AN: So, here we are again, with another letter from Kieli...if i didn't mention it last time, these letters take place about once a month or so during the time gap. So, that's what? 18 letters? So, this story will have 19 chapters...yes, there's a reason for the extra chapter, and no, I will not say what it is.

(She sits down once more, in a spare quiet moment, not sure why she's doing this yet again, when she knows it will simply end up shoved to the bottom of her bag again.)

Hey, Harvey

The truck broke down a couple of days ago, so we've been walking since then, to get to this town. The Corporal says we should have hitchhiked,

(Actually, there was a lot more the Corporal was saying, quite a bit of it about Harvey and none of it very nice.)

but Beatrix says that it would have been too dangerous, with her being an Undying and all. They argue a lot.

(In fact, the only thing she had noticed them agreeing on at all was how much of an idiot Harvey was.)

She's alright, Beatrix. Sometimes, though, she gives me this look, like she's not quite sure what to do with me.

(Yeah…just before handing Kieli the handle to her bag and telling her it was time to start walking. Again.)

And then other times, she acts like I'm some sort of strange animal handed over to her for temporary care.

(She snorts. "Yeah, a pack animal." She mutters, poking at the bag lying next to her with her feet.)

Still it's not as bad as it could be. We're still traveling, and if I stay with her, I'm sure I'll find out something useful, eventually.

("Kieli!" She hears the Undying woman call out, and readies herself for whatever it is she's about to embark on. Whether they're staying or leaving, she has no idea. It's up to Beatrix, if this town is far enough away from the last one to stay. She looks down at the letter in her hand and sighs, knowing she can't leave it as it is.)

I hope you're doing alright, and that whatever you're looking for, you find it soon.


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