Unitix, Faeries United- Arc 1

Disclaimer: Winx Club is owned by Rainbow S.r.l and Viacom, we don't own and or profit from anything. This story does not reflect the views of the writers, and before you ask, this didn't actually happen.

Authors' Note: Unitix has been rewritten.

Chapter 1- Day of Fates

Growing up we often find ourselves believing in things our elders tell us isn't reality, but fiction. But there are times when the two emerge and form a new reality, one full of endless possibilities. Things we never had though could be real are so, and things we believe were true are proven wrong. This is a story about three best friends from Earth; Angie, Ella and Alexis, who learn that sometimes what is real isn't reality and fiction can fly off the pages.

All you have to do is close your eyes, open your heart and believe in what can be. That is if you aren't afraid on what resides on the other side.

But before you can understand what is being said, we must go back to when our heroes believed everything they had known was true, and before their lives became forever changed into a epic ongoing battle of good versus evil; truly a magical adventure.

A sixteen-year-old girl by the name of Angie entered her bedroom, preparing herself for a new days' adventure of being homeschooled. Pink light filtered onto the tiled hall way, due to the intense colour of her walls, which were decorated with carefully painted black paw prints. She headed to her desk and sat down at her comfy black swivel chair, pulling open her laptop, and looking at her inspiration board in front of her. It was cluttered with drawings of anime people, photographs of dogs, and other animals, and other random doodads, such as a little purple penguin, a ninja, a dinosaur and a florescent green cap to her favorite energy drink. Most of all, there were her drawings of faeries carefully pinned along the wide bulletin board, most of which were clothed in bright glittery clothes, and cute go-go boots. The Winx Club.

Angie had loved faeries, ever since she was little, and despite the fact she was in her mid-teens, she still believed they were real. Perhaps in the form of butterflies, maybe trapped in a magical world, or maybe even invisible! The possibilities were endless, but she still wished she could meet one someday.

As her thoughts wandered, she heard her bedroom door open and her younger brother Joseph come in and shuffle over to her desk.

"You're up early." Angie commented to her sleepy brother.

"Yeah, decided I wanted to get school done early this morning." he replied, mid-yawn.

"Well, go get started!" Angie laughed, turning around to see her messy-haired brother looking extremely tired. "Or go take a nap." she added.

She turned back to her computer as the welcome page popped up on her computer screen, asking for her password. She quickly typed out the long string of letters and numbers, glancing back to make sure her brother didn't see, and then began checking her emails. Nothing of great importance showed up in her email as her eyes scanned the list of bolded messages. Site chat messages, Blog updates, etc. all regarding her Winx Club fan site filled the majority of the page, but one message came to view in her vision that struck out to her. An email from Rainbow - the company that produced her favorite show Winx Club! Eyes widening in anticipation, she quickly clicked the link. As her eyes scanned the words contained in the message, she let out a choked squeak of delight, making Joseph jump in surprise behind her.

Joseph looked at his sister, deciding not to even bother asking why she had squeaked, he waved his hand. "Sisters can't live with them..."

Normally Angie wouldn't have allowed him to continue on with that statement, but not today! She was now in much too good of a mood to let anything bother her her in the slightest. She could hardly hold in her excitement as she read the email over and over again. No matter how many times she read it didn't seem real.

Bing! Sounded Angie's computer, startled out her excited trance, Angie looked down to find she had two IMs awaiting her response. She grinned as she saw who they belonged to; her best friends, Ella and Alexis.

A grin formed on her face as she read the two glowing messages.

Ella: Angie? Did you get that email too?

Alexis: Did you?

Angie giggled; it seemed she hadn't been the only one to receive the message.

Angie: Yeah, I did. Can you believe it?

Alexis: NO! This is so exciting! I just talked to my family, they said I could go. What about you girls?

Ella: Mine said yes as well, but they did act a little strange when I told them where it was...
Angie: ?
Alexis: Whoa, Ella! Mine too!

Angie sat back for a while and read what her friends where saying, as she began to wonder what her own parents would say about it, would they even let her go?

Her email updated itself, one new message. Angie looked at the bolded message, seeing that the email address didn't look familiar at all. Usually she wouldn't pay much mind to something like this, but for some reason this email gave off a different feeling. One that made her feel cold inside, deciding not to even open the non-subjected email, she marked it as spam.