Losing Control

By: earthprincess4

Fandom: Twilight

Rated: MA/NC-17

Pairing: Bella & Edward

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Summary: Edward has just started working for Bella Swan as an assistant. Everything seems to be going okay until Edward walks in on something unexpected. Suddenly his whole image of Miss Swan changes.

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or any recognizable characters. No copyright infringement intended.

Thank you, sister_liz for being a fantastic beta. Thanks to AstonMartin823 and cherieblossum for helping me flush this story out and giving me advice. And of course thanks to christag_banner for making the most wonderful banners for all my stories.

**Just so everyone knows this is so out of character for me. I wrote this to try and challenge myself. I don't think it turned out exactly like I was hoping it would but whatever, I love a challenge and this was definitely a challenge for me.**

"Mr. Cullen, are you ready?" I stood from the chair and followed Angela, the secretary I'd only met once before, down the hall.

Somehow, I landed a job working as an assistant for one of the most revered women in the city of Seattle. I just barely graduated from college, and while looking for a job, I saw she was looking for an assistant. I never in a million years thought she would actually consider me for the job, let alone hire me. Honestly I only applied for the job as a joke and was blown away when her secretary called me in for an interview.

Miss Swan was very interested in my extracurricular activities throughout high school and college. I got the impression she didn't believe me when I said I was the president of the chess club in high school, part of the science club in college, played lacrosse in high school and college, and I played the piano in the symphony. Every time she asked me a question about something I listed on my resume, she gave me this raised eyebrow look like she thought I was a joke.

I seriously don't know why she hired me. I have no experience in what an assistant for a CEO does. I was about to find out though.

"This is your desk," Angela explained. "Miss Swan's office is right through there." She pointed to the door at the right of my desk. "I'm just down the hall if you have any questions."

"I do have a question, actually," I pointed out.

"Yes," she said.

"If she already has a secretary then what is it I do?"

Angela rolled her eyes in frustration and walked over to my desk. "Miss Swan is a very busy woman. She doesn't have time to prepare for meetings or run simple errands. That's where you come in. I take care of planning her schedule and making appointments, where whereas you take care of her and make sure she's prepared. For the last few weeks, I've been doing both jobs and I'm burned out. I'm glad someone is finally here to help me. Like I said, I'll be around if you have any questions while you're still getting accustomed to the job. Just don't get yourself fired. I need a break."

"I'll do my best."

"The kitchen is at the end of the hall. This is only used by us. Everyone else who works here eats in the cafeteria on the first floor. Miss Swan does not eat the food from the cafeteria. There's a list of her favorite takeout places on your desk as well as a list of her favorite drinks and quick snacks. It's your job to keep the kitchen stocked at all times. Miss Swan has a tendency to forget she's supposed to eat, especially when she's out at meetings all day. If you accompany her to meetings, I suggest making sure you have a couple snacks and drinks with you to make sure she eats something in between meetings."

"You make her sound like a child who can't take care of themselves. I didn't sign up to be a babysitter," I complained.

"I'm not a child," Miss Swan argued from the door of her office. My breath caught in my lungs when I realized she overheard me.

Fuck, I already messed up and I've only been here for five minutes.

"Like Angela said, I forget sometimes. She also forgot to mention I'm a diabetic. If I don't eat regularly, I could pass out or have a seizure. This is something you have to prevent from happening, especially in front of clients."

"Yes Ma'am," I agreed.

"This information doesn't leave this office. You and Angela are the only two who will know this information so if it gets out, consider yourself fired."

"Point taken."

"Angela, I'll be meeting with Emmett and Jasper for a little while before I go down to the conference room for my one o'clock appointment."

"Yes, Miss Swan."

I watched as my new boss walked down the hall and got on the elevator. She was one of the most intimidating people I've ever known. What was I thinking taking this job?

"One more thing," Angela began. I focused my attention back on her. "Jasper Whitlock and Emmett McCarty are good friends and co-creators of this company. You will see a lot of them, I'm sure. Miss Swan leans on both of them for support."


"I've left you a list of duties on your desk, so memorize them and remember you're here to do whatever she wants you to do."

I nodded my head and sat down at my desk. Angela wished me luck and walked back down the hall to her own desk.

My first day was kind of boring. I spent a few hours familiarizing myself with the list of duties and the numerous other lists left at my desk. I checked the kitchen out to make sure it was stocked like Angela said it needed to be. I set up my company email address and tried out my phone. Miss Swan never did return. I hoped I didn't make a bad first impression already.

