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Chapter 30: Cry Freedom

"I still think the pair of you are about as daft as the day is long," Thaliard said, pouring more whiskey into each of their mugs of tea. "I don't like it, and if it all goes tits up, I don't want none of you coming back and haunting me, alright?"

Remus had to agree. The plan Tonks and Lavinia had concocted together was bordering on insanity, but from this point onward, he was leaving his fate in their hands.

"You have nothing to fear on that account," Lavinia said, rolling her eyes. "You'd be the last person I'd ever want to spend my afterlife haunting, believe me."

"Like you'd have someone better in mind," Thaliard muttered. Although all banter on the subject had been kept friendly over the past few days, now that the stakes were becoming higher, the pressure was affecting all of them, more so it seemed with Thaliard. "But this whole thing is bloody unbelievable, you know that?" he said quietly, shaking his head. Remus knew that it was going to be stretch for Thaliard to jump on board any plan that involved Lavinia giving herself so willingly to Greyback, but his stubbornness in this matter was boarding on the point of ridiculousness. Unconsciously, Remus began playing with his silver wedding band, which had not tarnished throughout his entire experience. No doubt it had been Goblin made, he thought to himself.

"Thal, I don't need your permission to do any of this," Lavinia countered his protests with a little more contempt as the strain of the past two days had begun to take their toll. After Remus had moved into the Thaliard's den, a small shabby two-room space nearer the outskirts of the living quarters in the caves, he had done just as Lavinia had asked and kept his head low, out of sight from Greyback. While he had pretended not to exist in Greyback's eyes, Lavinia had been setting aside every ounce of her pride and self worth as she seduced her way back into Greyback's good graces. She had use the excuse of Caliban's demise as her moment of clarity, and how much this pack meant to her, and was very aggressively making her status known about where she believed her place in the pack should be. In Greyback's mind, she had already proven herself a loyal pack member, and he no doubt had been swayed more by her charm than her loyalty, thinking more with another part of his anatomy than his reason. Other females who were desperate to become the all too coveted spot as Greyback's "mate" and therefore alpha female, did not take to kindly to Lavinia's sudden change in heart, as they knew Lavinia, with her startlingly light blue eyes had once been sought after by Greyback himself, and therefore had a better vantage to claim the choice position. So while Lavinia dealt with backstabbing females, and her none too supportive friend Thaliard, Remus spent time with Thaliard's daughter Thasia and with some of the other pups, telling them stories, and secretly trying to teach the older ones to read. Well, at least to the ones who would sit still long enough to listen to his lecture. It seemed with Pack Leader's attentions focused solely on Lavinia's new flirtation, he had not thought to deal with Remus, or to try and push him to fulfill his intentions of transforming without the moon. Overall, the plot Tonks and Lavinia had hatched together had been progressing smoothly, and so far, Lavinia had been saved from giving her body over to the devil.

"Liv, I thought you were dead, I searched for you or for your body for days, I'm not going to lose you again, and you are asking for trouble messing about with Greyback like this."

"Thal, he's not going to harm me, not when he thinks there's a chance I might become his mate."

"And Lupin, you're fine with her doing this? So willingly giving herself to the man who had violated her-"

"Enough!" Lavinia said, rising to her feet as her voice echoed through the den. Knowing the dens to be all interconnected to one another and knowing secrecy to be their most valuable ally, she steadied her temper as the crackling fire was merrily dying away. "Look," she said more calmly, sitting back down to rejoin Thaliard and Remus, "this is my life, therefore, my decision. If I am able to get a drop of Greyback's blood and can help get RJ out from here to be with his wife and kid, then that's the only point that needs discussing. So no more talk of my soiled honor, or whatever you and your bloody chivalrous code might have a problem with."

"And you seriously don't have a problem with this?" Thaliard asked Remus again, and Remus could see the desperation in the man's eyes. Looking down to his silver wedding band he knew that he should be protesting, that Lavinia did not have to degrade herself so much to go back to the man that violated her in the first place, however, he just wanted to go home, to go back to Nymphadora, to hold her once more, to tell her he loved her.

