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It was almost Christmas time for the happy couple, and Bella and Emmett couldn't be more excited. The boys had already had added something new to the Christmas list every day, and they knew they would probably just get Joey a walker and some more baby toys to play with. As far the dogs, they would most likely just get them a couple of chew toys, and wrapped doggy bones. So far life couldn't be sweeter. Though it still left a bad taste in his mouth, Emmett accepted the "friendship" between Bella and James. They did little things, while Emmett was working, like go out to lunch or let their kids have their play dates again. But, no matter how sweet or innocent the dates came off Emmett still knew that James was up to something; why Bella was oblivious to that he will never know.

He also knew that it was nearing time to propose to her. It just feels like the right time to do it. He pretty much had it all planned out, he just needed the day to put in into action. Bella isn't one for cliché or cheesy things, so doing it on Christmas day might not work for her. He decided he would probably do it after Christmas, when things were settled down and when she least expected it. Emmett just prayed that it would all work out.

He hated the fact that he forgot her ring size. If he takes her to go get measured then he knows that that will ruin the surprise. She'll start putting two and two together and will know that Emmett is planning on proposing to her soon. Emmett asked Jake what he should do, and his advice was

"Just find another woman that has the same hand size as her and asks that woman what ring size she wears." But Emmett didn't want to guess her ring size, for fear of getting it wrong. How embarrassing would it be to be in that special moment and putting on the ring and it won't even fit? Someway Emmett knows he'll find it out…he just doesn't know how?

Bella was in the kitchen cutting up some fruit for the kids when her phone rang. She looked over at the caller ID to see it was James calling. Picking it up she answered, "Hello."

"Hey how's my favorite girl?" James said, sounding ecstatic on the other end.

"You wouldn't be talking about me would you?"

"Who else would I be talking about?" Bella smirked,

"Oh I don't know, that blonde you couldn't stop staring at last week, with the skirt up her ass and the over-sized fake boobs…what was her name Tricka, Barbie..?"


"Ah, Jennifer! Yeah that's the one, or was it Brianna?"

James laughed sarcastically, "Ha-ha, okay so I have other lady friends…jealous?"

Bella snorted, "Me jealous? Please, you better hope you don't get a disease."

James huffed, "Just because they're my friends doesn't mean I'm sleeping with them Bella."

"That's exactly what it means." She gave the pieces of fruit to Christopher and Aiden who were playing with their Nintendo's.

"Well then that means that I should be sleeping with you."

He stated, that stopped Bella dead in her tracks. Usually had this been someone else she would've laughed it off, but the way James said it…it was like he was being serious. Regardless, Bella refused to let James know that he tripped her up so she just laughed it off and continued walking.

"Ha, yeah you wish."

She could've sworn she heard him say, yes I do but instead she chose to ignore whatever was said on the other line.

"So James, what do I, the favorite girl, owe the honor of this call?"

She teased, "I just wanted to see if you wanted to go to that new grill that just opened?"

"New grill, new grill…oh you mean the Bakers grill on Blouvard?"

"Yeah, that one."

Bella thought about it, "Well the boys have to go to a sleepover but the mom is picking them up, Joey is going to be with Edna today for pictures, and the dogs are just running around outside so yeah I think I can go."

"Awesome, but what about the mister?"

James asked, "Who Emmett, well he's been out all day I don't even know where he does anymore."

"Trouble in paradise?" Bella could hear the hope in James voice.

"No, much to your displeasure, I don't know it's just that he's been acting weird lately but were happy."

"Great, so that settles it. I'll pick you up in a bit." "Alright, see you later."

Both of them hung up, and as soon as she went to pick Joey up Emmett came through the door. Joey was crawling towards Bella, but he decided to turn and start towards his dad.

"Hey babe." He called through the door, "Daddy's home!" The boys ran to Emmett but he stopped them to make sure they didn't step on Joey. After he picked him up off the floor, he gave both the boys a big hug. "Where's is your beautiful mother?" "In here!" She called out, Emmett came through the kitchen with a certain glow.

"Hey, why are you so happy?" He kissed her, and hugged her closer to him.

"Okay, now I'm starting to get scared? Did you murder someone?"

