Once Upon a Blue Moon

By AGreenerScene

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Though I personally feel that it should not need a warning, I do not want people to grouch about it later – this fic will contain slash and het will follow at later chapters.

Summary: Unable to endure with his human emotions, a heartbroken and defeated Jacob runs away in order to live out his life as a wolf. He just never expected to come across the one person who would make him feel more human than ever before…

Blue Moon,
You saw me standing alone,
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own.

Once Upon a Blue Moon

Prologue – Turned to Gold






The greenery and wildlife of Canada's peaceful boreal forest bore witness to the various miracles and creations of nature; from birth to death.

However, on this one night in which the full moon was due its inhabitants had never seen anything quite like the strange series of events that were to come.

There sounds of evening, chirping of birds, the babbling of water from a nearby stream, were broken by the sound of a low and deep rumbling of a growl which came from within a large evergreen. A moment later the source of the noise emerged from the overgrown bush; it was a wolf.

But maybe calling it just a wolf was an understatement. For it was by no means just another wolf like those found in the area – this animal was huge, a horse size K9 that could look into the eyes of a fully grown human even while still on all fours.

The gigantic wolf crouched lowly as it began to prowl forward, its shaky russet-brown fur dragging through the dirt and fallen twigs and leaves. Its dark eyes were trained forward, peering between the branches of a tall and ancient tree, focused on its prey-

A beautiful snowy owl.

The owl appeared not to have noticed the wolf that just lay a few meters away. Instead it seemed more interested and concerned with pruning the feathers around its breast and flank.

Closer and closer the wolf narrowed in on the tiny and defenseless animal, the hunger and eagerness growing in its eyes with each step until it was less than a foot away.

Still, the owl remained apparently unaware at the danger it was in.

And then, with lightning quick movements the wolf sprung forward with its powerful hind legs and leapt through the air and branches of the tree towards the bird of prey, with its mouth open wider than the size of a humans head.

But suddenly, with a loud screech, the white bird was in the air and out of reach, leaving the powerful jowls of the wolf to snap shut on nothing more than empty air.

Startled at the turn of events, the large animal ended up hitting the forest floor on the other side of the tree – nose first. Yelping loudly the wolf shook its gigantic head to clear away the pain that came from his sensitive nose that was now dripping with blood.

The owl, meanwhile, let out a series of hoots and cackles that sounded mysteriously like laughter before it flew off into the darkened sky.

With an almost human-like sigh, the wolf stood on its four legs with a low whine, before it began to walk away, its head down and tail tucked between its legs. Maybe it was off to hunt for less cunning prey or to retire for the night with only a belly full of bitter berries.

However, the wolf only made a step or two before it suddenly stilled with its large ears perked up high. It had obviously heard something within the forest – something that stood out from the familiar sounds of the night.

But what?

The wolf stood frozen in place for a moment before the sound came again, this time louder than before. It sounded like a groan mixed with something else that could not have been placed, but whatever it was it was in pain.

The noise came once more and the wolf swung its large head towards the location. No, it definitely did not belong with the nighttime critters that thrived during the darkened hours.

It sounded too – too human.

The wolf became only a reddish-brown blur as it turned and darted through the trees heading north, towards the position of where the sound was coming from. As it shot through bushes and jumped under fallen logs the sounds grew louder, causing a disturbance within the peaceful forest.

Finally, up ahead where the forest trees thinned before leading into a moon lit valley, the large wolf came to a stop once again stunned but this time at the scene that was revealed.

There, just a few meters away from the wolf in the center of the valley was a human…

Light from the moon revealed the human was male, lean with muscles that jerked and twitched in a sign of pain. The dark hair on top of the man's head was clenched between fingers as they cried out in pure agony before suddenly collapsing bonelessly unto the ground.

The wolf tested the air with its keen nose, and gave a very human like response as its eyes widened and mouth dropped open in shock, before it took a large step back when the human let out a howl of pain.

A howl that belong to no human…

The wolf watched as the man's eyes, darkened by deep shadows, snapped open towards the perfectly round moon overhead. Then, there was a terrible snarling noise that came from the man…the wolf could only watch in a sort of shocked fascination as the man's face began to lengthen along with their entire body.

His shoulders began to hunch painfully with bones jutting out painfully against skin, coarse and long hair was sprouting visibly on his face and hands that had began to curl and stretch into claws.

The snarling and painful howling finally calmed as he man – no, creature, stilled, before once again collapsing into a heap unto the grass and wild flowers underneath it.

If it had not been for the way its body shook and jumped due to its heavy breathing, one could have mistaken it easily as being dead.

Slowly and soundlessly the large wolf moved from its spot behind a wild fern. It crept forward slowly, dark eyes never moving from the creatures form as it cautiously approached.

Once it was near, it began to take in the appearance of the creature but then, without warning, the once-mans' head suddenly snapped up – and brown eyes found themselves starring into green.

The creature appeared to be some form of wolf; however it differed greatly from the one it was currently snout-to-snout with.

Neither made a sound until the creature whined softly before butting his nose against the others who response by sniffing the smaller creature and then whined in return. Seemingly done with their silent communication the creature laid back down until the soft patch of grass.

The large wolf starred down at the other before it too lay down closely at its side.

At the sound of a hooted call, the large beast lifted its head and spotted a very familiar snowy owl perched on a nearby fallen tree. The owl hooted once more, watching the two with oddly intelligent eyes.

With a human like huff and a glare, the wolf placed its head back down with its snout touching the shorter one. The strange scene that it had witnessed just minutes ago now appeared to be momentarily forgotten as it was lulled off to sleep by the sounds of the odd creatures breathing.

Blue moon, now I'm no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

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