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Chapter 20 – Together

It'd been weeks. The Battle of the Department of Mysteries was over and luckily, though there were injuries, there were no casualties. The Ministry had finally accepted that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has returned. Cornelius Fudge stepped down as Minister and the Wizarding World falls into a new campaign for a suitable leader, one who could lead them safely through the war. Though the Minister doesn't seem to be the leader in everyone's heart anymore.

How her life lead her there she didn't know, but all she knew was that she was there, she was thankful, and she was happy, for the moment. As the world reached war, she found a new reason, a reason she could fight for. Tonks stood on Platform 9 ¾ after all the kids had left. They'd just met with Harry and sent him home with a word of caution to his muggle relatives that if they didn't treat him right, they'd have a very mischievous and angry army and godfather to answer to. Harry had just left, and along with all the other kids. It was just them now, alone on the now deserted platform.

She shoved both her hands into the pockets of her robes, an action she could picture Remus doing daily. Tonks heaved a breath and sighed deeply.

"Why are you standing here all alone?" Remus asked her, walking up to stand beside her.

Tonks turned to him, a soft smile grazing her lips. "I told you about the nightmare right?"

He nodded. "Yeah, it scared the living daylights out of Padfoot when you woke up screaming. It worried me too when you told me about it…and what you saw," he replied.

"But I have a feeling that it's all behind us now," she spoke softly, her smile brightening.

Remus sighed and crossed his arms, turning back to see a grinning Sirius Black, seeming to be teasing Mad-Eye Moody about something, something stupid no doubt. Sirius' grin was so bright and lively, it mirrored that same one in his childhood. Then Remus nodded after watching his best friend. "I've been thinking exactly the same thing Nymphadora."

"So what now?" Tonks asked while feeling like she'd just overcame a harsh obstacle.

"Now…" Remus began, truly thinking. "Now we live…make the most out of our time…before war breaks out," he turned to her.

"Now we live," Tonks nodded.

Remus looked at her and smiled. They'd surpassed one obstacle together, but neither were naïve enough to think that it would end there. There were many more obstacles to overcome and many more battles to fight. They looked at each other intently in a spell binding gaze, able to understand exactly what the other is thinking. Tonks' lips quirked up into a smile to meet Remus' as mysterious dark green eyes met gentle soft blue ones.

"Together?" Remus asked, holding out his hand to her, ready for the future.

"Together." Tonks' tone sounded definite, and she planned on having a future with the man whose hand she was holding.