A series of irritatingly familiar noises were what first alerted the peace-seeking swordsman that there was mischief about. It was both a relief for the bit of regularity it added to the currently tenseness that pervaded Hueco Mundo and frustrating as those noises shouldn't have ever been heard again.

Stretching out his spiritual senses, he found the man that he was looking for. Carefully making his way so that he didn't run into any of the men stumbling about, Tōsen arrived in the large greeting hall and walked over to the leader of the Arrancar. "So."

"So," Aizen parroted, much to his companion's annoyance.

"You had said that you wouldn't be doing this anymore once your plan went into motion," the sight deprived man said, getting straight to the point.

He sensed the smirk that his companion wore grow wider. A flair of annoyance rose in Tōsen at the man's delight at abusing his powers. The dark-skinned man immediately pushed down the feeling, instead trying to focus on the ends that would be accomplished with Aizen's help. Instead, he decided that he would simply try to avoid it all. Let their leader have his fun. As long as the mortals were returned to their homes nothing would be wrong.

Tōsen turned to leave when his superior suddenly said, "You aren't curious about what I have them seeing?"

The other man paused before he replied with, "Not really."

"I'll give you a hint," Aizen taunted in a sing-song voice. It always gave Tōsen a moment of amusement whenever the formerly bespectacled man showed just how unprofessional and loose he could be. Not that anyone would actually believe him or Gin. Unable to contain the giddiness, the former 5th division captain said, "A white menace lurks behind its walls. They're allied with a land that one simply does not walk in to."

A minor tingle went through Tōsen's head as he recognized some of the phrasing. "You have them believing they're trapped in Isengard?" the blind swordsman queried, taking a few moments to think back to the mystical world he had imagined as the books were read to him.

"No no. Not Isengard. Aizengard," the former captain corrected.

Tōsen simply sighed as Aizen chuckled. "So how long will you leave those poor men in this little fantasy?"

The hypnotic brunette shrugged and replied, "Depends on how long it takes them to find the One Ring."

"Which would be…?" the blind man trailed off, waiting for the other man to tell him just what their quest was trying to find. Justice forbid that he used the Hōgyoku for his game.

Aizen's answer used no words. It didn't require them as Tōsen recognized the tinkling of the loop on his sword. The dark-skinned man frowned as he heard the extremely short man with pieces of a wig glued to his feet yell, "The ring calls to me!"

"We need to find you better ways to pass the time," the 9th division's former captain grumbled as he briskly walked away from the grasping hands of the fully hypnotized Lord of the Rings LARPers.

"And you need to move faster," Aizen called out, watching his fellow soul reaper speed up as several men began to chase him in earnest.


Just something silly I thought of while watching Thor with my siblings. They started mocking the name Asgard which made me start wondering about Isengard. Isengard easily became Aizengard and thus this little story was born.