Emmett chuckled, "What's wrong, I cant hold my beautiful girlfriend and randomly kiss her."

"Not without a reason."

Bella replied back, "Okay well you know the DVD is out for the movie and the sales are through the roof. Christmas bonuses for everybody!"

Bella did a small squeal, "Oh my gosh, baby congratulations!"

"Thanks, so of course now I want to celebrate with you and the kids."

"Aww, baby well you know the boys are going to be gone today they have that sleepover."

"That's fine, it'll just give me more of you anyway." He smirked, Bella rolled her eyes. "Alright fine so what do you want to do?"

Emmett shrugged, "I don't know…oh I know! How about we go to that new grill!"

Bella smile quickly faded, "You mean the Bakers grill, the one on Boulevard?" She said, repeating the same words she used with James.

"Yeah that one, wait…how do you know that."

Bella sighed, "Babe what's wrong?"

She shook her head, "Well see James called me earlier today and asked if I would go with him, and I thought that you weren't going to be bach this early so I told him I would go and-." "Well that's fine just call him and tell him you're going with me."

"Well see he's coming over here."


As if on cue, the doorbell rang. Bella sighed, "Now."

Emmett handed Bella Joey and went to go answer the door. When he opened the door, you could tell the shock and disappointment on James face. "Emmett, uh…hey how are you?" He tried to ask politely, "Just fine." Emmett answered back bitterly, "Can I come in?"

Emmett sighed and nodded his head, and took a step back to let him in. Once in, he looked around the house trying to ignore the death glares Emmett was giving him.

"So um, is Bella here?"

Just then, Bella came around the corner.

"You know I am!" James instantly lit up as soon as he saw her, and went for a hug, which she happily gave. A gesture that made Emmett sick.

"So are you ready?" James asked her,

"Well uh, Emmett just came in with great news, turns out that the movie did really, really good on DVD and brought in extra profit!"

James turned to see Emmett, "Really that's great, congratulations!"

Emmett just smiled and nodded his head. "So to celebrate he wanted to go the Bakes Grill too!"

James face instantly fell, "Just what I was thinking."

Emmett read his mind, Bella rolled her eyes. James shook his head, "No, no that's fine I understand. You deserve it, and you and Bella should do something nice together. So uh, I'll just go and you two have fun."

James was starting to walk out the door, Bella looked at Emmett with pleading in her eyes.

He rolled his eyes and scoffed, why couldn't she see that this was all a part of the sad boy act. Emmett knew what James wanted and yet, he decided to play along anyway. At least it would make Bella happy.

"James wait up." James hand was on the knob and Bella looked at Emmett.

"You can uh, come if you want too." Bella gasped, and smiled at Emmett.

"You sure, I don't want to impose I mean, I know me and you don't really see eye to eye."

James turned around, Emmett swallowed a lump in his throat, "No, its-its fine. I know it'll make Bella happy and uh, maybe we can try to see eye to eye especially on that check."

James chuckled and Bella laughed, "And Bella this is okay with you."

Emmett looked over to see the biggest smile on her face, "Of course!"

James smiled, "Alright then, guess it settled. I'll drive."

James went outside and closed the door behind him. Bella looked over at Emmett and smile. She went over to him and kissed him on the mouth, wrapping her arms around him. He, reluctantly did the same.

"Baby, thank you so much for that!" Emmet rolled his eyes, "You owe me."

"I know I do."

"No I mean you owe me. I'm serious whatever I want."

Bella shook her head yes, "Alright, alright fine. What do you want?"

Bella furrowed her eyebrows, suddenly Emmett got an idea. Maybe, just maybe this could work to his advantage.

"I'm going to ask you a question, one question over the course of this month. You have to say yes to that question."

Bella furrowed her eyebrows, "And er, can I have any clues as to which question that might be?"

Emmett smiled and shook his head no, "Nope, not at all. But you'll know, trust me, you'll know."

Bella was about to ask another question, when James honked the horn.

"He's waiting." Emmett teased, Bella smiled and kissed Emmett on the lips again.

"Maybe he can wait a little bit longer."

Emmett smirked, and pulled her into another kiss, which of course led to another. James may be waiting for quite some time.

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