Author's note: This is my new story in a while. These are a collection of one shots that correspond with each letter of the Alphabet.

Summary: April and Botan find an Antique in April's 2nd Time Around shop. A Demon soon comes and spots this antique and releases a demon from the antique. Will April and Botan stop this from happening?

Characters in it: April and Botan, TMNT and Reikai Tantei

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone but the frog demon, the statue and the Frog god: Frogmus

April and Botan and the Demon Antique

At the 2nd Time Around, April was cleaning her shop alone until a strange knock came to her door. April went to her door and opened it. She saw no one but she did see a box, a big box. She picks up it although it was heavy she puts it on her counter.

"Hmm, what's this?" April as she opened the strange box. It reveals to be an antique statue of weird monster that she didn't recognize. "I better ask an expert on this."

What April didn't know was there was a pair of eyes watching her every move. The eyes come out to reveal demon frog with a long pointy tongue and a leather jacket. He looks at the box and smiles slyly.

"Soon, I have that statue." The demon frog says sinisterly.

The next day April called the Turtles to ask Reikai Tantei who knows what this statue is. A few minutes later, knock came on her door and it reveal to be Botan. April greeted Botan and took her to the box with antique in it.

"Oh my this is an unfamiliar statue you have here, April." Botan explains while looking at the statue."

"It came last night while I was cleaning." April explains also looking at the statue.

"I have a book here that Koenma gave to me about unfamiliar statues of the demon world."

Botan get the little book that had dust on it. She blew the dust off and flipped through the pages. She finally finds the Antique statue in question. She puts the book down and lets April see it too.

"Here it is the Statue of Frogmus." Botan says as then continues. "The Statue of Frogmus is a statue made by the ancient frog demons back when the three kings first ruled. This protected them from the Three Kings power but it also holds a god: Frogmus himself and any frog demon can unleash him and he'll destroy anyone in his way."

"That's horrible." April says in worry. "Should we get the boys to watch the statue?"

"Afraid not. Koenma sent them on a mission to stop a demon frog from robbing antiques stores."

"I have an antique store, Botan."

"I know that's why I'm here to help you protect your antique store since the boys are watching the other antique stores."

"Ok, we better look out for the demon frog."

"Who is already here?" The Demon frog says as he came from the ceiling and he landed in front of April and Botan. " You ladies sure do how make a frog demon like my self entertained and with the Spirit Detectives and Ninja Turtles on the other side of town no one will stop me from releasing Frogmus from his statue."

"We can!" April says as she got into a ninja stance and Botan gets her oar and holds it like a baseball bat.

"Ha ha ha ha!" The frog demon laughs holding his hips. "From what I can tell your spirit energies are very weak to stop me."

When the frog demon stops laughing he notices that April and Botan disappear into thin air. He looks around in confusion. He assumes that the girls ran away and he tries to grab the Statue Frogmus but was hit in the head by a wooden object.

"What the what hit me in the head." The Frog Demon says rubbing his head. Then he was kicked over to the other side of the wall. "Alright where are you women?"

"Here!" Botan says as she and April hit the frog demon with baseball bats.

"You women are getting on nerves." The Frog says in anger as he stretches out his tongue and grabs the girls. "Now I'll take the Statue of Frogmus and leave before the Spirit Detectives and Ninja Turtles come."

The Frog Demon grabs the statue while still holding the girls with his tongue. He gets to the door. He opens the door and he sees the Reikai Tantei and the Ninja Turtles outside the door. The Frog demon closes the door back in fear and tries to go out the back door. He gets to the back door and tries to get out but April and Botan grabs the top of the door and holds on causing the demon frog's tongue stretch out and fling him back inside and hits all of the hard antiques and out April's front window.

"Nice going, April and Botan." Mikey congratulates putting a thumbs up.

"Thanks, Mikey." April and Botan says gratefully.

"We'll take frog brain and the statue back to the toddler." Yusuke says as he and the others got the frog demon and the statue and left.

"Well, the boys are probably going to take the credit." Botan says.

"No! I don't think so they'll say we stopped the frog and they scared him." April says jokingly. Both of the women laugh and clean up April's shop from bottom to top.

The End

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