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Bella was sitting down in the grand bathroom ready to wash the kids. She was drawing the water for the bath when Emmett walked in with her beautiful baby boys. Ayden and Christopher was four, while baby Joey just turned 2 months. Ayden and Christopher ran to her and she kissed them both under the neck, making them giggle. Emmett sat down in the chair next to the bathtub, while Bella put Ayden and Christopher in the warm water. The both laughed and splashed around while she was trying to accomplish the task of bathing them.

"Wow, I am so jealous." Her employer gloated, while trying to keep baby Joey from squirming out of his big strong arms. The baby was now resting in Emmett's big hands on his bloated stomach. "Why?" Bella asked, to busy with trying to get soap out of Ayden's hair. "I don't ever get bathed like that. When are you going to bathe me like that?" He said teasing her. Bella snorted, "When you get 60 and wrinkled." She replied, chuckling. "Don't tease me Bells, it's been 5 days." He groaned, "3 and don't make it seem like I'm the bad person. You need to pick better women who won't mind you sleeping with half of Hollywood." "Rose never cared about that, she broke up with me because I refused to pay anymore to her shoe fetish." He stated, while picking Joey up to blow on his stomach. Joey giggled and laughed while his father repeated these motions.

Ayden and Christopher started a water fight which of course ended up with Bella getting wet and her white spaghetti strap t-shirt as well. Emmet gasped as Bella's beautiful breast were seen through the shirt, contained in her black lace bra which he was sure he was going to rip off. "Bella, I think the boys' bath time is up." His voice strained, "Yeah I think you're right. They're going to get me soaked." She said, picking up Ayden out the tub to dry him off doing the same thing with Christopher. "Oh no, don't worry baby that will be my job." Emmet got up while Bella rolled her eyes at him and started clothing her 4 year olds, as they started a chant. "Daddy gets mommy wet. Daddy gets mommy wet." Bella turned to Emmet who was laughing, "See what you made them do." She splashed a little bit of water at him giggling. "Aw, come on Babe, you know it's true." Bella rolled her eyes and got up from the tub, "You put Ayden and Christopher to bed, and I'll put Joey to bed. After that I want you to come downstairs." "Mmm-mmm, stay away from me." Bella teased, "No ma'am, I'm going to eat you, then I'm going to drink you." Bella gasped, as her sons repeated that. "Eat and Drink! Eat and Drink!" "Stop it!" She said swatting him lightly on the chest, the chest that she had been trapped under so many times. "Come on Bells, its been like years since we've gotten together." "Exactly, Emmett and its going to stay that way, I let you back into the boys' lives because you helped me out of my situation and they needed to know their father. That doesn't mean that I'm going to sleep with you."

She stated in a tone that made Emmett want to take her right then. Him and Bella had a very long past, he couldn't stand Bella at first. She used to always get under his skin, until one day something clicked and he saw her in a new light. He fell in love with her, thus giving her Ayden and Christopher. But then, fame got in the way and it took Emmet away from his small town in Texas, he wanted to take Bella with him but she refused to go and live with him knowing that the Fame would get to her. After Emmet left, Bella met someone else named Paul. She thought that they would stay in love with each other forever, but it went downhill. He started becoming abusive, and possessive, and Bella had to get away. Here comes Emmett, walking back into her life, he looked as beautiful as ever. Bella had too much pain and Emmet got rid of Paul and told Bella he loved her and he would never let anyone hurt her again. She loved him back, that's what gave her Joey.

Now, Bella is Emmet's assistant and he wanted her back. It's just that now he feared that it really may be too late. Bella picked up her sons in her arms and laid them down in their rooms making sure they went to sleep. Emmet couldn't help but think about how beautiful she looked, it was a huge glow about her when she was with the kids. He wanted her to glow that way when she was with him, he swore to it that she would. Shutting their door quietly, she took baby Joey out Emmett arms and held the baby close to her chest. Joey was now sucking on his fingers and sleeping peacefully in his mother's arm. She placed him in his crib and as Emmett hovered over her, she could feel herself wanting to be wrapped in his arms, but she dismissed the thought quickly.

Turning to face Emmet she smirked, "What?" she asked, "I miss you Bella." Bella rolled her eyes and went past Emmett, "Emmett don't start. We've been through this over and over again, and each time it doesn't work." "Bells that's because we were young, you had Ayden and Christopher at 24, and Joey at 27, baby were almost 30. I'm more mature and I know what I want, what I need, Bella I need you." His eyes pleaded with her, and she wanted badly to throw away her morals and rules and be given a chance at happiness but there was that something that pulled her back. She couldn't…she just couldn't. "Emmett, you're my boss, and the father of my children but that's all you can be. We can't be more because it just doesn't…we don't work." Tears were threatening to come out her eyes but she refused to show them, "Emmett love is something that you can have the chance to give away, and every time I give it to you it gets thrown back in my face. Are you really sure that you miss ME? Or do you just want the girl that you can't have." Bella crossed her arms, at Emmet's confused and hurt eyes. She didn't mean to hurt the big lug but what could she say but the truth. Bella sighed, and smiled "Goodnight Emmett." The love of his life then walked away, "Get some sleep you have that meeting tomorrow." She said while walking up the stairs, Emmett leaned against the counter, and rubbed his hands through his hair while processing the words just said. Everything Bella mentioned was right, and he knew it. He felt like a bastard but at the same time he just wanted her to forget about that and let him make her happy. Emmet would give Bella the world if she asked for it; he just wanted to share it with her. No matter what she did or said, Emmett would gain her back, he had to…he just had too.