Wow, I actually got a request. And my first (kinda) flamer! I am so happy! It means that I am officially a mediocre author! Well, here goes something.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon. Well, I own a- wait, no I don't own that.

Celebi P.O.V.

It's been about a year since I joined Ruby's party. It has been fun. I loved how he's matured so much, though I wish he let me out more. There was that one time with the Seviper, but it was so weak. Today (or maybe last week, time is so hard to figure out), I was let out again. Good thing too, because I had to go to a Legendary World Conference soon. There were a lot of dead people.

I am usually not allowed to use my powers to change dimensions, but… Arceus, I don't even know what I was thinking. I originally just wanted to destroy the Red and Blue Orbs. Those evil organizations keep using it to break Kyogre and Groudon's already fragile relationship, which is too bad because they used to be really close friends. In fact this is going to happen again in- never mind.

Unfortunately, I underestimated my powers, plus there was a little rip in time that Uncle Dialga forgot to fix, and it sent Ruby and his girlfriend to a different timeline. And since apparently I'm in charge of the dimension part of time, it's automatically MY fault. They only fell in a time portal thing that caused the whole world to be destroyed, no biggie. And yeah, Ruby and what's-her-face disappeared from that timeline, but it wasn't THAT bad. I didn't have to get suspended… Oh well, self pitying rant over now. I checked the 'ruined' dimension to see if things were that bad. It wasn't.

A Quick List of all the Important Stuff that Happened.

By: Celebi

Everyone in Hoenn gets all sad because their homes got destroyed. I help clean that up and they are happy.

Short green haired kid never returns Ruru, which is too bad, since she was the only relatively normal Pokémon I've met.

Even shorter kid gets a PokeDex, but gets beat up by Frontier Brains. I get mad at Latias because she cosplayed without me. T.T

Jirachi wakes up for once and gets captured. Way to go.

Giant glowing Kyogre destroys an island. Dexholders can't stop it because not enough people know the Ultimate Moves. Last I checked, there's always a guy giving out free TMs for that, so I don't see why they just didn't get one of those. Groudon cries for an hour because Kyogre is suddenly more popular than him. Kyogre is pissed because her clone makes her look fat.

Rayquaza learns how to tap dance. Not that important, but pretty funny.

World in chaos and everyone is drowning.

Arceus destroys world for the heck of it and blames me. Gee, thanks.

See? Not that bad. Mew freaking destroyed the universe once (long story) and SHE only had to create 150 new Pokémon as punishment. But I have to be suspended and become friends with a Zorua, which I don't really feel like doing. Why does Arceus want me to do that anyways?

Wasn't that horrible? Celebi sounds a little different than last time because either Ruby's pokemon are really influential or Celebis are just easily influenced.

To that reviewer who requested this: Probably not what you were expecting, but I finished this in like half an hour and I have to do homework, so for now, this is about all you get. I'll do a Gold OGAMM next. Still have to reread the GSC arc. And hopefully find the HGSS arc.

…This really sucked.