Chapter Four

Last Time ~
"Erm... we...err... we got lost." Bex said. That was when I noticed the broom.

Most people would think that a lever is obvious, but to most, they are actually very hard to spot, but for me – who had been a spy-in-training for three years, noticed it straight away. "What does this do?" I asked, pulling it.

With a sharp whoosh, we dropped down, as if we were in an elevator. When I looked around, the man was no longer in his 'care-taker' clothes, but he was in a black suit. Something wasn't quite normal with this school. The doors opened and we stepped out into a place that reminded me of the sub-levels.

"Ah" the man said.

Cammie's POV

My Guess was, we weren't supposed to find out about this place. It was a darkish room, but very well lit – if that makes sense. It was very big and reminded me more of Sub-level One with the high-tech equipment and the floor space.

"Where are we? Is this some sort of Sub-level?" Bex wandered aloud.

"I'm sorry, what's a Sub-level? This is... the... new science block?" Rose's voice came out of the shadows.

"Rose?" Liz asked.

"Who are you? Wait, do you lot know each other? Rose? Tell me what's going on! How did they find this place?" Another girl asked. She was colored and looked the sporty type. I looked around and saw another person – one other person – a boy.

"Simple. Cammie pulled the broom-lever and we came plummeting down here. A Sub-level is some sort of funky underground place at our school – there are three of them. Yes, we know Rose because she was our tour-guide and don't try to kid us with lies about science blocks and what-not 'cause we're really not that dumb." Bex explained.

"We'll tell our secret if you tell yours" the boy said, speaking up for the first time. Something about the way he acted reminded me of Zach. Zach. Zach. I missed him so much.

"Nuh-uh. No way. Kesshite (Japanese). Cónglái méiyǒu (Chinese). Kabhī nahīṁ (Hindi). Nooit (Dutch). Nien (German). Jamais (French). Byth (Welsch). Mị̀ khey (Thai). Need I go on?" I asked them in only ten of the fourteen languages I was fluent in.

"Err; no I think we got the message after you said "never" in about three of those languages. How do you know so many?" The other girl asked, "Sorry, my name's Carrie, by the way."

"Well Carrie, I'm Cammie, and this is Bex, Liz and Macey. Basically, we all got taught fourteen different languages, including English – all of which we are fluent in – at our school. You see, at our school, we use those languages often." I didn't think it would be necessary to tell them about the whole 'different-language-every-day-at-meal-time' thing, "How many do you guys know then?"

"Twelve to fourteen. Why do you use them so often?" Rose wondered.

"Never mind. What is this place?" Macey interjected.

"It's a base. These three students are very special, more special than any of you four." The older man replied smoothly.

"I highly doubt that!" The four of us all said together and we doubled over with laughter.

"Oh yeah? You're probably just as bad as Chad. That dude from California." The younger boy said.

"Oscar!" Carrie hissed under her breath.

"OK, I probably don't know him but do you mean Chad Turner?" I butted in.

"Yeah him" a voice from nowhere said.

"DAISY! I can't believe you're here!" Rose screeched.

"But isn't Chad Turner that teen boy who worked as a double agent for both the CIA and for SKUL?" I asked. "How would you know about him?"

"Yeah. How do you know about him? And how do you know about SKUL?" The new, blonde girls asked.

"I'm sorry. You are...?" Carrie asked looking at blondie.

"I'm Daisy Miller, old co-worker of Rose's. And you are?" she replied.

"Carrie Stewart, British gymnastics team. I... replaced you I guess. This is Oscar Cole and..." She trailed off and looked pointedly at us.

"Cammie Morgan. This is Liz Sutton, Macey McHenry and Bex Baxter. It's our first day today." I filled the girl in.

"Why are you in the base? Are you working for someone? I swear to God, if you work for SKUL or you're in allegiance with Chad, I will murder you right here and now." Daisy said seriously.

"No. We're just... normal – but much better than all of you for so many reasons. As for SKUL, we've never even heard of them apart from when Zach told us about Chad. Oh, and we're in the... base because I pulled the broom-lever. How else? Unless there're stairs." I said. This shut them up. They turned and looked at us, stunned.

"Didn't Zach say he went to Blackthorne with Chad? That would explain everything then. Hey, Cammie. Are you still in contact with Josh? I mean, did he ever remember anything after your mom slipped him that concoction in his tea that time?" Trust Macey to turn the subject to boys. The others were still staring at us blankly until Daisy said "Blackthorne? Isn't that the school for assassins and double agents in Virginia?" Wow, this girl was smarter than I gave her credit for, unless...

"Yeah... Daisy, how do you know about all of this?" I asked slowly. She simply pointed to herself and said "Spy". Just like Zach.