Trials and Tribulations of Being Royalty

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Hello People.

This is just a brief summary of what you will need to know for this story. This will focus on Chi-Chi because, personally, I'm tired of Bulma always being the new girl or the tormented one. Yes, this is another high school story, so that proves this is an alternate universe and people will be out of character.

Here, Vegeta-sei was destroyed with King Vegeta, Prince Vegeta and Kakkarrotto escaping. A treaty was made between the Saiyans and Earthlings that enabled the few remaining Saiyans to live on Earth as long as they were peaceful. They knew about Earth due to the fact that Kakkarrotto was sent there on a routine scouting mission, where he met Bulma, Yamcha, and Krillin. In order to fool them, he had gone by the name Goku for the duration of his stay. When they moved to Earth, Goku met up with his friends again in high school. During their freshman year, 'the group' first met. This group consists of Bulma, Yamcha, Krillin, Juunana, Juuhachi, Marron, Vegeta, and Goku (to whom he is called by all with the exception of his fellow Saiyans). By the way, people know they are Saiyans.

Chi-Chi comes to their school about a month into the semester of everyone's senior year. Things about her will be revealed throughout the fiction. I am having her take back her title as Princess (like in the anime). She has been attending boarding schools, but when her father's kingdom is being rebuilt, he has her move to the city to attend a public school. In this fiction, she will carry an attitude similar to Vegeta's.

I am an American, so I am going to base this on one of the basic American school systems. Each student will attend six classes, each an hour long and there is lunch in the mix, which is half an hour long. There is a five minute period in between classes in order to move to their next class. School starts at eight in the morning and ends at three in the afternoon. Below is the schedule of each character.

Basically, this story will be where Chi-Chi and Vegeta's royal titles get in the way of what they truly want. Basically, their fathers decide since Vegeta lacks a kingdom and Chi-Chi has to have a husband to rule, then they should be together. This is just one of the problems they face. So, this will center around Chi-Chi. The couples presented in the beginning are very likely to change by the end, and seeing as I haven't written it all out, you can email me or include in a review just what you would like to see happen. I'm all for torturing any character.

Any questions? Good. Now lets move on to the fiction. Emails and Reviews are appreciated at all times!

Ice Angel


Chi-Chi: English; Advanced Biology; French; Calculus; Lunch; World History; Gym

Bulma: Calculus; Advanced Biology; World History; English; Lunch; Latin; Gym

Juuhachi: World History; Spanish; Calculus; English; Lunch; Advanced Biology; Gym

Vegeta: World History; Calculus; French; Advanced Biology; Lunch; English; Gym

Goku: Calculus; World History; French; Advanced Biology; Lunch; English; Gym

Krillin: English; World History; French; Calculus; Lunch; Advanced Biology; Gym

Yamcha: English; Spanish; World History; Calculus; Lunch; English; Gym

Juunana: World History; Advanced Biology; Calculus; English; Lunch; Latin; Gym

Marron: Advanced Biology; Calculus; French; English; Lunch; World History; Gym