Chapter 6 - Banner Day

At breakfast the following morning, Bella stared at the blank notecard that had been delivered with her room service. How could she begin to explain to Carlisle what had happened last night? As she finished her meal, it came to her. She quickly scrawled out, "Felix challenged me mentally, physically, and spiritually," then placed the card in the envelope for Carlisle and put her tray in the hall to be collected.

Bella walked down the hallway, looking again at the note that had been slipped under her door after breakfast. She re-read the words written in the masculine handwriting she'd become so familiar with over the past two days.

Please meet me in my office at 10 a.m.

As she walked along, nearly giddy with pleasure, she took in the soreness of her body, the charge of femininity she felt she was radiating as she walked. She could feel the sway of her hips, thought about how a man might react to them, listened to the brush of her clothing and reveled in her hair swishing across her back. Felix had given her a lot to think about.

Knocking on the frame of the open library door, Bella saw Carlisle leaning over his desk, shuffling papers. While Bella's mouth watered at the particularly nice view of his backside, she wondered at the out-of-character clothing he sported. Instead of his usual expensive-looking suits with barely unbuttoned collared shirts, Carlisle was wearing khakis, a button-down shirt with a tie, and a cardigan. Bella was sorry not to see the crisp suits he'd worn in the past but found him much more approachable in what he had on now.

Shaking her head to clear it, she spoke, "You wanted me to come see you?"

"Ah, yes, Ms. Swan, please come in. Thank you for being prompt." Carlisle motioned her to a half-circle of chairs in front of his desk. As she sat where directed, she looked around, noticing the freestanding chalkboards located around the room. Directly in front of her were three boards: the one directly in front of her was blank, the left one was titled "The Science of Fellatio," and the right one was titled "The Art of Fellatio." Bella attempted to wet her mouth, which had suddenly gone dry.

"I'm glad you were able to attend this make-up lecture, Ms. Swan. I was disappointed when you weren't in class for the original lecture. You missed a lively group discussion, I'm afraid."

Bella was definitely confused. "I'm sorry, what?"

"Make-up lecture, Ms. Swan? For the Human Sexuality 340 class you missed last week?" Carlisle's eyebrows rose, as if challenging her to remember something she knew nothing about. Taking in the entire room again, the chalkboards, the chairs arranged in a semi-circle, and Carlisle's marked sartorial difference, looking like he stepped from a J. Crew catalogue, she suddenly caught on. Now, how to play along?

"Um…I'm really sorry, Professor…." Here Bella paused, hoping Carlisle would clue her in to the name she should use. He took her hint and slightly shifted a nameplate on his desk. Reading it, she continued, "…Banner." Shifting, she continued, "I do appreciate your offering an alternative lecture."

Before he started the lecture, Bella asked, "Will there be any other students joining us, Professor Banner?"

"No, Ms. Swan, all of my other students were able to make their regularly assigned class time without any trouble. It will just be you and me today."

This ABSOLUTELY has possibilities….

"Shall we begin?"

Bella nodded.

"In this class, I will be lecturing on 'The Science and Art of Fellatio.'"

Looking to the chalkboard directly behind him labeled 'The Science of Fellatio,' Carlisle turned the board over, beginning his lecture.

"Let's start with a quick overview of some historical and biological information."

Not the part of the lecture I'm looking forward to, Professor Carlisle.

"We can find references to oral sex - and other kinds of sex - in ancient India, China, Japan, Greece, Egypt, Rome, Mesopotamia and other areas. In some areas or periods of human history, oral sex is documented as something taboo or disdainful, in others as something revered and pleasurable, and in others still, without much of a value judgment at all."

Bella's mind began to wander as the lecture continued. In an effort to cool her aroused body down, she unfastened the top two buttons of her shirt. Okay, I didn't realize I had a thing for professors before, but I definitely have a thing for this one! I know there are DILFs; are there also PILFs? He's not really a professor, though, so maybe he's a Fake Professor I'd Like to Fuck?