The next day went a little better. I had a quite extensive meeting with Miss Swan first thing in the morning. She wanted to explain to me a little more about what it was I needed to do for her. Basically, I needed to make her look good. I needed to brief her on the content of every meeting before she went to it and have all the files and information ready for her when needed. I think I liked being a babysitter more than planning out meetings. The main thing I needed to do was be her second pair of eyes. Nothing left her desk, before I looked over it one last time.

The first week was the hardest. I accompanied her to six meetings that first week, and I fucked up badly. One meeting, I had the wrong files. Another meeting, I was twenty minutes late. It seemed like everything I was supposed to do I was messing up. Thank God Angela was there to bail me out. I got the impression she expected me to mess up and had to pick up the slack.

By the second week, I was determined to do better, even if it meant working overtime and bringing work home with me. I couldn't mess up anymore if I wanted to keep this job. I knew Miss Swan was on the verge of firing me.

During the third week, I finally got the hang of things and impressed even myself. It took spending night after night reading over each and every file in the office and doing a little more research online about the company and Miss Swan.

I found out Bella Swan started the company with her two friends, Jasper and Emmett, right after college. It started out slow, but within eight years it was hugely successful. Now, she owned one of the most popular fashion magazines in the world. She was only thirty-five and one of the youngest people to make it big in the fashion industry. Every designer wanted to be featured in her magazine. If you were chosen for a feature, you were sure to become successful. She was that good.

In my forth week I had my first experience with Miss Swan's diabetes. During one of her meetings I noticed she suddenly got very pale and her hands were shaking. I grabbed my briefcase and pulled out a

bottle of water and a small package of a specially designed trail mix. I place the bottle of water on the table, which didn't look suspicious at all since everyone else had drinks or coffee cups on the table, and slipped the bag of nuts under the table to her. She gave me a weak smile and covertly snacked on the nuts and dried cranberries. After a few minutes, she looked much better. I was thankful I had remembered to bring something for her.

I was actually beginning to enjoy my job. I liked what I did and Miss Swan really wasn't hard to get along with. Everyone in the company was very friendly and welcoming. It made the days go by much easier.

"Mr. Cullen?" Miss Swan called from her open door.

I hopped up and went to her office. "Yes, Miss Swan?"

"I'm having a lunch meeting with Jasper and Emmett today here in my office. I'd like you to order in some Thai food for us."

"Anything specific you want me to order?" I asked.

"Just call the number of the Thai restaurant and tell them it's for me. They know what I want."

"Yes, Ma'am."

I walked out of her office and found the number for the Thai restaurant. I called them up and just like she said, they knew exactly what she wanted. I went down to the first floor to wait for her order to be delivered and to eat my own lunch.

It only took about twenty minutes for the delivery, which surprised me. Anything ordered in this city usually took at least forty-five minutes. Obviously Miss Swan was an important client and came first above all other orders.

I thanked the delivery man and gave him a large tip for his service, before taking the elevator back up to Miss Swan's office.

Without thinking, I opened her office door to bring in her lunch. What I saw stunned me.

Miss Swan was bent over the edge of her desk, while this large man lay over top of her sucking her exposed breast into his mouth and palming the other. She was completely bare and had her eyes closed while she moaned with pleasure.

I couldn't take my eyes off of what I was watching. I knew I shouldn't be watching, but I couldn't help it. My dick became hard instantly and my breath caught in my lungs.

Without realizing what I was doing, I dropped the bag of food at my feet and instantly started rubbing against my own cock.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" the man shouted at me. Miss Swan's eyes opened and turned towards me.

"Edward, get out," she yelled. As much as I wanted to do as she said, I was frozen in my spot, still staring with a gaping mouth. The man flipped her over on her stomach rather roughly and whipped out his dick. I got a look of her perfect ass as his hands rubbed against one cheek and slapped the other. She flinched and screamed as his hand made contact.

"Did you not hear the lady? Get the fuck out, Kid?" he shouted again.

"Who the hell are you?" another man questioned from behind me.

I turned to see who it was.

"Jaz, get him out of here. He seems to have a hearing problem," the other man with Miss Swan ordered.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the office, slamming the door in my face. The last thing I saw was the larger man pounding his dick into Miss Swan and her squealing from the intrusion. After the door was shut, I could hear her moaning and crying out while they fucked her hard. I listened for a little while, unable to help myself. Eventually, I had to rush to the bathroom to relieve the massive erection. I couldn't get my boss' naked body laid on the desk, out of my head. God, she was beautiful. I always knew she was beautiful, but to see her completely naked was amazing. I wanted to be in that office joining in on the action. I wanted my dick inside of her.