"I've already expressed my concern about Lavinia going through with this idea. I would never want to see her put in the position where she could harm herself physically or emotionally, and especially not for my sake. I'm certainly not looking for anyone to become a martyr for my cause."

"But if I'm that close to Greyback with his guard down, I know I can get his blood for you to leave, better yet, I could get your wand back for you." Lavinia said, and she spoke with true conviction. He knew that if anyone could get close to Greyback without his knowledge it was Lavinia, but he certainly hated that it had to be to the extreme of having to "mate" with him.

"I know you can do this, you're an incredibly strong woman, Liv," Remus said, a sad smile on his face. He was slightly disgusted with himself that he should be so weak that he would allow one of his truest friends to do all the hard work herself, when she had nothing to gain in the endeavor. His guilt was doubled as well seeing that not too long ago, he had been plotting her demise, thinking her guilty of betraying him.

Thaliard scoffed, throwing his hands in air. "I don't know what the fuck has gotten into both of you, but you've gone completely mental."

"You know RJ can help us to leave the caves for good, you know he can. He has friends that can help us, protect us from the Ministry and Greyback. You could raise Thasia the way you want to, away from the poverty and filth."

"But it's not a guarantee. Look, mate," Thaliard said, speaking to Remus, "I'm sorry you're stuck here with the rest of us, and I know your wife is up the duff, but I just can't risk my life, not for something I don't believe in."

"And I can respect that, Jack, I can, and I would never ask you to do something that you didn't believe in, especially when it was a risk to your daughter. But if there is a chance I can leave here to secure Dora and I's safety, I will do everything in my power to make sure that you and Thasia and Liv never have to come back to this dreadful place."

"And if I never have to see this damp, disgusting subterranean hell hole again," Lavinia added, "or be under constant threat by the Ministry or being put in the pit, then I would sleep with every wolf in these caves. Because my freedom as a witch and as a woman is so much more important than a few moments of unpleasantness."

"I feel sorry for you, Liv," Thalaird said not quite meeting her eyes. "I saw what they did to your mum, and you have been put through the ringer for the sake of this pack. But that's not why I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry because you think so little of yourself that you are willing to be used like this. That's not the woman I knew so long ago. That's not the woman Bass fell in love with. That's not the woman I-"

"Just shut your mouth, Jack Thaliard," Lavinia said, her head held low, and in the dying firelight Remus could see that tears had brightened her icy blue eyes. "You don't know anything."

"I'm going to check on Thasia," Remus said quietly sensing the two might need a moment alone. He bowed out of the main part of the den to a little out cove where the sleeping areas had been made. The tiny little girl was still sound asleep, her breathing slow and steady. He wasn't ready to go back out to the others so stayed and watched the little girl a little longer. Although he was in the sleeping cove, he could still hear Lavinia and Thaliard's conversation.

"You know I love you, Liv, you have to know that," Thaliard said quietly.

"Jack, don't start with this-"

"I'd be shocked if you didn't know," Thaliard laughed in spite of himself. "I'm sure you've heard it said around the caves more than once with gossip as it is here, and knowing just how intuitive you are, you probably knew even before I did."

"I know... I always sort of knew," Lavinia said, her voice equally as low.

"Did you know that the only reason Bass approached you that night in the pub was because I didn't have the bollocks to go talk to you?"

"You... You were there that night?"

"But after seeing how well you and Bass seemed to be getting on, I decided to leave. But I've always wondered what might have happened if I could have gotten to you first."

"We might not be friends for starters."

"You mean you wouldn't have liked me chatting you up?"

"When Bass first introduced me to you, I thought you were a bit of a git to be honest."

"Well there's some truth I could've done without... Way to wound a man when he's vulnerable."

There was pause and Remus stood up to make once more for the fire, however Lavinia spoke making Remus stop in his tracks.