As her attention returned to the room, Bella noticed that Carlisle had moved to the next board to her left and was using chalk to underline certain words on the board. "Latin erotic terminology actually distinguishes two acts of oral sex: fellation and irrumation. In the current vernacular, fellatio is referred to as a blowjob. Generally, the fellator is the active member of the pair. Irrumation differs…"

Oh, say 'fellator' again, Professor. You made my mouth water…

Bella swallowed in an attempt to control her body's response to him but then slumped down in her chair so that she could get a better sightline on Carlisle's backside. As her thoughts continued to ramble, her breathing deepened. And could you turn and face the board so I can get another look at your ass while you're lecturing me? Frankly, I wouldn't mind a front view, either…I can fantasize about you either way…

"How frequent is oral sex? In the 1960's, Albert Kinsey found that at least of 60% of married, college-educated couples reported experiencing oral-genital contact. These rates greatly decreased in less-educated couples."

I would really like for you to educate me, Professor Banner…

Moving back to the center of the room, Carlisle continued, "…let's look at human biological response."

Okay, now we're getting closer to my areas of interest…why don't we just look at your biological response?

Moving to another chalkboard, 'Professor Banner' flipped it. The board was titled "Masters and Johnson Four-Phase Sexual Response Cycle."

"Let's talk about what you would see from a person receiving oral sex. We've discussed the Masters and Johnson four-phase model of sexual response in this class previously, but let's review the model briefly: Excitement, Plateau, Orgasm, and Resolution."

"Excitement is quite obvious; it is when the body begins to show signs of arousal. In men, this is demonstrated by an erection, increased muscle tension, and even by exhibiting what is called a "sex flush" – a red, rosy coloration of the skin that may appear in the chest area."

"Plateau is a higher level of excitement, with a more maintained sexual arousal response. During this time, the testes pull up toward the body, and pre-ejaculation may occur.

"Orgasm, or climax, is a buildup of tension that triggers pleasurable sexual release. It is usually brief, lasting a few seconds to less than a minute, but there is a rush of pleasurable physical sensations, in addition to increased blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration.

"And, finally, Resolution follows almost immediately after the orgasm/climax stage; the body then begins to relax and return to an unexcited state. Men experience a refractory period, which is a time following orgasm during which men are physically incapable of experiencing another orgasm or ejaculation.

"I know I'm going through this information rather quickly, Ms. Swan. Are you following along all right?"

Oh, I'm following you just fine, Professor. Could you speak a little slower, anyway? Clearing her throat, Bella responded, "Yes, sir."

"Okay, then, let's continue our discussion with Psychology and Methodology."

All right – the good stuff!

"Fellatio, or oral sex in general, can be seen as a full expression of a woman's power – or a man's, for that matter. If you are able to cause another person to lose control of their own body for even the smallest amount of time – seconds, in the case of an orgasm, you have a certain power over them. Of course, in further lectures we'll discuss power exchange; how sexual partners allow themselves to be vulnerable to each other, and therefore hold their own power…"

Ooooh, I've GOT it – let's go with the theme of the day and say he's a Professor I'd Like to SUCK – that's PILS, which puts me half way to a really nice beer…maybe I could get him to drink a beer and I could lick the foam off his lips…Damn, I want to do naughty, naughty things to him…

"Okay, let's see what you already know. May I have your assignment, please?"

I'm sorry, what? Bella stared at him in a panic. "Assignment?"

"The journal page you were supposed to write describing your psychological and physical experiences in regards to administering oral sex? Have you completed it?"

Bella felt the redness creep up her neck. She'd never skipped an assignment in her life!

"No, sir, I'm afraid I didn't."

Carlisle sighed deeply, and then continued, "Ms. Swan, you were informed at the beginning of the school year that taking part in Human Sexuality 340 called for you to fill out a journal that required you to be extremely forthcoming about your sexual experiences. You personally requested that I sign you into the class even though you had not taken all the prerequisites and assured me you would be able to keep up with the work. You had some brilliant insights on sexual power on your last assignment. I was looking forward to your insights on this one."

Bella sat, goggle-eyed. Oh, no, I pissed off the PILS…

"I'm really sorry, Professor. I simply don't have much experience at giving oral sex, and I'm sure I haven't made my best attempt at doing so just yet."

