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Summary: "Sango, I'm so happy we're going on a road trip!" "Kagome, Miroku wants to come with us." "Your ex-boyfriend?" "Well, we're going to give it another chance." "That's great!" "Well, he wants to bring a friend." "Who?" "Some guy named Inuyasha."

Road Trip

Chapter 1: Preparations

"I can't believe my mom agreed!" Kagome couldn't sit still. She bounced up and down in the leather booth of the breakfast joint.

Sango smiled weakly. "Yeah, it's great."

Kagome stopped her bouncing. "Okay, Sango-chan, what's wrong?! We've just finished one more year of school, and we're going on a road trip! Life is perfect!"

"There's one small problem." Sango said meekly.

Kagome's eyes widened. "Problem? Oh no, we cannot have a problem. I mean, we're leaving in three days! Right?!"

Sango sighed. "Kagome, I'm going to tell you something, but you have to promise that you won't interrupt until I'm done."

"Of course." Instantly concerned, Kagome studied her best friend carefully. "Is your family alright? Did something happen to your brother?"

"No, he's fine. They're all fine. Okay," Sango took a deep breath. "we can't use my car."

Kagome's mouth dropped open. "But-"

Sango glared, and Kagome's mouth promptly snapped shut again.

"Thank you." Sango continued. "I know we can't use your mom's or your grandpa's, so I was thinking.... Miroku offered to let us use his."

"That's great! I-"

"I'm not done!"


"Okay, there is one condition though. He wants to come."

"Well, that's okay." Kagome said, slightly doubtful. "I mean, he is your boyfriend and all.."

"Ex-boyfriend." Sango corrected. "And will you _please_ let me finish?!"

"Sorry, sorry! Go ahead."

"Okay. I wasn't done. The condition was.. that we let him and his friend come."


"I'm done now. You can talk."

"Oh! Okay. First of all, why would Miroku want to come with us? Isn't it weird with you two.. after breaking up and all? And is this friend of his a girl? Because that would be _really_ awkward. And doesn't Miroku have anything better to do? I mean, he's this rich kid.. isn't he going to Europe or anything?"

Sango bit her lip. "Okay, there's maybe one thing I left out."


"Um.. Miroku and I might get back together."

Kagome gaped. "You're kidding."

Sango winced. "You think it's a bad idea, huh?"

"Sango, this is great!" Kagome exclaimed. "I don't even know why you two broke up in the first place! I mean, my two best friends, in love... that's the best thing in the world!"

"Who says we're in love?!"

"So I'm guessing that this friend he's bringing is a guy?"

"Yeah.. I never met him before. Apparently he was someone who Miroku talked to after our breakup.. I didn't know he took it so hard."

"Of course he did! The boy adored you, Sango. It was so obvious."

Sango blushed. "Well, anyway, we're thinking about getting back together, and I guess Miroku thinks that a road trip is a good way to get away from his parents and our friends.. well, except for you, of course."

"Well," Kagome offered. "you know, I can always find something else to do if you and Miroku want some time alone."

Sango glared. "Don't even think about not coming!" she said. "I mean, Miroku's great and all, but his hands are really...wandering. You are definitely coming." Sango began warming up for an argument.

"Okay!" Kagome agreed. "Which reminds me, I have to finish packing soon."

"Okay?" Sango looked at Kagome. "Just like that?"

"Well, yeah!" Kagome rolled her eyes. "I mean, I've been looking forward to this trip ever since winter! Good thing you're letting me go, or else I would have spent the whole summer moping and dating losers."

"Oh.. well, you're welcome."

12:oo PM

Ring! Ring! Kagome groaned and rolled over. Why wasn't anyone picking up the phone? Ring!!!!!!!!!

"Okay, okay." A hand reached out of the covers and groped for the phone.


"Kagome-chan? It's Sango."

"Sango? Why are you calling? It's so early!"

A slight pause. Then, "Kagome, it's twelve noon."

Kagome shot up in bed, and looked at her alarm clock. She sighed. "So it is. Well, what's so important that you called me at twelve noon on a Sunday?"

"Um.. Miroku wants us to meet his friend. You know, so we're all aquainted when we go on the trip."


"For a late lunch. Like, around one, maybe?"

"Yeah fine. That means I get a half hour more of sleep."

"You're impossible, Kagome-chan."

"Good night."

12:26 PM

"Inuyasha! Inuyasha!" Miroku banged on the front door of the apartment. "C'mon, man, we're gonna be late!"

An elderly lady peered out from the door across of Inuyasha's.

"What's all the fuss?" she wanted to know. "You woke my poor Bubbles."


The lady held up a tabby cat, who hissed at Miroku. "See? Bubbles hates being woken."

"Uh.. sorry." Deciding this was one argument he couldn't win- and didn't want to try, Miroku beamed an apologizing smile at her. This seemed to placate the woman. "The boy's probably still sleeping." she said, peering over the top of her reading glasses. "Awful life, that boy. Never says a word to the neighbors, gets in at all hours, and _hates_ my poor Bubbles! One would think he was a dog, for Heaven's sakes!"

Miroku smiled weakly. There really didn't seem like a appropriate response. "No good hanging out with the likes of him." the women advised, then slammed the door as an exclamation to her declaration. Miroku rolled his eyes, then glanced around to make sure no one was looking. Taking out what Sango had aptly named "his burglar tools", Miroku got to work.

12:31 PM

Kagome dragged herself out of bed and into the shower.

12:32 PM

Miroku slipped into Inuyasha's darkened apartment. "Inuyasha!" he called softly. Or perhaps not that softly, for Miroku could hear some cursing from the bedroom to show that Inuyasha was awake. Satisfied, Miroku headed in the direction of the swearing.

