Ch. 1 ~Memories

I was sitting on the bench waiting for the bus. I was holding Bentley in my arms. Whenever I saw his little gorgeous face my head was full of old memories. He looked a lot like his father, Alexander. He was an exact copy of him, except he was tinnier. I remember when we met. It was almost two years ago. I was sitting on my backyard reading and I had caught him spying on me. He introduced himself and from there we became great friends and then a couple.

I had a rough childhood. First my mom died when I was born, so I really don't know the feeling of having a mom. My dad was the best. He always made me laugh. He never let me be in a sad mood; he always knew how to cheer me up. I sighed. Sadly he was taken away from me a year and a half ago. We were at the mall and some men were trying to kill me. I heard people said it was revenge or something like that; my dad was the chief police officer. One of the men tried to shoot at me, but my dad got in front of me. He received the shot in his heart, so he died immediately. Since then my stepmom, Rachel, blamed me for his death. She made my life impossible and sometimes hit me. I couldn't run away because she was always watching what I was doing. She almost came to the point of killing me. One of the reasons why she didn't was because my dad left his money to me. My life was extremely unhappy until I met him, Alexander.

After several months of friendship we started dating. He did know my stepmom and I didn't like each to other, but he didn't try to mention anything so I wouldn't get sad. Even after I was almost raped my stepmom continued to treat me as hell. I say almost because luckily Alexander hit the guy and called the cops. After that I was going to therapy several months. Alexander was always with me and tried to help me get over that. It was very difficult but thanks to him I did got over it.

After a year of dating him I found out I was pregnant. We told my stepmom and she went nuts. She tried to hit me, but Alexander stopped her. Alexander parents also didn't like me so he decided to rent an apartment with his savings. He was working and going to school in order to survive and live in the apartment; I simply went to school since I was pregnant and I couldn't work.

When I was six months pregnant Alexander decided to take me to a restaurant to have dinner. I was confused. When we got there it was decorated in a very romantic way; that night Alexander proposed to me. I was in shock. I simply couldn't believe it. That same day Bentley kicked and I immediately told Alexander. We agreed to marry a month after Bentley was born, which would've been in July.

Finally my water broke; unfortunately Alexander wasn't there, he was working. I called the ambulance and then Alexander's work. I got to the hospital and went into labor. While I was giving birth I realized Alexander wasn't here yet. That was both my best and worst day ever. It was my best because Bentley was born, but it was my worst because that day Alexander died in a car accident.

Since then I immediately had to get a job. Luckily I got one in a daycare. It was great because they helped me a lot. My daily routine was I dropped Bentley at the daycare before school, I went to school, and then I would go back to work at the daycare. After that we would go home, put Bentley in his little crib, and I did my homework.

Now I'm a junior in high school, and more mature than girls my age. Bentley was almost two years old. I just need one more week of school and vacations were here, meaning I could be more time with my little angel.

The bus was finally here. I got Bentley tight on my arms and went to the bus. When we got home Bentley was deep in sleep. I put him in his crib and I changed to my pajamas. Luckily I had studied earlier and now I didn't need to worry about that.

This last week of school went pretty fast. At school I basically talked with no one but I was okay with it. Some people stared at me, since they knew pretty much my entire life, while they're some people who treated me "normal", which actually helped me feel better. Other people asked about how Bentley was and how cute he was.

I guess people think I'm the most depressed person ever, but actually I'm not. The only reason why I smile and wake up every day is for little Bentley. He needs me and I'll always be there for my little gorgeous angel.

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