It had been almost a year since the marriage of Princess Jasmine to her true love Aladdin. On that momentous day the kingdom of Agrabah was saved and the evil sorcerer Jafar had been banished, bound to a life of everlasting servitude to whomever found his lamp. But the lamp was lost deep within the cave of wonders. And as the months past its prisoners began to suspect it would be a very long time before they would ever see the light of day, or another person again.

It wasn't' long after Jafar and Iago got there that the cave's magnificent splendor began to fade, replaced gradually by other objects. Cracked tables, faded paintings, lost objects and broken things. The cave's treasure was turning to trash. The changing condition of the cave caused Jafar to wonder what was going on with the outside world that so many things were ending up here, broken and forgotten.

Jafar paced back and forth through the main cavern, the metal end of his scepter clanking on the cavern floor.

"All's I'm say'n is, did it really never occur to you?" Iago's obnoxiously asked, " that oh? I don't know, being a Jeanie includes the whole SLAVERY THING?" Jafar spun around, pointing his scepter threateningly at where Iago was perched

"Don't push me, Iago!" he shouted, "I was in a moment of power, I wasn't thinking!" Iago pushed the scepter's serpent head away.

"Don't make me laugh. That thing isn't even close to regaining enough power to hurt me." Jafar retracted his staff, "Maybe not, but that doesn't mean that I can't." He grabbed the parrot around the neck, shaking him and causing his eyes to bulge. Iago gasped, his voice raspy from Jafar's tight grasp around his neck.

"Ok, master, you've made your point." Jafar sighed and opened his hand, letting Iago fall to the ground in a cloud of feathers. The parrot shook his head and brushed him self off, Jafar's robes dragging past him as he walked by.

"Ok so you weren't thinking, it's understandable, there was allot going on, it's hard to keep all that in check. But let's think now. How the hell are we going to get out of this dump." Iago kicked at a near by bowl sending it crashing into one of the piles of garbage.

"I don't know." Jafar said over his shoulder. He had been thinking about that since the day they got there, but no matter how much they had searched the cavern, no exit had been found.

Iago flew up and landed on Jafar's scepter, looking at it skeptically.

"And what about this, how long till this hunk of junk is strong enough to get us out a' here?" Jafar brushed Iago off of the serpent's golden head, sending him to perch on his master's shoulder instead.

"Patients Iago, soon it will regain its full power and we will be free of this place." Jafar sat down in a large throne like chair, made of a pile of other pieces of furniture. The two of them looked into the scepter's face, it's glowing eyes a little more then half way illuminated. It wouldn't be able to conjure anything until the eyes fully glowed their wicked red color. Then, then it would be at full power, and they would escape.

"You don't think, maybe we could spare a drop of it to, a, take another look?" Iago looked greedily into the serpent's eyes, it's swirling light reflecting in the whites of his own. Jafar saw this and quickly lowered the staff, away from his servant's gaze.

"We were too hasty to do it the first time, Iago. A glimpse into the outside world will drain a quarter of its power at least. If we watch anymore then a minute, all of it could be gone."

"Yeah, and I'm just dieing to spend another month in this lovely little shit hole." Iago said sarcastically pacing across Jafar's solders.

"Watch your tongue Iago. I don't particularly like hearing your vulgar words shouted in my ear!" Iago was about to shout back with an even more offensive response when suddenly, an echoing sound caught the two's attention. Through the shadows of the cave, the sound of fluttering wings reached their ears. Jafar looked to Iago who was perched on his shoulder and raised his eyebrow questioningly.

"It's not me, I'm right here," the parrot said, answering Jafar's unvoiced question. The sound came again, flapping against the thick silence. Anxious to see another living soul the two quickly rose from the chair to see what it was. Jafar ran to the center of the cavern and looked into the only source of light he and Iago had, a series of small holes in the roof of the cave, hundreds of feet above the cavern floor. Up there, the creature flew, shrouded in the white light of the afternoon. As they watched, its form became clear as it descended in wide sweeping circles. It was a bird, a large white owl of magnificent size and swiftness, with feathers as thick and white as clouds. Jafar and Iago looked in confusion at the strange creature. A bird of that color and shape was uncommon to Agrabah and all surrounding areas. Coats like its were only seen in the mountain birds of Mongolian travelers, and gave them good reason to wonder why it had found it self here. And for that matter how it had gotten into the cave.

The white Owl opened its large wings as it landed on a perch above the sorcerer and his parrot, it's white feathers gleaming against the darkness. Jafar walked toward the bird, recognizing the aura of power that hung around it, a feeling he knew from his own magic. Iago leaned over to his master's ear

"What ja' think this's all about?" Jafar shook his head,

" I don't know... Iago, you can speak to it can't you?"

"Well yeah, I mean, I think so." Jafar looked at Iago, who didn't get his master's meaning right away. Jafar glared at him, motioning his head toward the great bird.

"Oh! Right, right, um… ahem!" Iago cleared his throat and addressed the other bird, " Hey Fluffy! What'cha doing in here!" Jafar hastily clamped his hand over the parrot's rude beak.

"Damn you Iago, shut up!" the owl turned its head quizzically at the two below it. Jafar released Iago's beak and turned back to the owl asking, "Who are you? What do you want?" The bird opened its large wings again, the feathers shinning even brighter then the daylight from above, and swooping down it hovered in front of Jafar. The bird glistened blindingly. From its light the form of another began to take shape before their wondering eyes. The form grew with the magic. Taking on the shape of a woman, it outstretched its arms, mimicking the great wingspan of the bird above her. The sorcerer and his bird winced against the light as it flashed, releasing a body from its hold. Jafar looked past his hands that sheltered his face peering into the blinding magic, and he recognized the person who stood, arms outstretched before him. It was Jasmine.

The shinning stopped, retracting suddenly and showing the queen Jasmine easily to the two banished ones. No longer held in suspension by the bird's strange magic her body collapsed. Jafar rushed to her side catching her before she could hit the floor. All was silent once again.

Iago didn't let that last very long. "The Princess? What! How, how is the princess here? What the hell just happened, with the glowing and that fuzzy pigeon over there!" Iago was losing his feathers in a cloud of excited confusion. Flying over he landed on Jafar's shoulder and peered down at the unconscious royalty in his arms. "The Queen, Iago, she's the Queen now." His eyes looked over her. She was as ravishing as the day he had seen her in the quart yard of the palace, leaning against the marble fountain, so long ago. Her skin was still beautifully tanned and unflawed, her raven hair tied back in thick golden rings still shimmered as polished black ivory. Jafar stood holding the sleeping queen in his arms.

"Iago, go into the cavern and look until you can find a bed, or a couch, or anything suitable for us to lay her on. She should be comfortable when she wakes." Iago was about to protest, but the look on his master's face silenced him. The parrot flew off into the cave of wonders, in search of a piece of appropriate furniture. Jafar looked up at the white owl. After performing its miracle, the bird was surprisingly calm, perched and seeming oblivious to the fact that it had just delivered a body out of thin air. Jafar sat on his thrown of broken and lost things, the queen of Agrabah cradled in his arms, as he waited for Iago to return.

I know, pretty confusing huh? but don't worry, all weirdness turns to sense later on. but you have to keep reading to figure it out

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