After I went back to my desk, I began to think about what it was I just witnessed. Who were these men and what exactly were they doing? I couldn't imagine Miss Swan willingly letting these men do this to her. Fear rushed through me at the thought of maybe this was wrong and these men were forcing themselves on her. What if I just fucked up again and didn't protect her from someone who was hurting her?

I jumped from my chair, having every intention to burst through that door and protect her if I had to. Just as my hand rested on the door handle, I heard Miss Swan giggling like she was happy. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe she wasn't being forced to do anything.

I sat back down at my desk and stared blankly at her door. I was so confused and didn't know what to think.

After thinking about it a little longer and replaying what I saw and heard I came to the conclusion the two men were Emmett and Jasper. Angela said Miss Swan leaned on them quite a bit, but I wasn't aware this is what she was referring to. They worked for her. Was this something she enjoyed and expected from her employees? Was she going to want me to participate in this? As willing as I might have been in that moment, this had to be wrong on so many levels. She was our boss. This was unacceptable in a work environment according to all the training I was subject to when I first started working here. What exactly was going on?

After about an hour, the two men walked out of Miss Swan's office. She stood in her doorway with a pleased smile on her face while she watched them walk towards the elevator.

As they walked past my desk, they both looked down and glared. I was very intimidated by them and dropped my head unwilling to make eye contact.

"Next time, learn how to knock," the one I assumed was Emmett warned.

Jasper smirked, like he was amused by my humiliation. "Did you get a nice little show, Kid?" he asked. I remained silent, while they walked down the hall. Once they were on the elevator, I took a deep breath trying to relax. Unfortunately, Miss Swan prevented any relaxing by walking over to my desk and sitting down on the edge of it. Her legs crossed in front of me and all I wanted to do was touch them. I couldn't take my eyes off her silky, slender legs dangling in front of me.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you earlier," she apologized. I barely glanced up at her face before my eyes focused back on her legs. "I'm sure you're curious about what was going on."

I nodded my head, still doing everything in my power to refrain myself from attacking her right here on my desk. Would she let me if I tried? If I knew she wouldn't fire me, I would.

"Come with me," she ordered. She hopped off the edge of my desk and took my hand, leading me into her office. God, was she really going to do what I think she was going to do? My dick was already getting hard again. Please let this be real and not some amazing dream I'm about to wake up from.

She shut the door behind us and asked me to sit down in the chair. She sat on the edge of her desk, taunting me again with her legs dangling in front of me.

"This is something no one in the company knows, at least if they do, they don't say anything. I've known Jasper and Emmett most of my life and trust both of them completely. With as much as I work, I don't have time to date, let alone have a relationship with someone. But I do have needs. Emmett and Jasper fulfill those needs without any attachment. They are the only two men I have ever been with sexually. We do have sexual harassment policies here and I would never violate them. What Jasper, Emmett and I do is of our own free will and not something we associate with work in any way. Yes, when we do have fun it's typically in one of our offices, but it's kept private."

I sighed in disappointment. There was no way I was going to be able to touch her now. If I did, she was sure to fire me for sexual harassment. This had to be the reason she brought it up in the first place. I'm such a fucking idiot for even thinking she'd be interested in someone like me. I'm the nerdy kid just barely out of college and she's this successful older woman, who could probably have anyone she wanted.

"You've done a very good job keeping my diabetes a secret and I'm hoping you can do the same for what you walked in on. There's no reason to drag my name through the mud, is there?"

"No, Miss Swan," I replied.

"You've done very well these last couple weeks and I'd hate to lose you as my assistant. If there's anything I can offer you to make sure you keep your mouth shut let me know."

"What do mean offer me?" I wondered, having a glimpse of hope. Maybe she'd let me fuck her just once to keep my mouth shut.

She smiled seductively. "Some people want to be paid off. My last assistant, James, wanted to watch. He was gay and enjoyed watching Emmett and Jasper. He never joined in, though. No one is ever allowed to join in or touch."

"You let someone watch you?" I asked.

"It was only a few times, before he decided he wanted to move on to a bigger company. This is why I hired you."

"I really don't want anything," I lied. Of course I wanted something. I wanted her bent over that desk she was sitting on with my dick inside of her pussy. However, she said no one ever touches or joins in.

"You will keep our secret, right?" she asked.

I nodded my head. "What you do during your free time is none of my business. As long as they aren't hurting you or putting you in any danger, I won't say anything."

She laughed. "I like it when they're rough. But don't worry. They always take good care of me."