"Miss Swan, if you had any questions about the assignment, you should have contacted any one of my TAs. They've been keeping me up to date on your progress in this class, and I'm sure any one of them would have been more than willing to…assist you." Again, Carlisle sighed. "Well, I'm afraid you'll have to suffer the entire lecture, then, Ms. Swan."

I'm thinking that's not such a hardship, Professor. Bella shifted in her seat and crossed her legs in the opposite direction. Let me listen to you tell me all about giving blowjobs; I'm all ears.

With an internal grin, she muttered, "Well, I suppose I'll just have to endure it."

"Well, then, let's start with the Kama Sutra. The Kama Sutra is the earliest well-known text dealing with oral sex. What might be surprising to most people is that it does not contain a description of the oral sex acts that women performed on men, but instead it contains the oral sex acts that eunuchs performed on men. While it might pass a bit of a value judgment on the practice, it does describe in detail the variety of actions the eunuchs performed."

As Carlisle flipped the board that was labeled "The Art of Fellatio," Bella froze. Before her were several photographs of a woman thoroughly enjoying the feeling of having her mouth on a man's cock. Bella took in the woman: caramel-colored hair, dark eyes that gleamed with feminine power, ruby red lips wrapped around a beautiful, powerful cock. It was what she noticed next that sent her straight up out of her seat.

"Is there a problem, Ms. Swan?"

Bella swallowed. "No, sir. May I have a minute?"

"Take your time, Ms. Swan. I realize the photos can be…exciting."

Bella wobbled over to the library door, going over what she'd seen in her mind. No, she was positive she'd made the correct analysis. Now she simply had to figure out how to get what she wanted.

As she got to the door, she looked around for the lock. Seeing the button next to the handle, she pressed it, and then checked the door to be sure that the mechanism had taken hold. Assured that there would be no disturbance from the outside, she turned to face Carlisle.

"Is there a problem, Ms. Swan?"

I don't know that I'd call it a problem, Professor. "How do you expect me to just sit there and look at that, Professor Banner?"

"Why, Ms. Swan, I believe I've already explained in my lecture that it's a perfectly natural act…"

She strode slowly back to where he stood, feeling her confidence grow as she did. "Not the act, Professor. The fact that you're displaying photos of your own cock to me and expecting me to just calmly sit there and take it. Quite unprofessional."

Carlisle blinked heavily, lowered his eyebrows, and stammered, "I…I'm sure I don't know what…"

"Oh, you know; and so do I. I'm clumsy, so I tend to notice other people's little scars. It makes me feel like I'm not the only person who's stumbled into something." Pointing to one of the photos where a man's hand cradled the woman's head, thumb clearly on display above her ear, Bella continued. "You have a two-hole puncture scar at the base of your thumb. I wondered about it the first day we met."

Carlisle nodded, rubbing the spot on his hand. "A friend's pet snake bit me when I was younger. Non-venomous, fortunately…"

Bella turned back to the photographs, quickly noting the content of the photos and their labels: Nominal Congress, Biting the Sides, Outside Pressing, Inside Pressing, Kissing, Rubbing, Sucking a Mango Fruit (sucking a mango fruit?), and Swallowing Up. "What would the administration say about you putting your cock on display for the student body, Professor Banner? And what about this woman?"

Joining her in looking at the photographs, he answered, "What about her?"

Oh, no, mister, I'm the one doing the questioning here…

Bella placed her finger on one of the photographs, stroking both woman's face and Carlisle's cock. "Was she aware she was being photographed?"

"We used her camera," Carlisle croaked, sweating as he watched her fingers play with a representation of his cock. "And her lights."

Bella's eyebrows rose. "And who took the photographs?"

Turning his face to hers, he hoarsely replied, "Does it matter?"

"No," Bella shook her head. "Not really." After a moment's pause, she continued, eyes burning. "We still have a small problem, Professor Banner."

"And what problem is that, Ms. Swan?"

"You don't want me telling the administration about your little foray into exhibitionism," she challenged.

Carlisle played along. "I would prefer that you not, that's true."

