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IMPORTANT: This fic follows all the Harry Potter books EXCEPT Harry and Ginny dating. It just didn't happen. Harry still loves her but more like a brother would a sister. ALSO as much as I love all the Weasleys in my fic they are all dead other than Ron, Charlie and Percy. As sad as I am to do this its kinda needed for my plot to work. Sorry.

Really brief summary: Harry wants to change the aftermath of the war and had a plan to do this. He wants to save his loved ones and to make a difference to the attitudes of wizards in general. Slash.

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Chapter One

Harry sat in his room quietly contemplating the past six years of his life. It was at the mere age of eleven that he had been told of his magic by the friendly giant, Hagrid. After that so many things had changed in his life; Mostly for the better, but some for worse. He had been introduced to Hogwarts, the first place he ever considered home. It was in that castle that he had made his first friends. Ron and Hermione may not have been perfect (Ron being a jealous git sometimes, and Hermione always nagging) but Harry thought of them as siblings and no family worked in perfect synch all the time. These were the changes that Harry was most grateful for. There were things that Harry could have done without though such as the fame and the burden of having to kill the most evil and powerful Dark Lord ever known.

He still loved the wizarding world despite its fickle nature and backward society and all the pressure that was placed on his young shoulders. It was the first place he had ever felt truly at home. Harry understood that the wizards of Britain had many short comings though and didn't think that he could over look some of the idiocy that took place around him. The prejudice and bigotry was too much for even the most level headed person to handle. It wasn't even just against the muggleborns anymore but purebloods were now discriminated against too. People just labelled purebloods and any half-blood who was from what was perceived as an 'evil' family as death eaters. The same happened to most Slytherin students. It was just unfair; as childish as it sounded it was true.

Harry had worked, since he had found out about the wizarding world, for equality of all wizards and magical creatures. He had hoped that without Voldemort his goal would be achieved, but now everyone still mistrusted each other and treated anyone who was unlike them with contempt and caution.

Since the war had ended many things were improving thanks to the current minister (Kingsley Shacklebolt) being a fair and competent man. Many of the ministry workers were still corrupt and inept, but they were slowly found and fired. All in all things were getting better but Harry feared that the animosity would never fade between the wizarding people of Britain. Harry had a plan though. It was risky, dangerous and illegal but if he achieved it so many lives would be saved and so many people would be made happier.

After all the lives that were lost discovering that there was a way to change things made Harry's heart swell with joy. Dumbledore and Moody and Snape would all be alive. Harry's parents and Sirius too would live. The family whose death Harry mourned and regretted the most, the Weasleys, would be back. It was true that Harry missed the Weasleys more than his parents and all the others who gave their life in the war. Harry couldn't help it. He had never really known his parents. He loved them dearly and wished that they were alive but couldn't help but care just a little more about the Weasley family.

They were the first wizarding family that Harry had ever met and he had grown to love them just as much as he did his parents but the fact that he actually knew them and could remember spending time with them made their death harder for Harry. Mrs. Weasley was the kindest woman he had ever met. She had accepted Harry as a son after briefly meeting him on a train platform and being told about him by Ron. The Weasley sweaters that she sent him during Christmas were worth more to him than all the gold in Gringotts and all the jewels in the world combined. Each joke that the twins ever uttered made him laugh more than the most potent ticking charm and made him happier than any euphoria elixir ever could. Any inane question that Mr. Weasley ever spoke was dearer to his heart than any material possession. He simply loved the family.

Sure Charlie, Percy and Ron had survived but they were all so distraught and torn up over the death of their family that it was hard for them to even function normally. They were slowly getting over it and moving on with their lives but Ron was the only one who had made any real progress towards healing and that was only because he had Harry and Hermione helping and supporting him through the pain. He was almost back to the way he was before the war but the haunted look in his eye never seemed to fade.

Harry knew his plan would work. It had to. All he had to do now was to convince Ron and Hermione to help him do it and for them to allow him to do it by himself. Harry was almost sure that this would be hardest part of the entire plan.

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