Meloetta's Stomach Growls And Caused Diabetes

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I honestly have no idea what this is. So sit back. And enjoy. No really, enjoy it. I'm serious, just enjoy and read it. Jesus. Also, I moved it into the Super Smash Bros section out of the Pokemon section because I needed a filler fic to update while adding Silver The Hedgehog and R.O.B. the robot to it.

Aria Meloetta and Arceus were in the park near the Super Smash Brothers Mansion, which itself was on the western edge of the peaceful Earthbound town of Onett, watching a flock of Swanna flying over the huge freshwater lake as they embraced the beauty of nature, with it being a bright, sunny afternoon. Meloetta sighed as she extended her arms, getting rather bored.

"This is boring." Meloetta told Arceus.

Arceus rolled his eyes as he concentrated on inner peace. "That's nice..."

Meloetta's stomach growled, rubbing her belly with both of her hands as she looked at Arceus again.

"I'm hungry." Meloetta told Arceus.

"That's great." Arceus stated as he closed his eyes, letting out a sigh.

Meloetta sniffled as she kept rubbing her stomach. "Can we do something? I'm tired of just sitting on my big butt all day."

Arceus glanced at Meloetta, then he simply shrugged. "Ehhh."

Meloetta made an innocent face as tears began forming in her eyes, which she widened. "Please...?"

Arceus sighed as he gave Meloetta a fuzzy green ball. "Here. Go leave me alone."

Meloetta gasped as she held the ball, squealing in joy as she cuddled it.

Arceus rolled his eyes again. "Oh brother."

Meloetta squeezed the fuzzy ball tightly, causing it to pop. Meloetta gasped as she looked at her hands, then at the broken pieces of the fuzzy ball. Meloetta farted, her gas sounding like a tuba as a fresh spring breeze blew towards the northern direction. Meloetta began to sniffle as she covered her face with her hands, about to cry again. Arceus got up and teleported out of the area, sick of hearing Meloetta. Meloetta was caught off guard as Keldeo and Genesect collided into her, the two other legendaries having been rammed by an incoming meteorite. The three gen 5 event legendaries all screamed as they were sent blasting off again, the beautiful lakefront destroyed in a fiery explosion.

Later on towards the evening, Silver The Hedgehog and R.O.B. the Robotic Operating Buddy whistled as they were coming to check the area, only to see the entire lakefront still burning from Meloetta's accident earlier on. The two characters looked at each other as they sighed.

"I have a feeling one of the girls did this," Silver remarked as he wrapped his arms around the back of his head.

R.O.B. shook his robotic head in response, lowering his red mechanical arms. "I have a small feeling that it wasn't one of the Smashers who did this, Silver..."