Author's Note:

I had an idea I really liked so since summer is approaching and I had some free time I might as well put it together! I wanted to tell Remus and Tonks' story through pictures, but I CAN'T DRAW! :( :( and so I wrote about it. I hope it is easy to picture for you and I hope it's ok. Do enjoy! Constuctive critiscims are always welcome and I thank you ahead of time. Review if you have time but it means more to me if you enjoyed it ^_^

This tells their story (hopefully in sequential order) from when they first met all the way to their future. It's slightly AU so ;D (just saying)

Chapter 01 – Action!

The mild sized Auror office was cramped, mundane, and messy as piles after piles of bulky folders and case files lined the walls of the room. On the far side there was a small bookshelf that was stacked to a point over capacity with books and loose tan parchment, all written on. The desk was unkempt and a total disaster while the floors were lined with waist high piles, most of which consisted of criminal sightings with one name in particular, Sirius Black.

"Action!" a young, energetic witch with brilliant bubblegum pink hair shrieked in joy as she fist pumped the air, wearing a black Auror robe and a Weird Sisters tee underneath with holey jeans. She sat on a tall wooden stool, rocking it back and forth in eagerness.

"Don't get too excited. Once you're in there's no backing out," the battle worn man in the brown khaki robe reminded, his blue mechanical eye whizzing like mad.

"Oh hush up Mad-Eye. I know."

"Tonks, the Order of the Phoenix is not fun and game. We're here to…"

"You're here to protect and defend us against You-Know-Who. I know and no matter how goofy I seem, I'm actually taking this seriously. Give me a break Kingsley."

"Good," a dark man in violet long robes nodded approvingly. "Don't be late for the next meeting. Mad-Eye will guide you there.

"I won't. I finally get a dib in on some action instead of being stuck filing paperwork all day here," she grinned before suddenly tipping the stool which she sat on and flailing to the ground with a loud thud. Following her fall was a suppressed laugh, an irritated grunt, and an overly embarrassed chuckle.