"Well, I believe I'm done with lectures on this subject. I would prefer to learn about this subject matter in more of a practicum setting."

Thinking a moment, Carlisle countered, "You want me to hold a practicum on fellatio?"

"Yes. Now, if you don't mind." Bella reached forward and began loosening his tie, slipping the knot loose and letting the edges fall to his chest.

"Let me see if I understand; in exchange for not telling the administration that I used pictures of my own cock in a class lecture, you want me to use my cock to instruct you on how to perform fellatio properly?"

Yes, please! Bella looked up at him earnestly as she unfastened the buttons on his cardigan. "The fact that it's twisted is part of its charm, don't you think?"

Carlisle huffed in response as Bella stepped closer to him, her breasts brushing against his chest as she pushed the sweater off his shoulders and let it fall to their feet. Grabbing one end of his tie, she stepped away from him, pulling it off his neck as she went. Walking over to his desk, she sat the tie down, and then moved the chair, rolling it directly behind where he was standing. Carlisle sat gingerly, seemingly still in a bit of a daze. Bella circled back around to the front of the chair, and she could see the moment his mind switched from possibilities to probabilities, his eyes reflecting a laser-like focus and certainty. He leaned back in the chair, throwing one elbow over the top, and slid his hips down in the chair; one leg bent, one extended. Bella thought he looked a bit like a lion sunning himself as he stated, "I accept your offer, Ms. Swan. You may begin at any time."

Taking a deep breath, Bella allowed herself a moment to do an internal fist-pump at her success. I get to see – hell, I get to SUCK – his beautiful cock! Go me!

Bella moved to stand between Carlisle's spread legs and reached for his belt.

"Are you going to kiss me before you suck me?"

Unused to such crassness coming from his mouth, Bella's eyes flashed to Carlisle's. "I thought guys liked to get right to the main event?"

"Boys might like the direct approach; men enjoy a bit of foreplay."

"Then how about this reason – I thought your cock might like some room?"

Carlisle laughed. "Did you just make that reason up?"

Bella leaned in to place a soft, wet kiss on Carlisle's mouth. Pulling back slightly, she whispered, "Can I help it if I'm anxious to get a look at your beautiful cock?"

Carlisle hummed in response. Brushing the backs of his fingers over her cheek, he replied, "Don't be anxious, beautiful Bella."

Bella gathered her hair to one side of her neck, then placed her hands on either side of Carlisle's chair, and leaned into his body, pressing her chest to his as she kissed him deeply. Carlisle's hands roamed her body, pulling her hips into his. Moving to wrap his hands around her waist, his thumbs stroked the undersides of her breasts.

As she moved to kiss his chin and up his jaw, she shifted her weight back to her legs so that she could unbutton Carlisle's shirt. He leaned his head back in the chair to give her better access, and Bella took heed of this action, kissing down his neck, hitting places on his that she knew to be sensitive on hers. Bella found it was easy to know when she hit a spot he liked, as his breathing hitched and she could see the muscles in his upper legs flex.

Opening his shirt, Bella knelt and began to focus her attentions on his chest. When she got to his well-defined abdominal muscles, she began to think of what she would do next and frantically looked for guidance from the photographs again. Realizing that she was unable to see them from her current position, she shuffled slightly so that she could see better. When she discovered she still couldn't see them, she blew out a breath and stood, jerking Carlisle's chair around until she felt she would be able to see his cock both on the board above them and in person.

As she started to kneel again, Carlisle piped up, "You should put the sweater under your knees, or they'll start to hurt pretty quickly."

Bella grabbed the sweater from its place on the floor and shoved it under her knees. She then asked, "Will you bark at me again if I undo your belt now?"

Lifting his head to look at her, he moaned, "Sweet Bella, if you don't undo it soon, I'm going to beg you to."

Bella turned her attention to his cock and saw it straining against his pants. She ran her hands up Carlisle's calves and along the tops of his thighs, watching his muscles contract in reaction to her touch. When she reached the top of his thighs, she used her hands to push herself up so that she could kiss Carlisle again. As her tongue entered his mouth, she dragged the thumb of one hand up the ridge of his cock.

