From The Sky

You might see a girl, searching for the one she loves.

She's teeth chattering cold and hear-your-heart-beating-fast nervous. It's not the best combination for a not-tough-enough gym leader scaling a mountain much more hazardous then any waterfall.

Still, each time she takes a step upwards fire blazes in her veins, heart pumping strong and every cell longing to reach her goal. He's at the top, he's at the top, she knows he's at the top.

It's only when she slips sightly on the slick path do the troubling what-ifs plunge into her heart with the sting of an icy blade and it's all she can do to not break down and weep in the snow.

Instead she carries on like it's all she can do, maybe it is. Her hair's like a torch moving up the mountain side, a signal that something is going to happen today. Something is going to change.

Ever since she heard the rumor passed to her from Blue, who heard it from the fresh faced Johto champ that he's here, her feet have been twitching every time she sets them down, struggling to pull her towards the peak.

The seconds before she steps out of the cave, out to where she knows he will be or won't be, where he will accept or reject her, she's at her youngest, just a girl waiting anxiously for the yes or no that means everything.

He's there.

Tilted red cap, pikachu, faded jeans, her Red.

She stops.

They say actions speak louder then words: his silence speaks still louder and tells her all she needs to know

(And later there's time for speaking and laughing but right at that moment no words can express it so they just wrap their arms around each other in an everlasting hug, and even if neither speaks the words are written out plain as plain a top the peak