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It's happening. Right now. They are looking at each other with love and devotion. Behind their eyes is a future full of kids and a house with a dog in the sun. They are reciting vows and saying I do's. I love you's and only you.

Envy courses through me because I now have proof that it will never be me. It was never me.

But instead of sitting in the church in my plum colored dress, I'm sitting on my bed with the curtains hiding the sun. I called and told him I wasn't coming. I left him a message saying so. Yet my phone keeps ringing over and over.

Behind my eye lids, I see his face on a happy day; in the meadow during a picnic that I had made for his birthday. We spent the whole day there, laughing, playing, and talking about what college would bring. We were carefree souls with nothing to bring us down.

Then we grew up, and found the hurt that the world had in store.

For me, it would all be over soon. Within minutes if I'm lucky.

The empty pill bottle lay on my bedside table next to the water that washed them all down. Now, I'm just waiting for them to take effect.

I left the note inside his bag. Now he would know the truth. For me, it was always him. It would always be him…

Yep...another story. I felt the urge and just did it.

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