Carlisle groaned, encouraging her to do it again. His hands flew from their resting place on the chair to thread through her hair, massaging her scalp. As she broke the kiss, he muttered, "So good, Bella. Keep going."

Emboldened, Bella ran her entire palm up the line of his cock.

"That feels so good, Bella."

"Do you think I could make you come this way?" she teased.

"It would be difficult for me to finish the fellatio practicum if you did," he responded breathily.

You know, I really want to hear you tell me just how to blow you. Bella knelt back down on the sweater. Taking a breath to steady herself, she began undoing Carlisle's belt. Her hands were shaking from excitement and adrenaline, and she fumbled with the buckle. Placing his hands over hers, he guided her in unfastening both the buckle and his pants. Carlisle then lifted his hips, allowing them both to push down his khaki pants and his dark silk boxers. As his cock sprang free, Bella gazed at what had been bared. Her fingernails dug into Carlisle's thighs as she groaned in appreciation.

"In order to comfort a man's insecurities, you should tell him your positive impressions of his cock, Bella."

Her eyes lifting briefly from his cock, she asked, "How can you be insecure about your fucking gorgeous cock, Carlisle?"

"Generalities, Bella – you wanted a practicum, so I'm telling you. All men have insecurities about their cock. Thus, compliment the man's cock."

"You have a fucking gorgeous cock, Carlisle."

"Thank you. Now express your interest in putting your mouth on it."

Licking her lips, she said, "I can't wait to get my mouth on your fucking gorgeous cock, Carlisle."

He gave a short, sharp laugh. "You are a true joy, Bella."

"What next, Professor?"

"The Kama Sutra would suggest the 'nominal congress.' While holding the cock at the base, the tip is moved about the mouth. The objective would be to use your saliva to lubricate the man's cock."

Well, it is…mouthwatering…

Nodding, Bella moved her left hand to hold the base of Carlisle's cock. He lifted his eyes to the ceiling as her mouth moved closer to him.

"Aren't you going to watch, Professor?"

"Not if you want to be instructed, Ms. Swan." As she kissed the tip of his smooth, hot, silky skin, Carlisle took in a deep breath. When she used her mouth to encircle him, he let the breath out loudly and slowly. "At this point, most men are smart enough to compliment how wonderful your mouth feels on them." Humming in pleasure, he said, "Your mouth is heavenly."

Now just teach me how to make you see God, Professor.

"The Kama Sutra would suggest 'biting the sides' next. First, rub the side of the man's cock with your lips." Bella moved to follow his instruction. After a few strokes on each side, he continued. "Next would come the 'biting' – this is a mistranslation; it is more of a scraping of the skin with the teeth. It's very important to pay attention to the reactions of your partner, and encourage feedback."

As she attempted this instruction, Carlisle gasped sharply.

Oh, shit, mayday, mayday! She drew away quickly. "Did I hurt you?"

"No, but it's quite intense for me. I'd prefer we move on."

We can move on, but don't think I won't come back to that later!

"Next would be 'outside pressing,' pressing your lips around the outside - meaning the outermost - part of the cock – and drawing it out."

Bella paused in confusion. Sensing it, he clarified, "The crass translation would be 'suck the tip lightly, then pull your mouth off.' Using your lips to cover your teeth is important in this step, as the tip of a man's cock is extremely sensitive."

Taking heed of his warning, Bella followed his directions. She could tell he was enjoying her ministrations, as his hips began to flex in time with her actions. She also noted the white-knuckled grip he had on the office chair. Amazed at the feeling of power that surged through her, she took her mouth off Carlisle's cock.

Without prompting, Carlisle continued. "Next is 'inside pressing.' Move further down my…the man's cock."

Bella had a more difficult time with this component, as she was unable to move more than halfway down his cock without feeling her throat close.

"Don't force yourself, Bella. Enjoy it, too."

I'll enjoy it when I make you come. I have a goal!

