog it, I know I got bit so that's why you gave it to me, but you don't have to sleep with me, I mean stay with me! If you don't want to, it just that I-"

Carter cut her off. "I'd love to stay with you!" she yelled over Sonny's ramblings.

"..Oh ok." Sonny blushed, and Carter chuckled at how cute she was when she went on one of her rambling sprees.

Sonny watched Carter's every move as Carter entered her closet, only to come out with the same clothes on, but she did have a change in her hand. Sonny's heart picked up. There was no way Carter was about to change right in front of her. "I'm gonna go take a shower." Carter said pointing in the direction of her bathroom. Sonny only nodded, feeling slightly disappointed that she didn't get a free show. She didn't know what got into her, she never used to think thoughts like that about anyone.

Realization hit Sonny once Carter had walked into the bathroom. She had yet to shower today as well. The actress groaned knowing she had to get up. She didn't want to fall asleep next to Carter smelling bad. Reluctantly she attempted to stand from the bed, a familiar pain traveling through her leg. "Ouch." she hissed, but quickly came up with a solution. The actress stood on one foot and hopped her way to the hall bathroom. She flicked the light on, and shut the door. Then proceeded to get undressed.. Glancing down at her leg she huffed in annoyance. She decided to just keep the bandage on, and let Carter put on a fresh one later. With her mind made up she hopped in the shower.

Carter stepped out of the bathroom all clean and fresh in a pair of baggy red silk pajama bottoms, and an old baseball jersey. Her eyebrows scrunched together in confusion at the sight of her bed being empty. She left Sonny here, right? Carter decided to look around the house to see if she could find the beautiful girl with black hair.

As soon as Carter turned into the upstairs hall, the hall bathroom door flew open and out stepped the lovable Sonny Monroe in nothing but a towel. Seeing a wet and dripping Sonny, Carter's body temperature sky rocketed. It wasn't what she was expecting. Carter stood with her mouth dangling open, not really aware of her own staring. Sonny had frozen in place, but when she noticed Carter was scanning her body she let a confident smirk fall upon her lips. The actress pushed away the pain in her leg, and sauntered across the hall into the guest bedroom that her suitcase was in, making sure to sway her hips in the process.

Carter shook her head clear once Sonny had vanished from her sight. 'I cant believe I just stared and didn't say anything. I'm a damn PPP agent for god sakes.' Carter thought to herself as she made her way back to her room.

After a few minutes had passed Sonny reentered Carter's bedroom, dressed for bedtime in black short shorts that said 'So Random' across her butt, and a loosely fitted white v neck. "Um.. I kinda didn't know how to shower and not get this wet." Sonny said glancing down at her soaked bandage.

Carter did her best to get her hormones under control. She was beginning to feel like a teenager again. She thought she was passed the raging hormone stage, after all she's 24. "Just, uh, just take a seat and I'll rewrap you."

Sonny did as she was told a took a seat on the edge of the bed while Carter went and retrieved the first aid kit once again. When she came back, she knelt down, and carefully began to unwrap Sonny's wounded leg. The beautiful actress watched on, seemingly falling more for Carter with every wrap of a new bandage. Once the PPP agent had finished, she pushed the first aid kit under the bed and looked up at Sonny. Sonny gave her a small smile. "Thanks." She said quietly.

"It was nothing." Carter said standing up, and stretching while a yawn escaped her. "You still want me to stay with you?" Sonny blushed and nodded. Her nerves finding her as she turned and crawled into bed. Carter walked to the other side and slide in under the covers.

The girls laid on their naturally more comfortable side, which coincidently meant they were facing each other. Their eyes connected and a few moments passed before Sonny spoke. "You never told me how a girl from Louisiana ended up in Wisconsin." She was curious to know the answer.

"Well." Carter started. "About four months or so after I graduated high school my grandpa died, and left me his ranch in his will."

Sonny's face softened. "Oh, I'm sorry."

"No. Don't be. We weren't close or anything." Carter stated. Then a comfortable silence fell over them as their eyes seemed to melt into each others. "How did you get it into acting?"

