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Chapter 2

In Good Company

The rest of the night was nice, we simply sat in the empty coffeeshop, having nice conversation, and trade business cards before I head home.

I never mention that I had bought DarkLight's album to either Meta or Samus, but I listen to it on the way home from Crema. Boy and howdy, the most amazing music seems to be where you last expect to look. However, I am in that place people last expect to look, so it's good to see I'm starting to find my comrades who are down there with me.

DarkLight takes advantage of the deeper, darker sounds from Meta and the light airiness of Samus and throws it into a blender and makes a damn good smoothie out of it. They play with a lot of contrast- sometimes Samus will do the upbeat arranging to Meta's voice, low, contemplative and steady, and in an act of vice versa he will arrange some more profound, slower music to her bright, optimistic lilt- a voice a lot higher than her speaking voice. Another interesting note is for every song composed by one of the two, the singer also does the lyrics. They play off of each other well.

My favorite track is the duet, though, between both of them. It's like a tug of war- Samus' side consists of primarily a high-pitch ukelele and some perky drums, and then Meta will flow to the same tune to a low organ and a percussion line out of a movie score. It's impossible to begin to describe this music through words, but hearing Samus "I walk outside at nine a.m., and I feel like conquering the globe!" facing off against Meta "Open the window at nine a.m., the city noises attacking my ear lobes," it's a mix between comedy and art. Perhaps both. Either way, it's intriguing to hear, and I resolve to listen to it again when I get the chance.

I get home to my small house in Montavilla and almost immediately hit the hay. I need to sleep, process things. Hope to god I don't go crazy.

In the morning, when I've got my head on straight after a fitful night of sleep, I figure it may be the perfect time to take a chance. I resolve to ring them up and ask if they wouldn't mind helping me out with my own music. I'm scared out of my wits that my work may not be good enough just yet, and if I pushed back the deadline they'd be the only ones I can think of who'd even really care.

I lean towards the coffee table, and reach for my phone, but then I draw away. Christ, what if I'm too early off of last night, too eager that things haven't set in? I could be, but right now I just want to start being proactive. I've barely started, and now I wanna really get into business. But I don't wanna be overshadowing the both of them, for Christ's sake!

And so the game goes for the day. Amid normal house stuff that fails at distracting me, I resolve to call their line a thousand times that day. Those silent fears grip me, hold me back before I reach the phone. I'm torturing myself, over and over, until I finally grow a pair and grab the phone.

Before I can do anything, it rings. I about leap a few feet in the damn air before I get the thought to actually answer it.

"Hello, Luigi Segali here," I greet whoever this is.

"Ah, hello Luigi! Good to see I have the right number." I instantly recognize the man's voice through the phone, as I spent last night listening to a CD full of it. A few of my heartbeats are absent from work as I reply "Oh... hey Meta!"

"So," he tries to continue on the conversation, but for some reason he seems as nervous as I do. "Samus and I were, uh, wondering if you had any free time, if you would, err..."

He draws a blank. I've already finished my blank, so we're both there in silence when I hear Samus overtake the phone. "Oh my god, seriously, Meta?" she cracks up laughing as I prepare to talk with her. "You act like we're asking him out on a date! Ah, you confound me, love."

I chuckle nervously as she addresses me. "Hey, Luigi, it's good to talk to you!"

"Heh, you too," my response is very klutzy. "I mean, you know, good to... yeah..."

She laughs again. "So, Luigi, long story short, Meta and I would be honored if we could hear some more of your music at our little studio downtown. Maybe work with you, give a fellow some advice should he need it."

Sweet Serendipity. Whoa-oh-oh-oh.

"Wow, you'd be honored?" I'm beside myself, and I start pacing through the house.

"Yep. Honored. We'd like you to."

"Wow, thanks!" I sputter out excitedly. "I-I heard your album last night, and I loved it, and it's just as much an honor-"

She stops me there, and immediately I feel like a fool. "I'm glad to hear that," she chuckles, "but we're just as much a musician as are you. Certainly no deities. Consider it visiting a couple of friends who are honored to have you in their humble abode."

I almost repeat the word out loud, but I am just now starting to feel composed. "So, yeah. I'd love to," I tell them, almost proud that I haven't completely fallen beside myself.

"Good to hear! I'll go ahead and give you the address to our apartment."

"Your apartment? I thought you said..."

"Hah, they're one and the same, Luigi," she explains with another laugh. "Convenient for whipping up a bit of post-game brew, y'know?"

"Ah," I respond lamely before I write down the address she's relaying to me on a sheet of paper. When she finishes, she tells me "So, great to hear! I'll be glad to work with you soon! Tomorrow sound good?"

"Yeah! Yeah, sounds good."

"I'd have invited you over this evening, but my knight in dark armor over here spent the whole day putting off calling you. He thought you'd turn us down or that we were too early. Pah, he needs to live a little."

Wow. This is just...wow. I'm suddenly feeling less stupid.

