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What a fucking prick!Julian was sitting in the living room of Stuart pretending to study his history book. Actually, he was "keeping an eye" on Logan. He was just sitting there staring out the window at Blaine and Kurt on the lawn. Randomly the boy would loose his temper and punch his favorite wall, but still return to the adorable scene playing out in the grass.

The two Windsor boys were laughing and smiling on their picnic blanket between Stuart and their house. They looked so completely happy and in love that Julian could slap them. Why can't I have that? Oh, right - I'm a fucking coward.

He quickly sits up and slams his book shut. Logan jumps at the noise, very unlike him, but returns to his glaring. He storms out and practically runs up the stairs to his room. Could he be any more obvious? He slammed the door shut behind him and heard Pav squeak in his cage at the sudden noise.

"Arrrrrrrgh!" The usually collected actor tore through his room, throwing script after script flying through the air. What did they matter now? It's not like he could leave. He hadn't heard anything from the stalker in a few days, but he knew if he stepped one foot out of line very bad things would ensue.

In a matter of minutes the once pristine room was covered in papers; desk upturned and bookcase face down in the middle of the floor. Jules was sitting in the center of the madness in the fetal position; his head buried between his knees. His quiet sobs were barley audible to anyone who wasn't familiar with this pattern. Soon enough, the expected soft knocking came from the door as Derek entered and sighed at his crumpled friend. He didn't understand how Logan could be such an idiot or how anyone hadn't noticed this increase behavior.

He picked up the bookshelf and put it back against the wall and started stacking the books back into their proper order, just the way Julian liked it. He had done this so many times before, it was becoming second nature. "What happened this time," Derek asked. It wasn't in his usual snide way, but actually conveyed his true interest in how his friend got this way. "Look out the fucking window," Julian snarled. He glanced down and saw the two lovebirds. "I'm guessing you were watching Logan watching them." His friend's silence confirmed his theory. "Why do you keep doing this to yourself? You don't need to be putting yourself under any unneeded stress right now. After what happened last week…," Julian shuddered at the images of blood that fled to the forefront of his mind. Derek stopped putting the books away and bent down to the broke boy and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Why does this stuff always happen to me?"

Within the next hour Julian manages to compose himself enough to help Derek put his room back to its original state. He collapsed on the bed and sighed into the overstuffed pillow. Derek sat down next to him and rubbed his back. "I told you it was too soon to leave your room," his best friend stated with knowing very well what was weighing him down so much. Why does heal ways have to be such a know-it-all? Derek was soon walking towards the door having finished his work, but as he opened the door there stood Logan with eyes flaming.

"When was the last time you took you meds, Lo?" Julian quickly sat up, fixing his expression into his usual aloof facade. "Why do you care," Logan snapped. Clearly something had happened in the Kurt department. "Oh, what did little Alice do now?" Julian casually moved to perch on his windowsill, smirking at Logan with knowing eyes. "Shove it, Larson!" He just shook his head and laughed at the enraged boy. "You're the one in my room. I'll say what I wish, thank you very much, Mr. Wright!"

Derek sat on the desk, knowing how this would all pan out and trying to decide who he should comfort/control first after it turns for the worst.

"What the hell is your problem?" Logan stormed over to the actor; their faces now almost touching. "Wouldn't you like to know." Julian expression remained his usual perfectly placed mask. Oh gosh! How can he smell so good? And those eyes are so perfect...DAMMIT, LARSON! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE FIGHTING WITH HIM! Years of acting helped him hide his thoughts and for once he was glad Logan never took the time to really see him. The boy practically growled in his face. "It always has to be about you, doesn't it? YOU FUCKING PRIMA DONNA!" Logan began waltzing around the room. "Oh, look! It's Julian Larson-Armstrong!" He fake swoons at the actor's feet. "I'M THE PRIMA DONNA? LOOK AT YOU! ALWAYS UP ON YOUR FUCKING HIGH HORSE!" Jules stepped over Logan and pranced around the room. "Oh, gotta make sure lil' Lo always gets what he wants or he'll tear us apart! AND WHATEVER YOU DO, NEVER QUESTION HIM!" He fake trembles in fear, making a huge show of it, a little over dramatic even for him.

Logan was in Julian's face once again, burns holes into his eyes. Suddenly, he was pinned against the wall by the enflamed prefect. "Say one more thing, I dare you," Logan whispered into the dark, soft hair covering the boy's ear. Before Jules could open his mouth Derek was between them. "Logan, go take your medication right now. I'll be in there in a minute." Logan made to protest, but scoffed instead and stormed out the still open door.

"Was all of that really necessary?" Derek wasn't backing off of this and Julian knew he had to give some reasoning. He may be able to lie and hide his true feelings to everyone, but not him. His best friend could really see him and there was no hiding. He let out a sigh. "What do you expect? You know how temperamental we both are. Plus, he needed to be fucking taken down a notch." Derek rolled his eyes and left the actor alone in his room to go make sure Logan hadn't terrorized the rest of the house too much.

He really would make a good prefect...