At this question Sonny smiled brightly. "I was a huge fan of So Random, and they needed a new cast member so they asked people to send in audition tapes. So, I sent one in and next thing I know I'm getting flown out to Hollywood."

"That quick?" Carter asked.

Sonny shrugged and spoke with a playful tone. "What can I say? I like to get things done." She said pretending to buff her nails on her shirt.

The PPP agent sensed Sonny's confidence and decided to challenge it. "Is that why it's taken you so long to try to kiss me?" At that question Sonny's jaw dropped. She hadn't expected it at all.

"U-uh.. Uhh." The actress stuttered. "What?" That last word flew out of her mouth a little more high pitched than intended.

Carter scooted closer to the distraught actress. A blush crept up on Sonny's cheeks. "You said you like to get things done.. So let's do this." it was like Carter had switched over into Agent Mason mode. She was now looking at this as a mission, and Carter never failed on her missions. Sonny bit down on her bottom lip hard, her eyes flickering between Carter's lips and her brown eyes. Agent Mason closed her eyes, and leant forward and pressed her lips to Sonny's

Sonny's heart felt like it was going to jump out of her throat. Carter's sudden boldness took her by surprise, but she was sure to regain her composer and kiss back after a few seconds.

That night the two tangled together, rolling around in the plush bedding. Kissing for hours. Not feeling the need to go any further than just lips gliding along lips, and tongues along tongues.

The next morning Carter's alarm rang out loudly. Carter groaned at the blasting beeping. She had only fallen asleep three hours ago. A heavy weight shuffled on her chest. It was Sonny. The two fell asleep wrapped up in each other. This only made Carter more frustrated. She did not want to get up because all she wanted to do today was stay in bed and repeat last night, and if Sonny wanted to go further Carter wouldn't stop her. The PPP agent wouldn't feel right being the one to initiate further actions because Sonny was 18, and that's a good six years younger than her. 'I feel old.' Carter thought when she realized their age gap.

But, her sense of duty washed over her, and pulled her out of bed. She carefully slid the young actress off of her and got up for the day. After she was dressed, and ready to head out to the fields she walked over to her bed. She took in the sight of Sonny just laying there snoozing away. Carter bent down and placed a soft kiss to the younger girls temple before exiting her room and heading to the fields.


When Sonny woke, she had a smile plastered on her face. Carter wasn't there, but she knew that Carter had things to attend to. Sonny stretched out on the bed and just took in the moment. Then she heard her stomach grumble. "Food." Sonny said to herself as motivation to get out of bed. She slowly got up, dragging her feet when she walked. Her leg felt much better, the pain was almost unnoticeable.

She rubbed at her eyes, still smiling as bright as ever, as she stood in front of Tawni's door. 'She's not gonna believe me' Sonny thought to herself as she brought her hand up to knock on the door in front of her. The knocked three times before entering the room. "Good Morning." Sonny almost sang to a stretching Tawni.

The blonde was dressed in one of her many track suits, this one was hot pink. "Someone's happy."

Sonny giggled. "Yep." she said cheerfully. "Do you want to know why?"

Tawni took a deep breath. "Sure." she said dully. Tawni is not a morning person, Sonny however totally is.

"Carter and I kissed!" Sonny beamed excitedly.

"What!" the blonde exclaimed shocked that it actually happened. She didn't actually think Sonny would have the guts to kiss a girl. "Details! Now!"


Carter was working away, a steady sweet soaking into her clothes. She was headed to the barn to make sure the horses had hay. She loved to ride them, and she normally lets them run free through the fenced in fields. The only time she locked them up in the barn is when a storm is on its way. But, the skies were clear and her day of work was almost over.

Half way to her destination, a loud roaring was heard. Carter immediately spun around, just in time to see a red blur drive past her ranch at high speeds. The PPP agent clenched her teeth together hoping that that wasn't what, or who, she thought that was. Carter ran to the barn. Only to find it empty. "Alex." Carter mumbled angrily before walking back out.

Alex came speeding down the dirt road, leaving a huge dust trial behind her. Carter looked down and took deep breaths to try and contain her anger as Alex drove passed her with a smirk across her face.