"Are you talking about me over there, darling?" I hear Meta call in smooth jest.

"Of course I am, Meta," her tone is that of a mock romantic. "I've yet to see the point in that statement, though."

Even though I feel rather intrusive, I can't help but chuckle at their romantics. I hope you have enjoyed that pun.

Samus addresses me one last time. "I'd better go, I have business I must attend to." I can practically hear her sly expression as she murmurs that last line. "Ciao!"

Before I can respond, she's hung up the phone, and I retire to my couch with a dazed sigh. It's just one of those moments where you know that you've made a couple of great friends.

Letting the excitement drain, I pick up my laptop and log into Facebook absentmindedly, looking for something to do. I notice that few of my friends have updated their status, mostly with overdramatic emotional personal stuff that I shouldn't need to hear about because I feel like they're forcing me to intrude on their deepest darkest secrets. Maybe I'm missing the point here...

I also notice that one of my friends has made an update. Next to a :( smile, it has a link to a blog article that reads "Announcement to my fans." This friend is not a musician, so I only assume it's about someone else.

I click the link out of curiosity, and I am led to a musician's website. Another indie musician who I had heard good things about, Sheikah Lao. When I read the top line, I knew that things were pretty serious. And so I kept reading.

Taking an Indefinite Hiatus

To my fans, my friends who have stuck with me through thick and thin, it is with deepest sorrow that I announce my hiatus from further music making.

This decision was a very hard one to make, and one that has kept me up at night and brought tears to my eyes, but I have come to realize that the music that I am making my confidence is wavering in. I am not certain if I am satisfied with any of my work and I do not want to put out anything else I am not satisfied with again, so I am taking this time to re-evaluate my life and what I do in it, and what I will do from here on out.

I hope you know how sincerely I thank you for all of your loyal support and that you will not think unkindly of me for my decision.

With love,

Sheikah Lao.

Wow. That's pretty hardcore. I don't know what it'd be like to wake up and lose faith in what you've done. I can't help but feel extremely sad for her, and I decide that while I haven't heard any of her music, I'm going to comment.

I wade through a pretty sizable list of people commenting things like "Nooooooo" or "OMG that's so saad!" "You can't do this! You're good!" and some small comments of support. I don't know if my reply will have any more than a pin drop's worth of effect on it, but not writing anything will change nothing, and so after the whole name/email/terms of services routine, I write.

Dear Miss Lao,

I have not yet had the opportunity to hear any of your music yet, but after reading this, I am very sad to hear what you have been going through. I am not hear to judge you, but as a fellow musician, I know what it's like to make something you look back and you wonder what you were thinking. However, that's simply part of growing as an artist, and all of us have those moments.

Let me tell you a bit about artists that you may not have known. Us artists are creators. We are the ones who have recognized the powers that God has passed down to us to be able to take what he's given us and create something new and unique. We see the world in a way no one else does, because we understand the creation and creativity behind it. Truly, we artists are blessed.

When you have created your art, have you done it from the bottom of your heart? Poured your soul into every note and every syllable you've ever sung? Something tells me that from this letter, you have. And if you have, then your work cannot be truly considered bad. I know what it's like to write something personal and ache about it, or to be embarrassed by it, but that only makes it all the more authentic.

No matter what happens, I wish you the best in your travels out of the world of music, even if I am the one on the outside of the gates wishing you the best in your journey.


Luigi Segali.

I sigh as I press submit without a doubt in my mind. It's always hard to see someone suffering, especially when you know what they feel, albeit not to as large an extent as myself with Lao. But over the last few days, when I least expected it, I've been given hope. And I'll be damned if I keep it all to myself.

I should know how much it means just to have one helping hand.

A/N I hope you know to take some of the story thematic with a grain of salt. While I've been working on staying true to Soundwave/Meta and Kat/Samus' personalities in a fresh jamocha blend of souls, some of the occurrences (I'd be damned if Sound was ever a nervous person) are somewhat fictionalized for story purposes, but not massively. Although most obviously, Soundwave and Kattheamazing are certainly not a hipster romantic couple, unless they're not telling me something. XD The characters influenced by them are.

And don't you worry, I'm not gonna 'hook up' with any of the other characters influenced my by FF friends. That'd be hella awkward. XD 'ohai thar wanna read the story where you and I are dating oh wait come back!'

So, yeah, this is still based off of real occurrences that are happening, i.e. the meeting with Meta/Samus based off of PM conversations/helpful advice traded afterward, and the segment with Lao based off of how I first met a dear friend. I hope she doesn't mind me bringing this up, I mean no harm/defamation, obviously, this is a gift! :D

So, yeah, there's chapter two. A bit shorter than anticipated, but I'm easing back into this. I did kind of drop it off in my mind, so I apologize and thank you for the support. This is gonna tell up to the timeline of Beautiful Imperfections, I believe. I did want it to be up till fic ten but not much interesting happened past Beautiful. It's still a plan in progress.

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