I sucked a breath through my teeth trying to keep the erection at bay.

"Why don't you take a few minutes to yourself and meet me back here in twenty minutes for the Hale meeting," she suggested.

I nodded my head and stood from the chair.

"By the way," she called, just as I reached the door. "Thanks for the lunch. It was delicious." I watched as her tongue traced her upper lip and she smiled.

The sexy smile on her face was my undoing. I had to rush out of her office and go straight to the bathroom to relieve the second erection of the day. By the time I got home that night, I had to do it again…twice. I hadn't been this bad, since I was teenager. I just couldn't get her sexy body out of my mind. I was beginning to think I wouldn't be able to work for her if I couldn't get my dick under control.

Thankfully, it was a weekend so I had a couple days to relax. I drove out to my parent's home, thinking that might help get the vision of Bella Swan out of my head.

My parents could tell I was tense. They worried my job was putting undue stress on me. If they only knew how right they were.

Visiting with my parents did seem to help, though. By Monday morning I felt like I had a handle on my physical attraction to Miss Swan and could keep it at bay. What I really needed was to find a girl I could use to ease some of this tension I was harboring. I thought about Angela, but just as I was about to ask

her out for a date I noticed the wedding band on her finger. She was out. At lunch I ate down in the cafeteria, which I've never done before, in search of someone.

I zeroed in on this frumpy girl with frizzy blonde hair. She was nothing to look at, but probably an easy lay. She was perfect for what I needed her for.

I walked over to her and asked if I could sit with her. She smiled hugely, revealing a full set of braces in her mouth. I smiled back, but began to rethink my pick. I just kept telling myself I needed somewhere to stick my dick so I could get the image of Miss Swan out of my mind.

We talked all through lunch and I found out her name was Jessica Stanley and she worked in the personnel department. She was surprised to see Miss Swan's assistant eating lunch downstairs. She said Miss Swan very rarely lets her assistants out of her site.

"So, how would you like to go out to dinner with me tonight?" I asked, just as lunch was getting over.

She giggled the most annoying giggle I'd ever heard in my entire life. The sound made me cringe. What was I getting myself into?

She agreed of course. The thought of going on a date with this girl and quite possibly sleeping with her really did make the image of Bella's exquisite body leave my mind.

When I got back upstairs, Miss Swan was standing by my desk with her arms across her chest. She turned in my direction with an angry look on her face, when she saw me walking down the hall. Great, what did I forget to do now?

"Where've you been?" she asked.

"I was downstairs eating lunch."

"With whom?" she wondered.

I furrowed my brow and smirked at her. Could she possibly be jealous? "I was eating with Jessica Stanley from personnel."

She rolled her eyes. "You know she's a slut, right? She's slept with half the company already."

"What's your point?" I asked.

"I don't want you involved with her. She's bad news."

"Who I spend time with in my free time is none of your business. Just like who you spend time with in your free time is none of my business."

"What if I told you it was against company policy to date fellow employees?" she questioned.

"Then I'd say you have a problem with hypocrisy."

She smirked and raised an eyebrow. "I don't date within the company. I don't date period. I may have a little fun with a couple of my close friends who happen to work in the company but we don't date."

"Who said I was dating Jessica Stanley?" I asked. "All I want to do is have a little fun."

She glared at me and clenched her jaw. I even saw her nostrils flare in anger. I couldn't help but smirk at her irritation.

"We have a meeting on the third floor," she reminded.

"I'm well aware. I have everything you need right here on my desk."

"Then let's go," she ordered.

"Have you eaten?" I questioned.

"I'm not hungry at the moment. I've got disgusting images in my head."

"Hmm, I've had delicious images in my head all weekend, and I can't seem to get rid of them."

She glared at me again before grabbing the stack of papers on my desk and storming off to the elevator.

"I'll meet you there," I called. "I need to take care of a couple things first."

She pretended to ignore me as the elevator door closed.

I quickly ran to the kitchen and grabbed a couple granola bars as well as a bottle of juice for Miss Swan. Then I went to my desk and called down to Jessica's extension.

"Hello," she answered with that shrill voice of hers making me cringe once again.

"Hi Jessica, this is Edward."

"You already miss me?" she questioned with excitement in her tone.

"Um," I laughed. "Actually, I hate to do this but I'm going to have to cancel our date. I just had a ton of work land on my desk and it's going to take me all night to get it done."

"Oh," she said. I could hear the disappointment in her voice. "Well, maybe some other time then?"

"Sure, I'll let you know when I'm free," I offered. "I've got to go. I have a meeting I need to get to in two minutes."

