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I think I blacked out for a second. Last thing I could remember was a gun shot, then nothing but darkness and the feeling of weightlessness. Maybe I'm dead?

I woke up, on a solid surface. I could feel a great big knot forming on the top of my head. I struggled to get up, a sudden rush of pain hitting my head. I kept my eyes shut as I got into a sitting position. Slowly, I opened my eyes, the light instantly hitting my eyes causing me to shut them again. Damn bright lights. I attempted again and found this time much easier.

"Up, up, look up!" A familiar voice commanded. Through blurry vision I could see the Doctor standing up, looking totally fine. Everybody else though, looked just as shaken as me.

"Where are we?" I heard Amy ask through the semi-darkness.

"We jumped," River answered simply.

"Jumped where?" I asked irritably. I could see River helping Amy up. Although I was glad that Amy was getting helped, what does River have against helping me? I threw a glare at her when she glanced my direction.

I slowly got up, my head instantly objecting to the physical labor. Strong hands grabbed me as I struggled to stay on my feet. Once I was stable and completely confident I was going to stay that way, I looked behind me at the person who held me up.

Green eyes met mine. The Doctor stood barely a foot behind me, his face barely six inches from mine. He looked concerned. He cupped my face in his hands and looked deeply into my eyes. He slowly put his other hand towards the side of my head. A sudden shock of pain shot from where his hand was. He turned his eyes away from mine and looked at his hand.

"Oh that is not good at all. Very not good," The Doctor mumbled to himself. "Anybody got a medical pack?" A cleric came running up to the Doctor and handed him a little pack. "River, come here," River ran up to us and the Doctor shoved the pack to her. He kissed me on the forehead before quickly returning to his business of figuring out an escape route.

River shoved me into a sitting position rather harshly. She took out the supplies and started to bandage it up.

"You have a slight concussion," River told me as she worked. "You're going to be fine though. Don't touch it."

"Where are we?" I asked.

"Exactly where we were," River answered bluntly.

"No, we aren't. We've moved. I'm concussed, not blind."

"Look up."

I rolled my eyes. I looked up towards the ceiling but couldn't see anything.

"It's too dark," I complained, squinting my eyes to get a look.

Suddenly, lights blinked on. I could barely make out a few statues stuck there, looking at us.

"Wait… so we were just-"

"The artificial gravity. One good jump, and we all fell," the Doctor explained. "Shot up the grav-globe to give us an updraught and here we are!"

"Doctor," Father Octavian called from out of the darkness, "the statues, they look more like angels, now."

" They're feeding off the radiation from the wreckage, draining all the power from the ship, restoring themselves. Within an army, they'll be an army."

The Doctor buzzed his sonic screwdriver (which was just aggravating my headache further) and a little hole underneath him opened up. I couldn't see what it led to but light was pouring out, so I figured it was an escape route. Really, my brain just didn't want to think of anything past that.

A light exploded right by my foot, sending sparks flying through the air. I let out a girlish squeal and fell on my arse. Instantly, two clerics were by my side helping me up.

"They're taking out the lights!" Octavian exclaimed through the darkness.

"Into the ship, now, quickly, all of you!" The Doctor ordered, slipping into the hole.

"Doctor!" Amy and I yelled simultaneously. Instinctively, I ran to the hole and crouched down to look inside it. The Doctor was just fine and was apparently standing on the wall. Or was that just my concussion?

"Calm down," the Doctor said, amusement flashing through his eyes, "it's just a corridor. The gravity orientates to the floor." The Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to draw an invisible line from the ceiling to the floor or, from my perspective, the wall to the wall. These things were way more complicated than anticipated.

I jumped down in the hole first and landed right on my bum. It was like being thrown a few feet and then landing and it even hurt like it. I rubbed my rear, wincing slightly. It still wasn't fully recovered from the first gravity shift and that one just made it a whole lot worse. It was sure to hurt a lot worse in the morning. Well, it would if I would see the next sunrise, that is. And right now that didn't too likely. These weeping angels or whatever the Hell they are seem pretty Hell-bent on revenge or taking over the world or whateversuch. I don't want to touch those things with a twenty foot pole.

Dammit, Pamela, focus on the task at hand. Work past the concussion and focus.

I looked up to see the Doctor reaching out his hand to help me up. I don't know how long my mental ramblings had gone on for, but it didn't seem too long as I saw a bunch of the clerics pass me by. I quickly accepted the Doctor's outstretched hand and moved further down the corridor.

I could feel a dull, yet quite painful, throbbing in my head. It felt like someone was continuously hitting it with pillow repeatedly. That might not seem like it hurts, but it really does. Amy and I used to have pillow fights all the time and sometimes Amy would pin me down and hit me repeatedly.

I saw the hole in the wall close up but the words that the Doctor and Octavian were exchanging were all muddled and didn't make it far in my head. A big metal door blocked the corridor, locking us all on the side with the angels coming after us.

"What's through there?" the Doctor asked pointing with his sonic screwdriver at the door.

"Secondary flight deck," River answered.

"Okay, so we basically ran up the inside of a chimney," Amy said. "What is the gravity fails?"

"I thought about that," The Doctor answered.

"And?" I asked.

"And we'll all plunge to our deaths. See, I thought about it," The Doctor turned around before Amy or I could protest and started talking to River about security protocols or something like that.

Suddenly the lights went out and we were plunged into darkness. The hole in the wall opened again and the silhouette of an angel could be seen. The lights kept flashing on and off while the angels climbed into the corridor. It was chaos.

Finally, the lights stayed on revealing four angels in the corridor. They all looked like they wanted to maim us.

"Don't look at the eyes," The Doctor instructed, "Anywhere else but not the eyes."

I looked down at the angel's torsos and felt slightly awkward in doing so. Who knew it was so hard to not look something in the eyes?

"I've isolated the lighting grid, they can't drain the power."

"Good work, Doctor," Octavian said.

"Yes, good. Good in many ways," The Doctor replied, "Glad you like it so far."

"So far?" Amy and I chimed in in unison.

The Doctor opened a panel in the wall and looked at it," There's only one way to open this door. I need to put all the power in this section to open the door."

"Good, fine. Do it," Octavian ordered.

"Including the lights. All of them. I'll need to turn out the light."

"How long for?" The bishop asked.

"A fraction of a second, maybe longer. Maybe quite a bit longer," The Doctor answered.


I'm guessing. We're being attacked by statues on a crashed ship, there isn't a manual for this!" The Doctor strode back down the corridor and started sonicing the door.

"Doctor, we lost the torches," Amy told him. "We'll be in total darkness."

"No other way! Bishop?" The Doctor started talking to River and the Bishop.

Amy turned to me, "We're going to die, aren't we?" She asked softly.

I didn't reply. I didn't really know how to.

"I'm supposed to be getting married in the morning," Amy mumbled softly but I still heard it.

"You're what?!" I rounded on her. "You're getting married? How could you not tell me this?"

The Doctor interrupted us and started sonicing the door. I gave Amy a look that said, 'we'll talk about this later.'

"Okay, Doctor," Octavian announced, "we have your back."

"Bless you, bishop," The Doctor replied.

The Father started giving his clerics orders to fire. The Doctor worked on the door then turned to Amy and I.

"Amy, Pamela, when the lights go down, the wheel should release. Spin it clockwise, four turns."

"Ten," Amy said.

"No, four. Four turns."

"Yeha, four, I heard you," Amy replied.

I gave her an incredulous look as we took position at the door, "Why'd you say 'ten'?"

"I didn't," she replied looking confused.

"Yeah, you did. I heard you."

Our argument was cut off by the lights turning off and the sound of bullets filled the air.

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