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Alex looked at the documents.

He had liked staying with Sabina and her family. Loved it, actually. But he wasn't cut out for normalcy. Not anymore.

He'd survived a sniper's bullet at fourteen. He'd seen his guardian killed in front of him. In less than twelve months, he'd saved thousands of people several times.

No, normalcy wasn't an option. And he missed Britain.

With a sigh, he thought over his plans. All the papers were in perfect order. All he needed to do was leave. He had money for a flat, having withdrawn every penny from the trust fund through clever maneuvering. The same with his savings account.

Now he would vanish, like a wisp of smoke. He looked at the clock. He needed to leave if he was going to catch his flight.

Luckily, the Pleasures were very close to a bus route that went to the airport. He murmured a last farewell and was gone, all his old skill, practiced at any opportunity, keeping him looking like nothing more than a shadow.

Alex Rider was gone.

In his place was Eric Smith, a native of Britain returning from boarding school at the age of eighteen.