I hung up before she could say anything more and rushed to the elevator.

I walked into the conference room and saw Miss Swan laughing with Jasper and Emmett. All three of them looked up at me when I walked in. Miss Swan had a pleased look on her face, while Jasper and Emmett glared in my direction.

"I don't believe you've formally met my business partners," Miss Swan began. "Edward Cullen, this is Jasper Whitlock and Emmett McCarty."

"I've heard a lot about both of you. It's nice to finally have a name to go with what I've heard."

Miss Swan stifled a giggle and her face turned bright red. I sat the juice and the granola bars down in front of her and took a seat at the table. The clients we were meeting with were ad agencies who wanted to put their ads in the magazine. One by one, they would come in and have five minutes to pitch their product and ad to us. My job was to keep notes on what the three of them thought of each one. For four hours, this is what we did. I was beyond exhausted from hearing the same pitch by every single company. It didn't matter what the product was, they all sounded the same.

I was glad I grabbed something for Miss Swan because she was starting to look really pale towards the end of the meeting. I couldn't imagine what she'd be like if she went this long without eating anything.

After the meeting was over, Jasper and Emmett gave Miss Swan a hug and a simple kiss on the cheek before they left. I stood by the door, waiting for Miss Swan to head upstairs. The look on her face, told me she was feeling weak and probably needed something to eat.

Once the room cleared out, I walked over to her and took her arm. "Are you okay?" I asked.

"I'm fine. It's just been a long day."

We walked out the hall and she let go of my arm. She held her head high and pretended like she was fine in front of her employees. I walked closely behind her just in case she needed me.

Once we were safely inside the elevator, she leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes.

"Miss Swan, do you need help?" I asked, wrapping an arm around her shoulders to support her.

"I'm fine, I told you."

"You don't look fine. Let me help you."

Without disagreement she leaned her head against my shoulder and sighed heavily. I rushed her to her office and sat her down in one of the chairs. I ran down the hall to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of juice and some crackers.

She was shaking so bad by the time I got back she couldn't even hold the bottle of juice. I had to help her take a drink and hold the cracker to her mouth. Her eyes were beginning to roll in the back of her head, which freaked me out. I thought I should call an ambulance or something, but she kept insisting not to.

After about fifteen minutes, she seemed to be doing better, but she was still very weak and drenched in sweat.

"I just need to go home and eat something so I can rest," she informed, trying to stand to her feet. She became so lightheaded she fell forward. I caught her before she fell to the ground and made her sit back down.

"There's no way you're going to be able to drive home like this. You can't even stand up straight. Let me give you a ride home, and I can stop to get you something for dinner on the way."

"No, it's okay. I can just get a cab or something. I'll be fine."

"Miss Swan, I'm not letting you go home by yourself. Please let me help you."

She looked up into my eyes and nodded her head in acceptance. I grabbed her stuff off her desk and helped her out into the hallway. I stopped at my desk to grab my own stuff before walking her to the elevator. Thankfully, most everyone was already gone for the night and the parking garage was fairly empty. I walked her over to my car and helped her get seated in the passenger seat.

I drove out of the parking garage, not really sure where I was headed.

"What do you feel like eating?" I asked.

"I'm really not hungry, I just want to sleep."

"You have to eat something," I ordered.

She rested in the car while I drove around looking for something quick that would help her feel better. I remembered this little Mexican restaurant from the list of places she ordered from was just down the street. If the Thai place I got her food from the other day made exceptions for her, maybe this place would too.

I parked the car and rushed inside. All I had to say was I was Bella Swan's assistant and they quickly made her order. I wasn't even thinking about myself eating until the waiter asked if I wanted anything. I did go ahead and order enchiladas for myself, but I really wasn't interested in eating anything at the moment. I just needed something for Miss Swan.

After only ten minutes the order was ready and I went back out to my car. Miss Swan was still awake but clearly weak and a little out of it. I placed the food in her lap, insisting she try to eat a little bit. She took only a couple of bites, before resting her head back on the seat again.

"Maybe I should take you to the hospital. You don't look good. I think you need some help, and I don't know what to do," I urged.

"No, I can't go to the hospital. The press will have a field day if they found out. It'll destroy my company if I let the smallest of cracks happen," she explained, fatigued.

"I'm sure this wouldn't destroy your company. People aren't that heartless."

She tried to laugh at what I said. "You clearly don't know how business works. It's survival of the fittest. If anyone knew of my condition, I'd be ruined. Not even Jasper and Emmett know."

