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Chapter 15

Harry could recognise the pair walking towards him and Charlus in an instant. There was nothing about the duo that didn't scream 'Malfoy' despite the fact that Lucius, or at least the boy Harry assumed was Lucius, looked nothing like Harry would have imagined him to look in his teenage years. Harry had always imagined that Draco and his father looked identical but now it was clear that describing Lucius as such was extremely inaccurate. Sure they has the same colour hair and eyes but where Draco had his hair severely slicked back Lucius wore his with a side parting and loosely tied back. The bone structure greatly differed also in the manner that Lucius had a strong jaw and high cheek bones and yet his face remained softer and more curved whereas Draco had inherited a more pointed face from him mother. At some point during Harry's comparison of the would be father and son he realised that he had been staring intently at Lucius. It was fair to say that the blonde's looks had captivated Harry and he hoped to Merlin that this Lucius would have the personality to match. Snarky, opinionated, sophisticated and stubborn he liked and could handle but prejudiced and bigoted wasn't something he could stand to be around.

"Are the two walking toward us Malfoys? Because if not, they have an uncanny resemblance to the family." Harry asked, already knowing the answer but merely looking to confirm his suspicions.

"Yes they are. I know your past acquaintance with them wasn't a particularly good one but do you suppose you can happily interact with them right now? Because if not, you have approximately five seconds to leave." replied Charlus. He was fully aware that in the life Harry had lived the Malfoy family were a constant source of bother and did not want his new son (and Charlus did consider Harry so) to have to face an uncomfortable situation so soon upon his arrival in public.

"I think I can hack it for a few minutes. At least enough to meet them and gauge their personalities here."

Truth be told Harry was more than a little curious to see how the absence of Voldemort had affected the Malfoys. To Harry they had always seemed more family orientated and power craving as opposed to purely evil or dark. Their support of Voldemort had always seemed more out of a wish to be safe from harm and political influence than any desire to eradicate muggleborns. Their disdain of muggleborns was clear however their harsh treatment extended to anyone they considered below themselves in status. This thought however did not fully appease Harry. It just made the Malfoys a mystery. They were unpredictable and followed whoever they believed would further their family's reputation the most.

"Good afternoon, Charlus, I had not expected to see you in Diagon today. What brings you here?" enquired Abraxas.

Harry had been so lost in thought that he had not noticed that the two men were now standing directly in front of him and Charlus. Upon closer inspection Harry decided that he was right about the lack of resemblance between the teenaged Lucius and Draco. The man before him was far too beautiful for such comparisons.

"It's good to see Abraxas. We are just here to sort some business with the bank. My eldest son is back from his schooling in France and we're just trying to get him more fully settled in England. He has decided to attend Hogwarts next year." Replied Charlus in an attempt to make Harry's presence seem normal. He hoped that if he behaved as though Harry's existence had been common knowledge their story wouldn't be questioned too much.

The revalation of this information was shocking for both Abraxas and Lucius. Both had assumed that the man was speaking about James and were confused as to what he meant about education in France. From what they could remember James Potter had always attended Hogwarts. Lucius even remembered his sorting though James was in a lower year than he and could recall seeing him around Hogwarts on numerous occasions.

"I'm sorry but I don't quite understand, I thought that James had always attended Hogwarts."

"James has. But I am speaking of my eldest son, Harrison. He was sent to live and be educated in France before James was even born. But excuse my mistake; I should have known that very few remembered Harrison and his living arrangement. In fact, allow me to introduce Harry to you." He paused and looked towards Harry, almost beckoning him forward with his look. "Abraxas, Lucius I'd like for you to meet my son and the heir to the Potter family, Harrison Evander Potter."

"It is a pleasure to meet you, both of you." Harry smiled as he moved forward to shake their hands "I have heard a great deal about your family despite my distance from British society."

"It is good to meet you too." Replied Lucius, though he was interrupted from any further comments by his father.

"Pleasure, Harrison. It is not strange for you to have heard of our family in France my boy, if only for the reason that the Malfoys do originate from there." Abraxas said politely but with a discrete type of haste as if he had other things to be dealing with. As if to prove Harry right the elder Malfoy turned to Charlus "It is fortunate that we have crossed paths today Charlus. I have been trying to get in touch with you for a few days now regarding a business matter and if you could give me a few minutes right now we could discuss it quickly. I would normally give you more time but it is urgent I'm afraid."

"Abraxas you know that I would but I must help Harry with his..."

"This will take no longer than fifteen minutes, plus in the meantime Lucius and Harrison can get acquainted. You know it would be beneficial for the boy to know someone before starting Hogwarts." Interrupted Abraxas.

"Well... if it's ok with you Harry?" Charlus said not wanting to appear rude. He honestly did not want to leave Harry but knew that the matter had to be both urgent and important to inspire such insistence in Abraxas.

"Its fine dad. I don't mind waiting." Said Harry and with that he and Lucius were left alone together.

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