"Bass might still be alive," she said, genuine emotion in her voice. For as strong as Lavinia was, and after having endured so much from her childhood, in her tragic marriage and in the caves, Remus had never seen her properly breakdown and cry. But hearing the sounds now coming from the common area, it seemed her armored facade had finally been broken down. It was too much, what she was proposing to do, too much and he knew that, he would never have asked her to do anything on his behalf had it not been the fact that this plan had come into existence from both she and Tonks, and although Tonks did not have the same kind of relationship Lavinia and Remus had, and had once seen Lavinia as a rival, she would never needlessly put a woman in a precarious situation just for her own benefit.

"Please don't do this, Liv," Thaliard said, now seeming to plead with her.

"I have to, Thal, I have to do this."

Remus could hear Thaliard sigh, his voice getting even lower now. "He's never going to love you, not the way you love him."

"I don't-"

"Oh, come off it Cormier, I thought we were better than lying to each other," Thaliard said, with a scoff and Remus felt guilty for listening in to their conversation, but his curiosity won out over his sense of propriety.

"I'm not in love with him, Jack, at least, not anymore. I won't deny that I'm attracted to him, and we might have had something last year... but he's completely taken with his wife and she's arse over elbow in love with him. Besides, I... I don't think I can love anyone, not really. I'm ... I'm damaged goods, as they say."

"Liv," Thaliard said not buying into her self-pity.

"No I'm serious, Thal, I'm not just saying that for some forced sympathy. Having always been kept in basements and cages and caves since as far back as I can remember, I don't think I know how to properly love anyone or anything... Well, other than the preservation of my own life. Looking back, I don't even think I really was in love with Bass. But, Jack," she said interrupting Thaliard's attempts at protest, "I see an opportunity for us to have a better life, and I'm going to take that chance. I only hope that you'll be with me when I'm no longer surrounded by people telling me who to be, or what I am, or how to act as though I couldn't possibly know better. You make me a better person, Jack Thaliard, and I would have drowned in my own grief had you not pulled me back from the brink. But I want to have the opportunity to create a life where we don't have to be imprisoned by walls or restrictions."

"If you haven't noticed, Cormier, we're werewolves, there are always going to be restrictions if not placed by the government than by our own conscience."

"But if there was a chance for Thasia to grow up without having to worry about Greyback's rules or if there was a chance for her to go to Hogwarts some day, wouldn't you want to give that to her?"

"You know you can't bring the kid into it, that's not fair."

"But Thal, that's just it. RJ has a chance to see his kid in that position, his kid could go to Hogwarts and have the life that any parent would want for their child, and I'm not going to stand idly by while that child might grow up without its father. Or worse still, if that child does inherit our disease that it should grow up without the one parent who would be able to help them the most."

There was a momentary lapse in the conversation, the crackling fire the only sound Remus could hear. He felt guilty for listening in on their conversation, something shared in confidence but had they really wanted to keep it to themselves, he reasoned, they would have kept their voices lower or taken the conversation elsewhere. Perhaps they had wanted to Remus to hear.

"Fine, I still don't like it," Thaliard said finally breaking the silence.

"And you don't have to," Lavinia said stubbornly.

"Just promise me that when you get your hands on that disgusting monster's blood, you run as far away from these caves as you possibly can. Don't worry about sticking around to protect Thasia and I we can manage for ourselves. I don't want you lingering about unnecessarily so Greyback can have an excuse to... I don't know... Further sully your honor."

"Merlin forbid my precious honor to be sullied further," she said sarcastically with a forced laugh. "Why, no man would want me or my dowry now that I have harmed my chances for an advantageous marriage!"

"Oh, piss off would you," Thaliard said now starting to find his sense of humor again, and Remus felt it might be safe to venture out to join them once more.