Moments later, he was standing over a bed with a lump under the covers. "Get up!" Miroku demanded. Inuyasha growled. Miroku pulled the blanket off. "Get up, Inuyasha! We'll be late! You know how girls hate guys who are late."

"What the hell do I care?"

"Come on!" Miroku pleaded. "This is probably the last chance I'll ever get to get things right with Sango."

Inuyasha rolled off the bed and growled. "You're more trouble than you're worth, kid."

"Just get dressed."

1:00 PM

Kagome ran up, out of breath, and pushed through the glass doors into the restaurant. She spotted Sango sitting at a nearby booth, and dropped in the seat across from her. "Hey, Sango-chan! The guys aren't here yet?"

Sango shook her head. "Miroku just called me. He said they'll be right here."

"See? Improvement!" Kagome waved a menu in the air, gesturing. "He never used to be so thoughtful, right?"

Sango blushed. "Come on, Kagome. We're just giving it another try. No guarantees."

Kagome sighed. "Yeah, I know. It's just that I've known you two since forever, and I want you to be happy!"

"You're not the only one." Sango murmured. Even though she was speaking to Kagome, her attention was on the far entrance of the airy restaurant. "Huh?" Kagome twisted around to see what Sango was staring at. "Hey, they're here!"

"Kagome, I don't think I can do this."

"What do you mean?" Kagome turned back to her friend, eyes wide. "This is Miroku, Sango! Nothing to be nervous about."

"I know... but still.."

"Well, no time to be nervous, anyway. Here they are! Miroku-kun!" Kagome stood up as he enveloped her into a warm hug.

"Hey, congrats on the finals."

"Thanks." Kagome beamed. "You're the reason I passed the math test! How did you get to be so good with numbers?"

Miroku shrugged, his eyes already on Sango. "Well?" Kagome hissed. "Go say hi to her!"

Casting one last uncertain glance, back, Miroku slid into the booth next to Sango. Kagome turned her attention to the stranger that had come with Miroku. "Hi." she greeted. "I guess you're the friend Miroku was talking about, huh?"

An eyebrow lifted above the dark sunglasses. "What'd he say?"

Kagome searched through her memory, then realized that Miroku _hadn't_ said anything much about the stranger. Heck.. she didn't even know his name!

"Um." she said lamely. "I forgot."

"I thought so."

Kagome studied the boy idly during the silence. It was obvious the person was a boy, even though he had long, shiny black hair that made Kagome almost jealous just by looking. He was lanky, Kagome decided. Not too tall, not too short, not too muscle-y, and not too weak. 'If I didn't make snap judgements, I'd think he was perfect.' Kagome thought to herself. 'Well, his body, anyway.'

The boy had a almost pretty face; and even though his eyes were hidden behind the tinted lens, Kagome thought he had good bone structure. 'Great,' she thought. 'Good bone structure? God, I'm shallow... I'm half in love with him just by looking!' Then she shrugged it off. Hey, it was summer.. she was allowed to check out cute guys, wasn't she? Especially cute guys who dressed in all black.. and looked _good_ doing it.

"Come sit down, you guys!" Miroku called. Grateful for the break in silence, Kagome slid across the shiny vinyl across from Sango. "Looks like you two broke the ice." she teased. "Enough for him to put his hand on my knee." Sango glared at Miroku, who just grinned. "Just like old times." he said. "So you guys want to order?"

After the waitress was gone and the menus collected, Miroku suddenly remembered the stranger among them. "Oh!" he exclaimed. "Stupid me. You guys, this is Inuyasha. Inuyasha, Sango and Kagome."

"Nice to meet you." Sango said politely. Kagome nodded. Inuyasha shrugged. Miroku frowned at him. "He's very antisocial." Miroku explained. "But once you get to know him, he's not half bad."

"Excuse me, sir." A young lady wearing the restaurant staffs' white and red colors approached them. "Excuse me, sir?"

Inuyasha glanced up impatiently. "What?"

"Um.." the curt tone of Inuyasha's voice had her nervous, and almost stuttering. "The manager requests for you to remove your sunglasses... because some of our customers are disturbed by a man wearing sunglasses indoors." She swallowed, as if waiting for Inuyasha to snap her neck. To the surprise of everybody, except perhaps Miroku, Inuyasha simply shrugged. "Fine." He pulled off the sunglasses, revealing startling purple eyes. What had Kagome raising her eyebrows, though, was the swelling of a bruise on his left eye. "What happened?" she asked, and before she could stop herself, her hand reached out to trace the edge of his eyes. Inuyasha stilled, as if startled by the contact of her skin on his. Then he jerked away so suddenly that Kagome almost toppled over onto him. "Nothing." he replied, voice suddenly rough.

"It's a pretty bad nothing if it got you that." Kagome said, undisturbed by his tone. "How'd you get it?"


"Tell me?"





"I think we're going to get along." Miroku said to Sango. Just as they were about to order dessert, the young waitress approached them again. "Excuse me, sir?"

"What?" Inuyasha asked, exasperated. "I took off the damn glasses!"

"Um.. the manager requests that you put them back on... because some of our customers are disturbed by a young man with a black eye..apparently they're afraid you'll get into another fight again."

Inuyasha stood up, a gleam in his eyes. "Oh, that's it. Where's your manager? I'll request him a-"

"Sit!" Kagome said sharply, pulling Inuyasha by the back of his black shirt.

"Sorry." she said to the waitress. "But seriously, you should tell the manager to take some therapy classes. Or medicine. I think he's a little too uptight. I don't even see anyone looking at us."

The waitress worked up a smile and rolled her eyes. "If I do that he'll fire me on the spot."

"I know." Kagome said cheerfully. "Felt good to say it though."

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