I don't think I can fully express my shock at Hedone Ranch winning two 2014 Fandom Choice Awards; Best Non-Canon and Best Non-Traditional. Although I must admit Hedone Ranch is absolutely both of those things! I am truly stunned at the love all of you have shown my little old fic that hasn't been updated in a year and a half... I see new hits all the time, and I appreciate every single one.

As a thank you from me, I dug out a Demetri outtake I promised to jadsmama and that I never posted anywhere. I think the reason I didn't post it any earlier was that I was disappointed that Demetri didn't want to talk dirty to ME...he was more worried about what Carlisle was up to! You can find it on Hedone Ranch Cutting Room Floor & Alt POVs.

SINCE I've been terrible at following the "M" rating rules for this story, let's break some more and have a little vote, shall we?

There are 3 Hedone Ranch futuretake ideas running around in my brain. Trying to decide which one to commit to and finish. I could use some input, so review and tell me which one you would like to see made into a chapter!

1. Carlisle has the ranch listed as a members-only health and wellness spa for tax purposes - and is getting audited. Also has woman listed as head of business. Needs Bella to "roleplay" she's the boss.

2. Carlisle providing "enrichment" lecture for his 400 level Human Sexuality class - Aro and a guest to demonstrate Aro's skill set (review his chapter if you forgot). Aro's guest falls sick. Will Bella fill in? Will Carlisle be jealous?

3. Carlisle infiltrates Social Media. Wants to be a cross between Dr. Ruth and James Deen. Wants Bella to join him online as he demonstrates (quite vividly - think Deen with more talking) his knowledge.

Leave me a review on this chapter and let me know if one of these futuretakes speaks to you, okay? And THANKS AGAIN for the votes in the Fandom Choice Awards!