Carter waited for Alex. She knew if she went into the barn to meet her she would do something she regretted because she wouldn't be able to control her temper. "Hey there secret agent." Alex greeted, clearly in a better mood that Carter.

Carter took in one more deep breath before turning to face the wizard. "What the hell was that?" She asked angrily.

Alex scrunched her eyebrows together. "..A test drive?" she said in a 'duh' type of tone.

The PPP agent couldn't respond. She just couldn't, she knew better than to let her temper get the better of her. She walked past Alex to look at the car. Dirt covered the sides from Alex's high speed drag race style driving. "You're gonna clean that." Carter told the wizard, her Louisiana accent becoming a little more noticeable when she's enraged.

Alex sighed. "Fine." she whined as she reached into her boot to retrieve her wand. "I was just trying to have a little fun." The wizard mumbled to herself. She knew she'd never get a sports car of her own. So she'd figure she'd use the opportunity while she had it to drive one.

With a few lowly mumbled words, the red sports car was magically cleaned and shinier than when Carter first saw it. "Thank you." Carter said lowly.

Alex even though she hated it, felt bad for stressing out Carter. "Is there anything else you have to do today?' she asked.

"Just clean the pig pen, and feed the chickens." the rancher replied.

Carter watched as Alex waved her wand around, the tip lighting up. "Ok. There. Its all done."

That day Carter walked in her home at 3:22pm. The earliest she had been home in a while. The first thing she saw when she walked through the door was Sonny curled up on her couch in a pair of blue skinny jeans and a black v-neck on, eating some chocolate ice cream. Carter thought it was pretty early for ice cream, but shrugged it off as she removed her hat and set it on its hook by the door. Her boots clunking against the hard wood floor caught Sonny's attention. She smiled up at the rancher. "Your home early."

Carter nodded then plopped down on the sofa next to Sonny, slightly turned so she was facing her. "Yep." Then almost as if it was a daily routine, she leaned over and peck Sonny's cheek.

The younger of the two blushed. "Want some?" Sonny asked lifting up a spoonful of her treat to Carter's lips. Carter accepted and took a bite. The two of them sat there, Sonny taking a bite, then feeding Carter a bite until the bowl was empty. "How was working the field?" Sonny questioned as she leant over to place the bowl down on the coffee table.

"It went by a lot faster than I thought it would." Carter said honestly while Sonny stared down at her hand before lightly touching it, almost afraid to grab a hold of it. Carter smiled at her shyness before taking Sonny's hand in her own. "I fixed the car too."

The actress raised an eyebrow at the twenty four year old. "You did all your ranch work, fixed the car, and you're home early?" Sonny asked, to which Carter only nodded her head. "Wow. You're amazing." Sonny said with a toothy grin, but then realization set in. Her smiled faded quickly "But.. I'm not ready to leave yet."

Carter was torn. What was she supposed to say. Would it really be appropriate for her to spill her guts after only knowing this girl for a few days? "Well.. I don't exactly want you to leave either."

"..Can I come back?" Sonny asked quietly. "..After I'm done visiting my family.." she finished looking up to meet Carter's eyes.

The PPP agent didn't hesitate to answer. "Please do."

Sonny nodded. Then she bit down on her bottom lip as her eyes fell to Carter's lips. "..I really want to kiss you." She said in almost a whisper.

"Then do it." Carter said almost challenging the actress as she leaned forward. Carter stopped just before their lips could connect, she wanted Sonny to travel the small space left. And, Sonny did. She closed the gap between them. Carter could taste Sonny's cherry flavored lip gloss, and she was loving it.

Tawni was descending the stairs and once she reached the bottom she caught sight of a steamy make out session taking place on the couch. She let a grin slip onto her face as she walked into the kitchen, the two women too wrapped up in each other to notice the blonde. Tawni soon came back into the living room, a water bottle in hand, and took a seat on Carter's white leather chair. She opened her mouth to make a comment to the two love birds, but stopped once she heard a moan escape Sonny. Tawni decided it was best not to interrupt, and as quietly as she possibly could, headed back upstairs.