"So, professor, did you get enough gossip to satisfy even your insatiable curiosity?" Lavinia said, her one eyebrow was raised knowingly. Remus felt himself blush slightly, grateful for the dying firelight so that his guilt might be hid from her all too knowing gaze.

"I can't possibly imagine what you mean," he said innocently as he could.


"Shouldn't we have heard something by now? The plan was to go in, and then get him out, how hard could it be to get a few measly drops of blood?" Tonks said, pacing the kitchen floor, speaking aloud more to herself than to her mother, who was up to her elbows in potion brewing.

"I'm sure that they are taking every precaution and something might have got in the way. You need to stop worrying so much, everything will turn out for the best." Andromeda said, noncommittally, reading the list of potion ingredients once more to double check her work.

"I just can't believe I went along with that insane idea of hers, I knew I should have just gathered up a bunch of Order members and taken out the whole bloody cave system."

"Which was out of the question, as she pointed out. It would far too dangerous for you, and the outcome completely uncertain for anyone involved. Let the dogs take care of their own," Andromeda said, placing a new rat tail into the cauldron, a faint green haze now filling up the kitchen.

"Mum, please, not now with the dog talk," Tonks said, not in the mood for another row with her mother.

"Oh, right, the 'lycanthropes', excuse me," Andromeda said with sarcasm, and Tonks scoffed at her mother's attempt at being 'politically correct'.

"I just wish there was a way to check in to see how it's going. All I can do is just sit here twiddling my thumbs, waiting for any kind of word that is was going to work."

"Well, if you want to make yourself useful, why don't you get the jar of beetle wings from the pantry?"

No sooner had Tonks handed the jar to her mother, all the while mentally listing methods of communication she might employ to contact Lavinia, the sound of a poorly made owl sound could be heard from the back garden.

"Do be careful, Nymphadora," Andromeda said, watching Tonks scramble to get to the back door. "You can't know who might be out there."

Wand held at the ready, Tonks cautiously made her way through the garden, looking for the source of the hooting, thinking perhaps her anxious mind had created the sound.

"Hoot, hoot," said the badly mimicked owl sound coming from somewhere toward the edge of the property. Tonks hooted back, waiting to see who was going to emerge. A man, perhaps a few years younger than Remus, stood carefully erect, looking around for the woman he was to be contacting.

"Nymphadora?" he said in a voice barely above a whisper.

"Tonks," she corrected him, hurrying over to his hiding area.

"Yeah, sorry, Lupin said you didn't like that," the man said apologetically. "I knew I shouldn't say anything, and then, of course it's the first thing I ask, really foot in mouth. Not the best first impression, I'm sure. Thaliard," he said, extending out his hand for Tonks to shake. She could see there were a few pieces of paper in the palm of his hand. Tonks looked to the paper in his out stretched hand and then back to the man who had identified himself as Thaliard. She knew that there was a large possibility Lavinia not be able to return herself, however, her Auror training had made her sensitive to suspicious characters carrying suspicious parcels. Not that these scraps of paper could really be anything nefarious, she just wanted to make sure she was not going to find herself on the wrong end of this meeting.

"Oh, Merlin, just take the blasted notes. They're from Lupin, and if you don't believe me I'm more than happy to read them aloud."

Tonks still hesitated, not sure to trust this man who so rudely and abruptly was making her acquaintance for the first time. Thaliard sighed, and began to unfold one of the scraps of paper, clearing his throat dramatically. "My Dearest Dora, It has felt like a millennia since I have felt your warm embrace-"

"Yes, alright give it here," Tonks said blushing, ripping the paper from Thaliard's grasp.

"Aw, just when it was getting good," Thaliard said, and Tonks noted his cheekiness.

"So apart from missing me, how is he?" Tonks asked, not daring to finish reading the rest of the note in front of this rude stranger.

"As well as to be expected, his leg is healing and he could do with a bath and a warm meal, but nothing so life threatening just yet."

"And Lavinia, how is she? I see she wasn't able to make the trip herself," Tonks said, and she saw something akin to bitter resentment in Thaliard's eyes.