Her reveal kind of stunned me. I assumed since she said she's known Jasper and Emmett since she was really young, and they were her business partners, they would know.

"Can you just take me home? I need to rest for a while."

"Okay," I agreed reluctantly.

I drove out of the city and to the address I was given. When I pulled up in front of the quaint little house hidden among the trees, I was a little surprised. This wasn't what I was expecting.

I got out and helped her to the door. Inside was just as picturesque as the outside was. There was a country style kitchen to the left of the entrance and a warmly decorated living room to the right. Straight ahead was a hallway.

"I need to lie down," she said, weakly.

I led her down the hallway to the back room and helped her get into bed. She curled up in a ball and snuggled into the covers.

"Is there anything else I can get you?" I asked.

"No, I just need to sleep. I'll be fine in a couple hours. Thank you for getting me home. Please lock the door on your way out."

"Okay," I agreed. I watched her for a few seconds longer just to be sure she was okay. When I left the room, I realized there was no way in good conscience I could leave her here all by herself.

I went out to my car and gathered up my files I need to go through and both of our dinners. I put the Styrofoam containers in the fridge before I plopped myself on her living room couch. I worked hard on making up the list of potential ads for the magazine. I took really good notes of what Miss Swan and Jasper and Emmett liked so it really wasn't hard weeding out the ones with no hope and the ones for consideration.

Every twenty minutes or so I'd peak in on Miss Swan to make sure she was still breathing. For whatever reason I kept having this image of walking in on her to find she wasn't breathing. I liked the images of walking in on her naked much more, but the other image scared me.

After about two hours of working on the proposal of ads, I heated up my dinner and ate at her dining room table. It was strange being in my boss' house while she slept. I wondered if anyone else had ever been here. It seemed to me like she kept a lot of secrets from everyone. There was definitely a sense of protection coming from her. She didn't want people to know the real her.

Around three hours later, she came strolling out of her room. She seemed a little stunned to see me sitting on her couch.

"Hi," I said, jumping to my feet to help her to the couch.

"Why are you still here?" she wondered.

"I couldn't just leave, knowing you weren't feeling well. What if something happened to you? It would be my fault for not being here to take care of you."

"I don't need anyone to take care of me," she argued. "I just had a bad day. It's really not a big deal."

"Still, I wanted to be here."

"I've never had anyone in my house before," she disclosed. "My assistants usually know the most about me and are required to keep my secrets, but there are some things I still keep hidden. You're the first who's ever been here."

"I know you keep a lot hidden. I'm still trying to understand why, but I want you to know whatever you tell me in confidence will stay between us."

"I appreciate that."

"Let me get you some food," I offered, jumping from the couch and heating her food in the microwave.

"I need to take insulin first," she explained.

"Oh," I answered nervously. I'd never seen her give herself shots before. I didn't even know she did.

She walked to the kitchen and pulled out the little bottle from the fridge and a syringe. I watched as she filled the syringe. She was still shaking slightly from what happened earlier.

"Why don't you let me help you," I offered, walking over to her.

"You don't have to. I know what I'm doing."

"I know. I just want to help," I said, taking the needle from her.

When she un-tucked her shirt from her skirt and pulled it up to reveal her stomach, my mouth went dry.

"You need to stick the needle in my stomach, right about here." She pointed out a spot on her skin.

My fingers brushed across her bare skin, arousing me instantly. I bit the inside of my cheek in an attempt to control myself and get up the nerve to give her the shot.

"It doesn't hurt. Just stick it in and get it over with."

With a quick jolt I poked the needle into her skin and released the insulin. After I pulled the needle out, I rubbed my thumb across the spot a couple times.

"How long do you have to wait until you can eat?" I asked.

"About fifteen minutes. I should be fine until then."

She pulled her shirt down and walked back to the living room to rest on the couch. I followed behind her and sat down at the other end.

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" I wondered.

"You're off the clock, you know? You don't have to stay and take care of me."

"I know. But I'm not leaving unless you want me to."

"You can stay for a while if you want," she offered. "I mean, you are already here. You might as well keep me company."

I smiled, resting back on the couch next to her.

"What did you do all this time you've been here?" she wondered.

I sat up, grabbing the files off the coffee table. "I've been compiling a list of potential ads from today. I took very careful notes of each pitch and what the three of you thought of each one. I narrowed it down to fifteen ads with the notes of each one included so you can remember what you thought of them."

"Wow!" she expressed, looking over the piles in front of her. "This is amazing. No one has ever done anything like this before. Most of my assistants never take notes during meetings."