The kisses were getting heated as tongues ran across each other. Sonny's hands lost in Carter's hair, and Carter's hands gripped Sonny's waist and knee. Carter wanted more contact, and even though she said she wouldn't initiate anything, she did. The PPP agent grabbed Sonny by her waist and pulled her onto her lap so that the actress was straddling her. Sonny unexpectedly removed her mouth from Carter's and brought it to the rancher's ear to nibble, lick, and suck the sensitive flesh. Carter let a moan fall from her lips, and the comedic actress on top of her smiled as she traced kisses down Carter's jaw. It was almost as if the two women couldn't control themselves. Carter's hands ran up and down the actress's thighs making her moan as she kissed down Carter's neck to her pulse point. Sonny knew she hit the right spot when she heard Carter moan again, and felt her hands grip her backside. The actress let out her own soft moan at the new physical contact, then reattached her lips to the rancher beneath her. Low moans and heavy breathing escaped the both of them as their kisses continued to pick up heat and momentum. Sonny found her hands slowly sliding down Carter's chest. She took a risk and let her hands wonder where they pleased, ending up with them being placed over Carter's breasts. She gave them a light squeeze, and felt the vibration of Carter's low moan radiate through her mouth. This was something Sonny had never experienced before. This feeling of want and need was new to her. Never had she felt she needed someone as much as she felt she needed Carter. No other kiss could even compare. Slowly Sonny pulled away, her heart racing. The two women looked into each others eyes as they struggled to get their breathing under control. Both had insanely dark eyes screaming and begging for more.

Sonny couldn't take it. She broke first. She dove back in, and with purpose. She wasn't going to see Carter for two weeks after tomorrow, and she'd be damned if she left Carter thinking that she wasn't the best. Carter came back with just as much passion. The two grabbed and groped every almost every part of each other they could get their hands on. Sonny's hands massaging away at Carter's breast, while Carter's hands roamed dangerously close to Sonny's centre. Sonny was wishing she would just touch her already, she involuntary bucked her hips wanting that contact. Something had gotten into Sonny, she was never like this, ever, but there was just something about Carter that drove her crazy.

Carter found it increasingly difficult to control herself. She lost the inner battle with herself as she shifted their positions so that Sonny was lying on the sofa with Carter on top. Carter began an assault on the young actress's neck. The PPP agent worked her leg in between Sonny's and began grinding it slowly against her jean covered centre. "Oh.. Carter." Sonny moaned out at the new feeling she was experiencing. Her hands tangling back into the rancher's hair, encouraging her to continue ravishing her neck and collar bone. She did not want Carter to stop.

Sonny felt something building up inside of her, and she let out a string of moans. This let Carter know that she must be close to the edge, so the rancher picked up the speed. Carter's hands ran up and down Sonny's sides as she reattached her lips to Sonny's. Soon the black haired actress pulled her lips away from the PPP agent as her body reacted to reaching an orgasm. Carter slowed her pace as Sonny repeatedly moaned out Carter's name.

"Oh my gosh. That felt so good." Sonny said breathing hard, leaving Carter with a satisfied smirk on her face because of what she was able to do to the beautiful actress. Both girls were covered in a thin layer of sweat. The Californian had never let anyone touch her to the point where her body reacted like that. She leaned up and pecked Carter's lips.


Later that night they headed over to Taylor's house for dinner. Carter and Sonny walked hand in hand, their fingers laced together. Tawni walked just a few steps behind them. This whole thing was fun and games for Tawni until she had to sit through hearing Sonny moaning Carter's name. Tawni made a mental note not to sit on that couch ever again. She may not have seen what happened, but she heard enough to know something happened.

The three girls entered Taylor's home. Carter released Sonny's hand as she walked into the kitchen in search of Taylor. "Carter!" Taylor shouted angrily.

"What?" Carter replied thoroughly confused as to why she was getting yelled at.

The blonde from Tennessee placed one hand on her hip and looked down at Carter's feet. "You know what."

The rancher looked down to see she still had her boots on. "Oh. My bad Tay." Carter said removing her shoes from her feet and walking out of the kitchen to put them by the front door. Her mind was still reveling in the moment her and a certain actress shared.

