Kat R. = a Tomboy girl with vampire-like features.

Nico D. = A son of Hades

Jake S.= A son of Apollo, who can see the future.

Kats POV

Hi, I'm Kat Rebeer. Annabeth insisted that I write this. I'm 14 years old, with black hair and white skin. Literally white. My skin and my dark blue-violet eyes earned me the annoying nickname 'vampiress'. Yeah. Stupid. I blush easily, which is very embarrassing.

My Best friend is a guy named Jake. He has sandy brown hair and light brown eyes. I'm X-ing things out you can't know. To the writing...

3:47 pm, Tuesday, xxxxxxx, xxxxx,xxxx

Jake and I were walking home, and talking about random things, well, not talking, more like Quizzing. "Worst fear?" Jake asked.

"It's dumb..." I muttered. I blushed red. He raised an eyebrow, like, how bad could it be? Suddenly his eyes went blank. He dropped to the ground, holding his temples. Did I not mention Jake can see the future? Whoops. He has this nutty power.

"What do you see?" I asked. His eyes refoucused.

"We have to run. She's tracking us! Hurry!" He yelled, jumping up, his eyes flashing side to side, like a deer trapped in headlights. I started running, Jake right behind me. A cold darkness/shadow was in front of me.

"Wha-" I yelled as 2 pale olive arms grabbed me and Jake, pulling us into the shadow.

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