"Fine," he said briskly, "She send her regards. Do you have it?"

"What?" Tonks asked, feeling foolish that this total stranger had more control over this transaction than she had.

"The Portkey," he said, looking at her as though he had not been told he was to be dealing with someone this dense, "do you have the Portkey? I assume that's why I was dragged all the way out here and you out of your warm and cozy house."

"Of course," Tonks said, reaching into her coat pocket to pull out a small silver key. She tapped the key once with her wand, performing a Portus Charm as it glowed instantly blue, charming it into a Portkey. As part of her and Lavinia's plan, at midnight precisely, this key would glow once more and take him to a small flat she had let for a month in the town her parents had started their lives together, a place she was sure that they would not be followed, a place where she hoped they could begin to repair their relationship. She had told no one, not even her mother, where she was going to be meeting Remus, although seeing as she had used the town she had spent her early childhood in, she would hope her mother might figure it out eventually.

"Thanks, I'd better get going, don't want to be late for all the fun," Thaliard said, turning and Tonks thought for a moment that he might not deliver the key as promised.

"You tell him to be safe, and if it doesn't seem likely for everything to go smoothly tonight, then try to send word and we can plan for another night."

"Sure thing," Thaliard said, not offering her the courtesy of turning around to speak to her face to face.

"HEY! What's your problem?" Tonks finally asked, fed up with his cavalier attitude. "A man's life might be at stake here, and you act as though he's just out for a Sunday stroll."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Thaliard said, finally turning around to look at her, and Tonks was sure she saw the resentment etched into every scar and premature line on his young face. "You must think I'm not handling the golden boy's life properly. Terribly sorry, shall I hold his hand as he pours blood on the entrance of the caves as well?"

"You know, here I thought I was dealing with someone who cared. Clearly I was wrong. Some friend you turned out to be," Tonks rounded on him, her temper having already been so close to the surface living with her mother now seemed to rear its ugly head without a second thought.

"My dear," Thaliard said, his voice low and slightly menacing, and Tonks gripped her wand a bit tighter, "you have no idea what friendship means."

"Maybe I should deliver the key myself, because I doubt you are capable of performing even the simplest task. In fact, tell Remus that the plan is not going through because YOU had to put your foot in your mouth."

"This plan is going through, whether the danger has passed or not, because I'm not for a moment, going to allow Lavinia to give herself to that beast anymore than is strictly necessary."

Tonks was about to retaliate, however, his words caught her off guard. This wasn't about having to play the messenger or have his life put in danger; this was about a girl.

"You love her don't you?" Tonks said, almost accusing him, smirking slightly as though she knew his most private secret.

"I don't know what-"

"You do, don't you? That's what's put your knickers in a twist, because Lavinia has to get close to Greyback."

"Well, if you hadn't suggested it, or if Lupin for once could act like a big boy and fend them off himself, she wouldn't have to degrade herself."

"Thaliard, she was the one to suggest it. We were running out of ideas, because so many factors were at play, so we were trying to think of anything that wouldn't place so many people at risk for Greyback's retaliation. And then finally, she came up with the plan you seem to have such a problem with."

Thaliard, silent for the first time since he had introduced himself, looked slightly sheepish and could not face Tonks directly.

"Look, I tried talking her out of it, because to be honest, I couldn't think of a more horrible way to free Remus, but she was insistent that this was the best plan we had."

"Stubborn girl," Thaliard muttered, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"If there was another way of getting Greyback's blood, or having him grant Remus permission to leave, we would have thought of it. But if Lavinia is able to get close enough to Greyback to, say, in a moment of passion, spill his blood, then that's the play we're going to use."

"I just wish there was another way. I know you want your husband home, but you couldn't have waited for another time to spring him free. Perhaps, say, when Greyback is dead?"

"Unfortunately, time is not on our side," Tonks said putting a hand subconsciously to her stomach.