Sonny caught the whole interaction and laughed quietly at Carter's mistake. "Hey there Sonny, Tawni." Taylor said greeting them as nicely as she could, a fake smile plastered on her face. She couldn't wait for Sonny to get her pampered little California butt out of here. The two actresses greeted her just as nicely. Only they knew how to put up a front, after all, they are actresses.

"Ok. I don't know about you ladies, but I'm starving." Carter announced as she came back into the kitchen. "Let's eat shall we?"

"Yes!" Sonny exclaimed, and Tawni shook a little bit getting a flash back to all the noises coming from downstairs. "I'm very hungry."

"Yeah. I bet you worked up an appetite." Tawni mumbled quietly to herself so no one else could hear her.

"Alright. Well y'all just get settled in the dining room, and Carter and I will bring diner out to you." Taylor said.

Sonny happily complied, she felt safe and content that her and Carter had built a strong bond. She no longer worried about Taylor since she was absolutely positive Carter didn't have feelings for her. She did feel a bit bad that Taylor liked Carter, and here she comes randomly taking Carter from her.. But, Carter chose her, so it's all good. "Come on Tawni." Sonny said taking her co-star's hand and pulling her into the dining room. Sonny was clearly happy.

As Carter and Taylor brought out plates from the cabinets, Taylor couldn't help but notice that there was something different about Carter. "Carter, are you ok?" she asked because she didn't really know what else to say.

The PPP agent turned to look at her friend. "Perfect." Carter said with a genuine smile.

"Ok. Let me rephrase that.." The blonde said as she struggled to find the right words. "..You look.. Different in a way."

Carter looked at the blonde confused. "Like in a good way, or a bad way?" she asked before picking up a dish to take to the dinner table.

"I'm not sure." Taylor said picking up the other dish of food.

That's where that conversation ended. Carter wasn't going to tell her about what her and Sonny had been up to. Carter wasn't stupid she knew Taylor liked her. Diner went on with small talk here and there, and with Tawni giving Sonny meaningful glares whenever some flirting went on between Sonny and Carter. Then Sonny remembered that Carter had fixed the car. "Oh Tawni! I forgot to tell you something."

Tawni silently prayed it didn't have anything to do with Carter, she couldn't take it. She would be scared for life if she wasn't already. Hearing someone you look at as a sister moaning, isn't nice, its horrifying. "What?" she asked, trying to hide her nervousness. Surely she wouldn't say anything in front of Taylor. Sonny isn't mean. With that thought Tawni relaxed. Sonny is nice girl, she wouldn't talk about that kind of thing. But, Tawni had to admit she was a little curious. She would want to know the details like any good friend, but she would never under any circumstance want to hear them ever again.

As much as it saddened Sonny to leave, she did want to visit her family, and thankfully they got those extra weeks off so coming back to spend time with Carter wasn't a big deal. "Carter fixed the car."

"That's fantastic!" A blonde exclaimed, it just wasn't the blonde everyone was expecting. "I knew you could do it Carter." Taylor said looking over to Carter, trying to cover up her over excitement for Sonny's departure.

Taylor's outburst only cause an awkward silence until Tawni broke it. "Um.. Yeah thanks Carter.. So tomorrow then?" Tawni eagerly asked her co-star.

"If that's when you want to leave.." Sonny replied.

Tawni looked over to Carter. "Sorry Carter, but I have to get out of these woods." She said before turning back to Sonny. "Please can we go tomorrow?" The blonde actress practically begged.

The other actress only giggled at her friends need to get back to the concrete jungle. "Yeah, but we're coming back in two weeks."

Tawni looked over at Carter annoyed, knowing she was the reason they would be back. "Fine. At least this time I'll be prepared."

"Wait." Taylor said. "You're coming back?"

The black haired beauty gave her trademark smile while staring into Carter's eyes. "Yep."

Sorry if there's any mistakes. I didn't take anytime to re-read it. I was just happy I was finally able to complete this chapter. I think there's gonna be one more chapter. I don't really know..