Hey everyone! A new Pokemon related story is up! But it's with IMPACT Wrestling! Enjoy the story!

Chapter 1: The Idea

It was a few hours before show time in the IMPACT Wrestling company in Orlando, Florida. Today was Thursday, so there was going to be a show tonight. But there was a problem going on right now.

Inside the building, in Hulk Hogan's office, sat the three Immortal leaders, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bishoff, and Ric Flair. They seemed worried and frustrated.

"Ratings are plummeting, brother! We need to think of something to bring them back!" Hulk shouted.

"But we don't even know what we're doing wrong." Eric commented.

"If only the network wasn't in our way!" Ric said angrily.

Hulk put his finger on his head and started pacing. "We need an idea."

"Maybe I can help." A voice was heard from out of nowhere. It sounded like it came from the closet. Ric picked up the pipe off of the floor and stood next to the closet door. The door slowly opened and out came the network executive, Mick Foley. The three guys stood there, shocked.

"Put down the pipe, Flair." Mick ordered calmly. Ric obeyed. Mick had a huge smile on his face.

"How long were you in there?" Eric asked.

Mick kept smiling. "Since you guys arrived here." Hulk stared at him.

He began to pace in front of the three as he started talking. "You see, I've seen the trouble with the ratings since I am in the network. And I have to say, I know what the problem is." He moved closer towards Hulk and looked at him straight in the eye. "You and your "buddies" have been doing the same thing week after week. Immortal has been interfering and matches keep being repeated." He stepped back, still smiling.

"So, what should be done?" Ric asked, mad.

Mick crossed his arms. "I have a quite interesting idea. Something that's never happened in wrestling before. Something that just may give IMPACT new ideas and get ratings back."

"Just get on with it!" Hulk was getting annoyed.

"Alright, alright." Mick chuckled a bit. "But first I have to ask. Haven't any of you noticed that at least a dozen wrestlers in this company have Pokemon?"

The Immortal leaders looked at each other.

Eric replied, "I have noticed one or two of them with Pokeballs."

Hulk nodded. "Same here."

Ric was confused. "What are Pokemon?"

Hulk, Eric, and Mick looked at him strangely.

"Ric? Seriously?" Eric asked. "You don't know what Pokemon are?"

"Enough of that." Hulk stopped it. "Foley, why did you ask us about that? What do Pokemon have to do with IMPACT Wrestling?"

"I was just going to explain." Mick started walking again. "I was thinking maybe next week, right here on IMPACT, we can have a Pokemon battle tournament. Before the day rolls around, wrestlers and knockouts that have Pokemon can sign up and compete. Depending on how many sign up, the number of rounds can vary. And whoever wins in the final round will be the first ever Pokemon tournament champion!"

Eric, being the smartest of the three, nodded his head, "I've got to admit, that's not a bad idea." (Even though I hate Immortal, I do admit Eric is smart.)

"Whoa, whoa! Hang on, brother!" Hulk yelled at Mick once again. "You said it yourself that this company is about wrestling, not Pokemon battles! People won't watch it because Pokemon aren't popular here in America. Nice try, brother!"

Mick gave out a little laugh and said, "Pokemon are popular in America, but not Pokemon habitats. Many people have traveled to the five regions in Japan to be trainers; some of them are wrestlers here. You'll be surprised to see how high the ratings go up when the news of the tournament comes."

Ric scoffed, "How do you know? I may not know much about them, but you don't have any Pokemon. You're not a Pokemon trainer."

Mick sighed. "Well Ric, you're right about one thing, I'm not a trainer." He put his hand into his pocket and took out a minimized Pokeball. "But I do have one Pokemon." He enlarged the Pokeball and said, "Zangoose, come out."

Light came out from the Pokeball. When the light subsided, there was red and white creature that looked like a cross between a mongoose and a cat.

"A few weeks ago, I actually went to the Sinnoh Region just to check things out. I found this Zangoose and it wouldn't leave my side. So I decided to get a Pokeball from the professor there and take it with me."

"How nice. But we're still not doing the tournament." Hulk commented.

"Hulk, whether you like it or not, we are going to do the tournament." Mick said. "In fact, I already have the network boys making posters for the event. And it will take place next Thursday." Mick smiled once more. "Have a nice week, boys. Come on, Zangoose."

Mick and Zangoose walked out of the office.

Hulk shook his head. "I can't believe it. I'm in charge of the show!"

"Son of a…" Eric said to himself.

"For the love of God!" Ric said with his hand on his face.

How will the IMPACT wrestlers react to the tournament? Find out next time!

Just to let you know, the actual tournament won't start in the next part. But you'll see it soon!