"Oh, right," Thaliard said, seeing her reaction and suddenly becoming shy. "Look, we really did get off to a bad start and I'm sorry I've been short with you. Wish I could blame the time of the month, but this whole situation has me on edge. If they get caught and find out I've been wrapped up in it, it's not only my hide on the line but my daughter's as well."

"I... I didn't know you were the one with the daughter." Tonks said, appreciating Thaliard a little more.

"Yeah, well, didn't ask, didjah? Anyway, I'll give him the key, and if Liv can't deliver the goods tonight, then you'll be hearing from me."

"Looking forward to it," Tonks said, matching his usual sarcasm. She stood for a while in the garden, watching as Thaliard made his way past the protective barrier and Disapparated. She had not realized just how long she had been standing there, and it was dark before her mother came out scolding her for being outside without at least a jumper on. But she could not move, frozen not by the chilly night air, but by the fact that she felt sure that this plan was going to fail, as there were too many variables at play and too many lives on the line.


That evening, change was in the air and Remus could feel that tonight would be the night he would finally have the chance to reunite once more with Tonks. Even Thaliard, though still continuing his mantra of disapproval, seemed to sense the change in the winds. After he had returned from his mission, Remus could smell Dora's scent on him, and thought, perhaps foolishly, that he could smell just how much she wanted him back just as badly as he wished to be home. The thought gave him hope and as Thaliard gave him the small silver key, Remus clutched to it as though it were a lifesaver given to a drowning man, as it was his lifeline to Dora and to their life together once more. Thaliard also informed him that a late night meeting had been called that all the wolves would be in attendance as a special announcement was to be made by the Pack Leader, and by the tone in Thaliard's voice, there was no doubt as to what the topic of conversation was to be about; Lavinia had seen the plan through to the end. There was no word as of yet if she had managed to get Greyback's blood but Remus felt confident that he would be leaving these caves one way or another. He hoped, however, that Lavinia herself had not been harmed in the process.

Helping Thaliard with Thasia, he joined the rest of the pack as they congregated to the large meeting cave where the rudimentary skylight revealed a clear night with dazzling stars. Through the dense crowd, Thaliard and Remus carefully pushed their way forward, trying to find Lavinia. But no sooner had they come towards the center of the gathering did they see her, beaming as people were standing in line congratulating her, wishing her every happiness, as though this were her wedding day. Remus was flooded with a sickly feeling, his stomach lurching uncomfortably as these well wishers could only be wishing her well as their new alpha female. He knew this was going to happen, that if the plan could come to fruition Lavinia might be made alpha, yet when the reality had presented itself, he could not help but to think that they all had made a terrible mistake in playing this game. Thaliard look as if he might physically be sick, but approached the honored female with the same reverance as the others.

"Congratulations," he said when their turn in line had finally come. "May you produce many strong and healthy pups for our great Pack Leader."

"Thank you," Lavinia said without emotion, kissing Thaliard once on each cheek and touched Thasia on the head with a warm smile. As Remus approached, she grasped both of Remus' hands into her own. Remus felt a small vial slip subtly into his own hands, and carefully kept it pressed against his palm while others wait for their turn with the new Alpha. "I know we had been friends, and I know perhaps your ultimate loyalty lies elsewhere. But I do hope that you take my new position as a sign that I believe in the cause of the great Pack Leader, and hope you remain a loyal follower if not to him, then to me."

"To you I pledge my loyalty, may you give Pack Leader the strength the lead with conviction for the best interests of our people."

Lavinia kissed him once on both cheeks as she had done to Thaliard, and Remus could see the strain she was truly under. She paused for no more than a heartbeat on his second cheek and whispered, "Run."

He smiled and turned toward the less crowded area as though nothing out of the ordinary had just taken place. He and Thaliard pushed back away from the mass of people. "Playing her part well, I just hope there is time for her to escape now that she is Alpha. She'll have someone watching her day and night, and there's no way Greyback would let her out of her sight."