After a few more strokes, he brought his head up to look at her. "Next would be kissing. Think of slow, wet kisses you place on someone's mouth. Then do the same to the tip of the man's cock. Eye contact is very important in this step. Men long to see a woman look them in the eyes as she enjoys their cock. It's a…powerful…male fantasy."

Bella leaned back a bit, breathing deeply. Wrapping both hands around the base of his cock, Bella made eye contact with Carlisle, keeping their eyes locked as she slowly bent her head down to him.

"Tease," he whispered.

Watch me kiss your cock, Carlisle. I've wanted to do this from the moment I saw you.

Bella brought her mouth to within a hair's breadth of the liquid seeping from the bright red tip of his cock, and pursed her lips, blowing a light stream of air over his highly sensitized skin. The sensation caused him to jump in response.

Did you like that, Professor? You'll love this!

She slowly placed her lips to his skin, her top lip collecting the beads of fluid gathered at the tip. She took in every little movement and sound and flutter of breath Carlisle made in response to her actions. The flash of heat she felt was all-encompassing. As she placed more kisses on the tip of his cock, she let her thumbs stroke the bulging veins from base to tip.

Gasping, Carlisle scolded, "You're going…a bit…off book, Ms. Swan."

You don't really seem to mind, Carlisle…

Looking up at the photographs, Bella noticed the next one on the list was 'rubbing', which seemed to her like licking. Since Carlisle seemed to be reacting so well to her thumbs, she decided to let her tongue follow the same path. As she got to the base of his cock, Bella was overcome by maleness – the heat of his cock, the scent of his skin. She continued to explore, gently sucking and tugging on the skin underneath his cock.

Panting, Carlisle bit out, "Excellent…creativity…Bella." He groaned in response to her pleased hum and breathed heavily, "During 'sucking…a mango fruit'…do not let a man…force you…to take…more of his cock…than you can." His head fell back as he finished talking, but his eyes remained open, trained on the ceiling. His hands unclenched from the arms of the chair and laced into her hair. "Caress, yes…guide, possibly. Force, never."

As she knelt up to get a better angle, Bella heard Carlisle say, "Decide now…if you want this to end…in your mouth…or with your hand, Bella. Either is…acceptable… but decide now. "

Oh, I want it all, Professor.

Gathering a bit of his control back, he stated, "If you want to swallow…when the time comes…you should move down…onto the man's cock…as far as you can…and swallow immediately. It prevents…most of the…unpleasant taste."

"Good to know," Bella replied. Then she encompassed his cock with her mouth again, sucking as she moved her head up and down. She quickly found where her limit was, and stayed just short of it. As she did so, Bella thought Carlisle must have some sort of voodoo at his disposal, for while his torso tensed and turned due to his sexual tension, his hips stayed still. Hearing his breath hitch burned Bella's blood – she radiated the heat of her arousal.

"Harder…more suction," Carlisle begged, shifting his legs farther apart.

You better fucking believe I will – just tell me what will please you, and I'll do it!

"Yes…yes…yes," he moaned as he lifted his head to watch her progress. She lifted her eyes to meet his as she continued, holding the base of his cock with one hand and using the other hand to stroke the tensed muscles of his stomach. After a few minutes, she saw his eyes flutter closed, and she knew he was close.

I'm doing it! I'm going to make him come!

She sped up her motions, and soon she heard him growl, "Coming," lifting his head and gritting his teeth so hard the muscles bulged in his neck. Bella immediately sank down as far as she could, and felt warm, thick fluid collect in the back of her throat. She swallowed, and detected a sour, salty taste, but so little of the substance remained that the unpleasantness was brief.

Fuck, yeah! I'm fucking Queen of the Blowjobs!

Bella carefully extracted Carlisle's cock from her mouth and gently placed it to rest against his body. Then, she scooted forward enough to wrap her arms around his thighs, kissing his stomach and then resting her head on his chest as he took deep, gulping breaths. After a few minutes, he lifted her head up, kissing the top of her head and both cheeks before softly kissing her mouth. "Thank you, Bella."

Eyes sparkling, Bella replied, "I hope I earned a good grade, Professor."

Carlisle snorted. Raising his eyebrows, he responded, "I do believe that was A+ work, Ms. Swan."