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"You should. You do great work, Edward. You're probably the best assistant I've ever had. Not only do you care about the company, but you care about me too. You don't find someone like you very often."

"I do care about you, Miss Swan," I confessed. "I probably care about you more than I should." My head dropped shameful of my reveal.

"You don't have to call me Miss Swan outside of the office. You can call me Bella here."

I nodded my head in acceptance. She leaned over and rubbed her foot and her face had a look of pain.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"Oh, it's just a cramp in my foot. It happens a lot from wearing heels all day."

"May I, Bella?" I asked for permission. She glanced up at my face hesitantly. I leaned down, taking her feet in my hands and pulled them up into my lap. Very gently, I began rubbing them. Her head rested against the arm of the couch and her eyes closed, while she sighed in delight.

"You said no one has ever come to your house," I reminded, changing the subject. "Did you mean just your assistants or everyone?"

Her eyes opened and a knowing smile spread across her face. "No one has ever been here. I'm not here very often either because I'm a workaholic, but I don't typically let people into my house. This is my escape."

"Not even Jasper and Emmett have been here?"

"No," she answered.

"I find it odd that you say you've known them since high school, you work with them on a daily basis, you have sex with them, yet they don't seem to know a damn thing about you. Whereas I've only known you for about a month, and I feel like I know you better than anyone else."

"It's your job to know me better than anyone else," she explained. "I don't have time to make a relationship work so I don't let myself get close to anyone. Jasper and Emmett are there for me when I need them. We don't complicate things with emotional attachment."

"Does that mean you don't ever want to be emotionally attached to someone?" I questioned.

"Probably not," she responded coldly, pulling her feet out of my lap. She walked to the kitchen and heated up her food from earlier before sitting down at the table to eat by herself.

I stayed in the living room pretending to go through my files. I had a feeling I upset her somehow and I needed to give her a break.

While making a few notes on a notepad, I didn't notice she was standing in the entrance watching me.

"You know I think you may be the first person I've ever spent any time with outside of work and you're sitting here doing work," she observed, making me jump and divert my pen across the page.

I quickly dropped my notebook and pen on the coffee table, and stood to walk over to her.

"What is it you want me to do then?" I asked, standing in front of her and trying to gain eye contact.

She looked up at me with these sultry eyes. "Do you want to kiss me?" she asked.

"Yes," I admitted, breathlessly.

"Good," she breathed against my lips. I moved in a little closer, attempting to claim her lips with mine. But with every inch I got closer she would move away until she couldn't bend any further and ducked around me, leaving me unsatisfied and standing there trying to figure out what just happened.

"What was that?" I asked, perturbed by her teasing.

"Do you honestly think I'm going to let you kiss me?" she asked, sitting back down on the couch. "I don't ever kiss anyone. Actually, the last time I kissed someone on the mouth was when I was fifteen."

"You can't fuck with me like that and then leave me hanging," I shouted in anger.

"Look, Edward I know walking in on me the other day with Jasper and Emmett has gotten you a little excited, but like I said, I only have sex with them. I just wanted to know if the reason you were here tonight was because you thought you might have a shot at fucking your boss or if you were really here because you cared. Obviously you answered my question."

I laughed, astonished at her backwards way of thinking. "Are you fucking kidding me? Because I'm attracted to a beautiful woman automatically means the only reason I'm here is because of sex? Bella, any guy in his right mind would be an idiot not to want you. This has nothing to do with what I walked in on or the fact that you're my boss. I'd want you whether or not those two aspects of your life were standing in my way."

She smirked and stood to her feet. "Do you have any idea how many guys have said the same exact thing you just did? I know how men work. You pretend you really have feelings for me, but all you really want is money or power. Well, I'm sorry to inform you, but I don't let men have power. I'm always in control."

"Except for Jasper and Emmett, right?" I challenged. "They're the only ones you allow to control you." She glared and crossed her arms over her chest. "I saw the way Emmett treated you, jerking you around and pushing you into the desk like you were a piece of meat. What makes them so special? Why do you give yourself to them but someone who actually cares about you, you turn away from?"

"Has it ever occurred to you that even in that circumstance I still have control? I'm the one who says where and when. I'm the one who allows them to do what they do. They don't ever do anything I don't want them to. I always have control."

I shook my head, breathing in frustration. "Not this time." I reached out, grabbing her face in my hands and kissed her hard. She tried to resist at first but eventually softened her stance. I rested my head against hers and looked into her confused and frightened eyes. "I want you, Bella. I want to show you what it's like to actually have someone care about you the way you should be cared about. Let me show you," I whispered.