"He's not here now," Remus said, looking around the common area for any hint of Greyback. Remus looked through the hole in the cave and saw the position of the innocent waning moon and knew his time was beginning to run short. "I think this is my best opportunity, with everyone so distracted."

"Good luck, mate," Thaliard said, repositioning the squirming infant in his arms.

"I'll be seeing you soon," Remus promised, and though Thaliard still looked skeptical, he nodded his head firmly in solidarity. Remus quickly and quietly slid past people, talking wildly about the new addition to the hierarchy; gossip it seemed had turned their carefully guarded plot for freedom into a wild romance, complete with the unborn child she simply must be carrying, perhaps the savior child to them all. Remus rolled his eyes thinking of how much Lavinia would laugh if she could hear these rumors. Finally, with the entrance to the caves in sight, Remus looked down to the tiny glass vial Lavinia had put into his hands. There was perhaps no more than three drops of Greyback's dark red blood, but it was just enough to grant him his freedom, just enough to give him hope that everything would work out for the best.

Approaching the entrance, he pulled the tiny cork from the vial and poured the entire contents out onto the dirt. Although nothing happened as far as he could see, Remus felt the magical energy change. He took a cautious step out from the caves and into the night. Nothing happened. As soon as he felt sure that no one was watching and he was safe from the consequences of breaking a blood magic barrier, he ran. Ran as fast as he possibly could on his still injured ankle, ran as fast as his still weakened body was able to carry him, ran as fast and as far as he could away from caves. Finally, his tired body began to give out on him, and he slowed his pace until he could no longer walk.

"Just a few more moments," he told himself panting, holding on tightly to the key, "just a few more moments and I'll be back to her, I'll be back home."

No sooner had the stitch in his chest began to ease, the key glowed brightly blue and Remus had the sensation of a hook being caught around his naval, spinning wildly out of control, before coming abruptly back down on the ground. He quickly scrambled to his feet once more, trying to get a better understanding of where he had been taken. Instead of seeing Ted and Andromeda Tonks' large home, he had been sent to an unfamiliar neighborhood, all quietly sleeping, unaware of the ragged man who had seemingly come crashing in from nowhere. He looked down to the key, wondering if somehow it had been tampered with. Upon closer examination under the light from the brightly lit street lamps, he saw the number "42" etched carefully on the key's handle. Knowing his registration number to be "4205", Remus found the coincidence too similar to be ignore and decided to head for the row house number 42. He looked to the house that had been turned into apartments and noticed all the floors to be dark, as though no one was home, and Remus thought that this might have been an incredible mistake. However, no sooner had he begun to fit key to lock, the door burst open and a flash of bright pink startled him.

"Remus," Tonks said breathlessly, wrapping her arms tightly around him. Stunned for a moment that what was now happening was not some sort of dream, he stood there with his arms pressed to his side, simply taking in her scent, her warmth, every molecule in his body screaming like he had been lit aflame.

"Oh, Dora," he said, coming back to his senses, his weight collapsing into her arms. "I love you," he said, his head still spinning, reeling from finally being home and in her arms.

"I love you more, you silly man," she said, tears streaking down her beautiful face.


a/n: reunited, and it feels so good! but now these two have the impossible task of rebuilding their love in a time of war, with their unborn child's fate so uncertain. we shall now begin to see how the ties that bind them, strengthen under their love and how their own destinies will be intertwined with the fate of the wizarding world.

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"Show me."

He pulled back, looking at her with confusion etched into every line in his face.

"Don't tell me, Remus…show me."

"Show you?" He whispered, brow slightly knitted, his heart beginning to race thinking she could only mean one thing.

Her eyes and hands traveled to the edge of his shirt where she tugged slowly, the fabric of the tuck sliding across his abdomen as she pulled it out. Underneath, her fingers found the edge of his trousers, grasped the buckle of his belt as she whispered again, "Show me, Remus."

She didn't have to ask him again.

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