Her breath against my lips was shaky. I waited for some sort of answer from her. Slowly and nervously she lifted her lips to mine, kissing me again. Her arms wrapped around my neck tightly. I moved my mouth in exact unison against hers, reveling in the taste and feel of her tongue teasing mine. The sound of her moans only urged me on more. I wanted to claim her completely. Clumsily, I walked us back to her bedroom, removing her clothing as we went. Once her naked body was in front of me, I took a second to look her over before palming her breasts and squeezing. My dick was so hard from not having what I wanted all weekend long and I wasn't planning to wait long before I was inside of her. We collapsed to the bed, adjusting our bodies to find the right position. For a split second, I remembered her condition and tried to slow down. However, my dick was aching to be inside of her. I sucked on her neck and her nipples, inching my way down her stomach to bide my time.

"What are you waiting for?" she wondered. "Do it?"

I sat up, pulling her into my lap and easing her down on my dick. I grunted and let myself lose control for only a second to truly feel all of her wrapped around me. I gripped her hips and guided her up and down. Her heavy sighs and high-pitched moans of pleasure told me she enjoyed it.

"Let me kiss you," I ordered. Her head tilted forward, looking me in the eyes. "I want to kiss you." I pulled her in closer, pressing even deeper into her. Her mouth moved closer and I met her halfway, opening up her lips with my tongue and pressing it hard against her tongue. She sucked my tongue even further into her mouth, making me moan into her mouth at the ecstasy it brought me. I bucked my hips into her, bringing me on the verge of exploding inside of her.

"I'm going to come, Edward. I'm so close," she cried.

"Me too," I admitted. "Can I?" I needed her to tell me if it was okay to come inside of her. "Please, Bella. I need an answer now."

"Yes," she squeaked. "Oh God, yes." She let out a high pitched moan, while squeezing her walls around my dick. My eyes rolled in the back of my head, and with one last thrust and a loud grunt, I released inside of her.

She rested in my lap, sighing as she came down from the orgasm I'd just given her. A proud sensation filled me while I kissed her neck and rubbed my hands down her back. I had given her pleasure. Me, nearly thirteen years younger than her, had made her lose control. I had broken her comfort zone and given her a small taste of what it could be like to be with someone who truly cared about her.

I tilted her head up one more time, kissing her lips fully and salaciously. I could feel her lips lift in a pleasurable smile, making me smile in return. She definitely liked this.

I wrapped my arms around her waist, gently laying her down on the pillow. I curled around her, brushing my hand across her stomach and her chest, stealing a few tiny pecks from her lips.

"I've never had sex in this bed," she revealed.

I hummed in response, taking a moment to brush the hair out of the way, before kissing her shoulders.

"I've never slept with anyone, either. You are planning to stay, right?" she wondered.

"Yes," I whispered. "I'll stay as long as you want me to."

She contently sighed and snuggled up next to me. My arms wrapped around her protectively and rested against the pillow next to her.

It didn't take long for both of us to fall asleep. I slept happily and comfortably with her wrapped in my arms. At first it was all about wanting her body, but now it was all about wanting her. I wanted to prove to her how much I cared about her. She had to know by now. I was falling for my boss.

In the morning, I was awoken by the sounds of movements all around the bedroom. I rubbed my eyes a little before sitting up on the bed. Bella was rushing around the bedroom putting her shoes on and

fixing her hair in the mirror. She noticed I was awake and turned around to face me. Her face was cold and unmoving once again.

"I'm giving you the morning off so you can go home to shower and change. I'll make up some excuse if anyone asks why you're late. I'm taking the files you showed me last night with me to discuss with Jasper and Emmett this morning. When you leave, please lock the door and don't leave anything behind."

I stared at her with questioning eyes. "Bella," I began.

"Mr. Cullen," she interrupted. "What happened last night was a mistake and it won't happen again. If you want to keep your job, you will forget any of this ever happened and never speak of it."

With that, she walked out of the room and a few moments later I heard the front door slam. I sat there, dumbfounded by what just happened. Last night was perfect. What caused her to change?

"What the fuck is going on?" I shouted in frustration and pulled at my hair, before jumping out of bed and hastily throwing my clothes on. Forget the shower or the change of clothes. I had to get to the bottom of this. I had to figure her out.

As you can tell this isn't complete. I don't like word limits and of course I ended up writing a lot more than the 10,000 limit. So, this turned into a three shot. Many readers who sent me an email requesting the rest have already read it in its entirety, so I'm posting all three chapters now.